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    Donkey Fuck!


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    In this really horny video, we can see a male donkey called Jack getting hot and randy with his human boyfriend. Jack must have not getting good sex for a good few days, as it is clearly shown that he can't wait to hump his boyfriend and penetrate his massive equine cock inside him. Can't see so much of the penetration going on but what is truly amazing about this video is that, these two lovers really love each other. Jack is very gentle and his boyfriend is submissive as a bitch can be. Listen to the guy's grunting and complementing his donkey lover. We can also see Jack's cock flopping out of his used arse hole. What a vid. An Oscar is on its way!!!

    Uploaded by Corin · Rating: 3.9 (473 votes) · 107265 views


    young man looking to get breed by animals ifyou can help sukabuk6@yahoo

    11hector, posted

    great video i want my firs donkey

    pekita, posted

    very good movie, I liked him (human) in this movie, so I do afraid if I can ask him if donkey spill out sperm or not? does he cleans out his ass? Let me know! Thanks. Thumb up Smile!

    davidx44, posted

    very good.

    seawaterboy, posted

    Would love this

    rockmyass, posted

    que rica verga, com me gustaria una asi en mi culo

    albertoalcala, posted

    verry nice

    marcel123, posted

    TN female here. message me if you're close

    evonnem, posted

    hot vid, love the moans he makes

    flpigbottom, posted

    would have been better if u could see donky cock n also see it going in and out of the guys ass

    wallsvince, posted

    Anyone in Melbourne australia who has a horse/dog/pig please contact me i want to be fucked by any animal cumjunkie1@gmail.com

    melbaustbtmslut, posted

    movie wouldn play

    dave291, posted

    Mmmm yeah I like it

    stringhom, posted

    im 15 whould like to be mounted by dog im in texas

    yodolp, posted

    Fast donkey! lol

    Katarrome, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    am 16 boy want get taken by a dog am from manchester <3 for a first try since i have never beast before

    Madaraobi, posted

    donkey rape !@!! i love be rape b y donkey or pony

    HyenaFucker, posted

    (424) 653-6412 i wanna get fucked by a horse, i am in texas

    cliper87, posted

    Jack was eager to mount and not so eager to dismount. Just being under him would make me happy.

    hardflare, posted

    I want a donkey or stallion dick in me so bad!!! Would anyone let there donkey or stallion in pennsylvania fuck me hard? Message me if so:)

    horselover192, posted

    SEXY KOOL,wish it was my ass,lucky sexy slut,babE!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    im 21 yol and i would love to take that dick,, im sure i can take it..

    wannadogdick, posted

    In Colorado and can do this with your Jack or stallion. Contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    k its dangerous,but if u die why not with a donkey cum in your ass?

    horsedickinface, posted

    hmm why can't i see some videos on this website? they just keep loading forever

    trollcow, posted

    suche in berlin

    nitrambln, posted

    I'm sure that guy wasn't in a very good health after that. Can't you tell that the expression "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" was because he was herting? Come on guys. No matter how much we like this kind of movies, it is dangerous to let yourselves being fuck by horses. Try that at your peril, but you won't be doing it many times after for obvious reasons. Sorry.

    nanetas, posted

    by the look of the freshly lain ground covering, i would guess that the guy getting fucked was a paid customer.

    horseryder, posted

    in colorado and can do this for your stallion. Just contact me at horse.play@ymail.com

    arabianlover, posted

    Loved the sound of the fuck. Very hot. Would like to try this. Anyone in Brisbane, Australia?

    kitchener01, posted

    nice hot fuck.

    jayko, posted

    nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucken big ass dick :)

    sony28, posted

    stallion lover here myself. Looking for those in colorado, nebraska or kansas that OWN stallions and enjoy this kind of play. Either watching...or particpating.

    arabianlover, posted

    Wow, very hot vid. That jack was mounted for awhile. I can imagine the huge amount of cum being pumped into the man's ass.

    moosebuttlover, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstwon nj message me if u wanna burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    geil ;-) butpluging@mail.homo.net

    Togo66, posted

    Good job that donkey fucked you good. wish it was me having big cock in my ass your really lucky you could get some of that donkey cock right now. The picture could of showed better camara views and would love to have seen your ass dripping with his hot cumm. i dont know anyone that wouldent be screaming for that hard thing to be in them I sure know i would.The sound of this move is good it really adds to this movie and makes me really want some as well.Please next time show that dicks cumm dripping for us

    tazlicku, posted

    I want a donkey or horse-Im on msn stevo1953@live.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com hook up soon and we can cam to cam

    stevebutt109, posted

    I for one, thought it is a wonderful clip! Well done!!!!! These guys that complain should try it themselves. Where are their vids??????

