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    Cow Fisting


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    holstein cows

    Uploaded by bull51388 · Rating: 3.9 (241 votes) · 34202 views


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    sunmen, posted

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    nitrambln, posted

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    chang1, posted

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    shawn2185, posted

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    topshelf, posted

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    samyalii, posted

    thats no fisting

    evahot, posted

    nice pink vulva

    xbgold, posted

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    zach9613123, posted

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    ceh12, posted

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    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    GAYBEAST.COM , WHAT IS the point of numerous descriptions and reviews that we can only read after the movie has played??? Even worse, with Premium movies, we are pushed and redirected past any description and reviews immediately onto the payment page!......cc Every movie on this site... please copy and paste if you agree there need to be changes — sk1nfuct, posted 4 months ago.

    XxRainbowxIcexX, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada looking for someone to hold a camera? if so message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Thanks for uploading this decent enough clip but PLEASE GAYBEAST.COM , WHAT IS the point of numerous descriptions and reviews that we can only read after the movie has played??? Even worse, with Premium movies, we are pushed and redirected past any description and reviews immediately onto the payment page!......cc Every movie on this site... please copy and paste if you agree there need to be changes

    sk1nfuct, posted


    sheepanal, posted

    if any girls/guys wanna fuck message me

    summitkid96, posted

    dumb ass surprised you even exist. you should be wiped out

    darkmonkey19, posted

    •Aluzky• Nice view of cow genitalia.

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    BAREBACKONLY16, posted


    mydogsissy, posted

    I love the feel and the taste of a cow's sex. And this is a beautiful video to remind me.

    Kvigor, posted

    and again.. this is not fisting!!!

    hoaban_gl, posted

    loved it uau!!!

    woman2010, posted

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    mefuckdogme, posted

    WOW! this man knew what he was doing! nice wet pussy and he was getting hornier buy the minute as he played with her big fat juicy clit! wish he would have licked it or sucked on it but made my cock tingle anyways!

    wetfortnt, posted

    I'd eat that ring right the fuck out, then boys...it would be my whole head goin' in...what a way to die. Peace y'all.

    Rauncher, posted

    hi im on stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com c2c soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    wowwwww great stuffff loved every min off it, ivernever played with a cow but i really want to, i wonder if u can fist horses or do u think it will hurt alot xxxx thx soooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

    zoodogs, posted

    i thought i saw everything holy crap them farm boys are horny sons a bithces man.

    asslick5, posted

    der liebt den geschmack auf der zunge!!!

    sport72, posted

    Excellent...apart from being too short because is too good!! Would love to see more of these!!

    mefirstime, posted

    Alle Achtung, er leckt sogar die mit Scheiße beschmierte Kuhfotze. Ich hätte erst gewaschen. Habe schon gesehen, wie ein Unterarm in der Kuhmöse war, schade, dass er es nicht versuchte.

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Except for the stop-stop-stop action then clip is pretty good...I may be fussy, but I have to wipe the shit smears from a cows pussy before I get my face down there and eat her out...like the taste of cow pussy...not cow shit!! Mares are lots less cleaning trouble...difference in their shit makes them that way and they taste great!! I am in central upstate NY and looking for someone with a zoo fuck partner that they are willing to share...Message me Please...Thanks

    buggerboy, posted

    yeh, nic wet pink cow cunt, but she is a nauty slut and was probably beging for a hard ,[ closed fist] arm fuck.....cows can take it. mmmmmmmmmm

    nytro, posted

    very nice video

    ceta123, posted

    Hot! Remembers me also to some actions I had in the past!

    hhh_408, posted

    No matter how many times I watch this move I get off. Grew up on a dairy farm and reminds me of those days. Love it!

    Bearcubastoria, posted

    Cows are so sexy! I would love to finger a gorgeous heifer.

    belgian2008, posted

    Would love to see if Part 2 of this moves exists. Reminds me of my days as a teenager on a dary farm.

    Bearcubastoria, posted

    Agreed with ipswitch

    g-unit_666, posted

    grate i wan to see more licking is so horney

    suuck, posted

    I like this movie.nice licking and fingering!

    ldqpbl, posted

    I would like to lick a cows or mares clitoris. I guess it would be exciting! :p

    anim-loverboy, posted

    This is technically more fingering than fisting. Also, with a mare, you wouldn't need to put up with the crap that gets stuck in the pubes.

    ipswitch57, posted

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    sheepanal, posted

    This has to be the best fisting i have ever seen! The pussy was getting wetter and wetter everytime the human played with it! Her clit was so nice and delicate yet I wanted to jump into the screen and suck on it hard! The more he played you knew she was enjoying every bit of it! The must have been doing this for most of her life! he knew exactly how to turn her dry pussy into a mouth watering pleasure toy!! Wanted more and more and more as I watched.I Could not take my eyes off this video..He does know the art of cow pleasing and he needs to teach others how to do it! Looking forward to seeing more videos of him and his pleasing technics!

    wetfortnt, posted

    Cow Fisting is a misleadingly titled video, but what we see in exchange for what was promised is equally as delectable and mouth-watering. We are first greeted with a video of a man gently fingering a big heifer, the camera zooming in against the pink, soft folds that turn outwards from the cow's pussy. Soft and gentle squishing noises from the digit sliding across her chasm just make the cock twitch with delight. I am unsure if this happens with anyone else, but there is a delay between the sound and picture, and the picture skips a little, but the image is still as juicy as it would be if filmed professionally with a high speed camera. After this light fingering, we get into the juicy stage. We are greeted with a good, thick clitoris, which simply makes you want to slurp it up with your tongue hungrily. Thankfully, we have this man to do it for us. He really shows his lust for the cow in his tonguing, teasing that bovine honey pot. However, good filming is yet to be desired, as it goes out of focus at times and even out of frame. It fogs up too, presumably from the breath of the man. However, if he is holding the camera, it's pretty impressive that he manages to get most of the shot, but obviously either a friend or a tripod is needed for this ordeal. We then cut back to a nice rubbing of the clitoris, which trails off right to the end. You could swear you were even looking at the cervix. I give this video a sturdy 7/10, as camera flaws make it difficult to see, but what you can see is glorious.

    Damostat, posted
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