    studserver, posted

    sorry, but I dont can open it, it is possible to send this vid to me nabdef6@yahoo.com

    mazenf6, posted

    very fucking hot. when I grow up I wanna be like him. a whore for donkeys

    rafik, posted

    lucky man and donkey, they both got pleasure mmmmmmmmmm

    bootedskinhead, posted

    sorry, but I dont can open it, it is possible to send this vid to me: opelmanta2000@hotmail.com

    animalboy1999, posted

    Not too bad, but would have been nice to see penetration, nonetheless I came from the sounds, the jenny got it good, wish it were me!! Ooooooooooh, ooooooooooh!

    llloyd, posted

    Great clip! It was really hot. Usually I end up giggling at any kind of farting noises, but I was too turned on by the rest to care.

    bibutterflik9, posted

    ik zoek iemand in belgie die dit ook leuk vind mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub ?

    kangeroe, posted

    that was HOT but would have really like to have seen more of the action

    yesplease03, posted

    wasn't bad,would have liked to see his load of hot cum.

    mrmikemoe, posted

    SEXY,love to be a donkeys bitch,or anybodies bitch for that matter,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    not bad wood binn better two have seen the donkys cock enter the guys arse an wen donky coms out guys arse bin nice two see the spunk run out o yer

    pissandy, posted

    puta que pariu

    luisinhoja, posted

    that is so hot! too short, and i would like to see the boys ass while the horse cum spills out. i would like to be fucked by a small pony, but have someone there to help if it gets out of hand

    ateff, posted

    [27.08.2010-02:02] Tolles Liebsspiel-Vid ! Der Esel-Hengst bleibt ja richtig lange in seinem Menschenfreund... Schön wäre es, davon mehr und besser zu sehen.

    PetOlli, posted

    Bredmare, I will be your donkey, anytime. Where are you??

    katman69, posted

    my neighbors donkey has had me in the same position a few times.

    bredmare, posted

    This lovely strong man takes this cock like a good bitch, he encourages the donkey by telling him to fuck it, fuck it. Very horny.

    Scarletslut, posted

    so good

    ropns121, posted

    horny donkey with massive cock and his boyfriend is good bitch i like this clip

    kormoran, posted

    For all those folks complaining make your own clips to share if you don't like other folks stuff! Maybe then you will understand this isn't the easist thing to do! If you want better stuff you might just have to Pay for it? duh! I myself wouldn't let him corner me like that anyways, knot just for the bad lighting reasons ;) ;) Rob aka petloverhere ;) ;)

    petloverhere, posted

    wow bet that was big

    bootedskinhead, posted

    wow...wish I was that donkey's boyfriend =)

    kdogboi9, posted

    that donkey dick is soo huge...mmmmm

    Lexibee, posted

    nice little bitch boy slave for his donkey owner to screw as he pleases....good boy!

    slav2luvu, posted

    I can't really say that I actually saw a donkey fuck a man...lighting and camera angles were poor...oh well, why complain...I could be jerking off to stills...

    buggerboy, posted

    wow!!!!!!! me next , i need that cock up me

    bareback53, posted

    AWESOME,wish the donkey would use me like that!!!! 386FLA rainbow_40fl at yahoo dot com

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

    Fuck! I wanna do that,too!

    griffingregory, posted

    god i want to be that man

    youngpup1981, posted

    the shot could be a little better

    like2watch6969, posted


    blahblahblahbl, posted


    atelier, posted

    can i borrow the donkey, would love to have him fuck the arse off me, just like this

    bareback53, posted

    the pony fuck the shit out of him,but we cnat see much his cock drillin him

    RandyHung, posted

    jajaja ass fart

    Humboldt, posted

    hui das ist ja ein traum so ein lieber hengst, und sehr anhänglich, super vid.

    Eisbr, posted

    id love to talk to u sometime and see if i could have some fun with jack ;)

    Drock65, posted

    One of the most boring clips I've seen. At one minute, 44 seconds, it's about one minute and 30 seconds too long. No clear visual on the penetration. Make this clip again, but this time get the camera up close and personal.

    coyotejh, posted

    wow this is one extra hot vid from u again!!!!

    entudom, posted

    very nice video ...where ... at u share u him i love take him

    Hyena_69, posted

    Reckon that man is in pain.....

    cavallo, posted

    very nice hot clip!

    quarter70, posted

    not bad

    crud111112, posted

    outstanding!. great clip. always a pleasure to see Corin's stuff.

    sylphboi2, posted

    I loved this video always wanted to try that. that donky fucked your horney ass hole good. would love to see your hole drippin afterwards. and squeez his hot load into a glass so we could see how much he came. but clip was too short next time you need three or four big hard donkeys cocks waiting to pump your ass full of hot jizz. maby you could suck one or two of them if your ass couldnt handel it, and go down deep and ckoke and gag on it like donkey whores and horse sluts are suspose to.

    ou8124me, posted

    I thought that this video was really hot. The way that man just took the beautiful huge Donkey dick. made me wish i was there with him just enjoying each second of that wonderful cock. I believe the video could of been a bit longer and better. Maybe a good 2 minutes longer. And i really wish there was a cum shot Nothing is hotter then hearing the loves sounds of a man takeing the dick of a donkey. So, i would say there is a couple of things that could of made it better. first thing would be if he was louder.There is just something but hearing a man taking a nice donkey dick that just get me going. Wish i was there. Also he had another guy there. But, still there was no other angles. He might as well did it by his self. so over all i would say that it was a soild 7... but, i was hard from start to finish! so hot stuff!

    levi4645, posted


    ITALIANDOM, posted

    Wow! Fantastic Donkey-Fuck! Gay gets what he needs...a really nice assfuck! Amazing! Maybe the donkeys dick is too big for him, but just check yourself! Small Donkey, big dick! You will dream of it after watching! I would like to be in this barn too instead of this guy! Let me be your Pony-Mare and I will take this nice Cock in my hungry ass! Give me all your sperm! That's the way I like it! There is nothing better than a large cock in a mens ass! See more Videos like this here on gaybeast.com! The one and only page for real animal sex videos!

    Markmania, posted

    in this awesome video, a male donkey has his way with his human boyfriend. the donkey, jack, clearly can't wait to penetrate his man, and the man is very exited as well. when jack mounts his fuck toy, you can see him thrusting his long, thick cock into the man's tight ass while he tries to take it on his hands and knees. you can see that both partners enjoy the fucking, as jack's strokes get deeper and faster and forces his cock deep into his man's ass. the angle is good, although you can't see much of the penetration, you can see the action and feel the excitement of the two. what makes the video special is that in the end, jack stays inside his man's ass and the two share a few moments together just being with each other, before the camera comes in close and jack finally starts to pull his cock out. all in all great video.

    frenchtoast1010, posted

    get up closer i want to seee more bjksdaaa ghre ihi hgi ehq fhwn hfhwiqo gfer ghi jor nge ihgioe roh iger hi hgioe rho gre ferhi uher iohigr hiog heriwhogr grehihierhiohgeriohgirtwe gre r rgihierhihireihgr girhihgrihighre rgih ige riytr y ytrutr j re tyerje jy gre hfg fihger grfdsht r rtejy euyrte gjr hg hrig htr jhit igrhi grei hire rehreih gre h grhiogr cds bj bdjsbd fejwhjf ewfewhf ew fewh few efw fjew ew ew de w fewfdrfe wg g tret jytnr o87654 nu5 6ilim tul ubtre dsba fhwe bdegwgljwe fe fehwj few fwhfew few bfewj few fw fjwghefw fw wd kjfew fewkhfew j fwe hfjehw jhlfehfweu few wufuehef ewerh

    fucking1234, posted

    Great video of a heavily tattooed man being submissive and verbal with his hung animal partner. The donkey is hard and ready to fuck and you can hear the instant his large animal cock penetrates the mans ass as he moans and groans with the donkey pumping him full of seed. Wish you could see more but the grunting of the submissive bottom makes up for it. Midway through the donkey's large member flops from the his lover's used hole and you here the man moan. You can easily see they are a great match and the man has a great body. It makes you want to be there to rim his muscled ass after the donkey is through with him. Would love to taste what he left behind.

    halfandhalf, posted

    it was good just wish it had a close up veiw looks like he took a lot of that monster cock and it sounded as if he was loveing ever inch of it deep in his assi would love to have it done to me its nice to have sound wish all did you know it has to feel great to hve that gaint streching you open in every way deep and wide i bet he was gaping after takeing all of that monster cock on a scale of one to ten i would give it a soild seven no cum shot or no close up and would love to see other veiw

    brentover123, posted

    In this really horny video, we can see a male donkey called Jack getting hot and randy with his human boyfriend. Jack must have not getting good sex for a good few days, as it is clearly shown that he can't wait to hump his boyfriend and penetrate his massive equine cock inside him. Can't see so much of the penetration going on but what is truly amazing about this video is that, these two lovers really love each other. Jack is very gentle and his boyfriend is submissive as a bitch can be. Listen to the guy's grunting and complementing his donkey lover. We can also see Jack's cock flopping out of his used arse hole. What a vid. An Oscar is on its way!!!

    beeboy, posted
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