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    Put a very hard cockring to keep the dick hard, and let my dog working on the foreskin with her paws and tongue until the she reached the head, and the cockring made that the cum came out very slowly, so that she continued licking the now very sensitive head until the last drop ------------------------------------------------------- this guy is getting a licking out of this world ..the dog goes after his big cock as if it belonged solely to him. would loved to see him stick that big cock up his lovers ass an creamed in his tight asshole.The cum shot was fabulous nice an slow ,the cock ring kept his cock hard an his lover loved every moment of it as i did. The guy breathing was so sexy it turned me on tremendously . The dogs nails in his cock makes the vid one of the best i have seen in a long time .. video made me cum over an over

    Uploaded by TRICKYDICK · Rating: 4.5 (538 votes) · 51752 views


    What an awesome pooch! Such a relentless little cock licker. I've dropped more than a few loads watching this video. I had a sweet yellow lab that licked me off thousands of times when I was between the ages of nine and eighteen. He was also an avid ass licker. I was ten the first time he licked my boy-ass. I laid on my belly with my ass in the air, and he just buried his snout in my ass crack, licking, lapping and trying to ream my ass with his hot, smooth tongue. I loved it when he would poke and rub his cold, wet nose all around my sensitive little bunghole. God, it was so sublime! He was also quite adept at giving me full tongue baths. He was the most awesome dog and I was the luckiest kid in the world! I miss him so much. I still jack off remembering those beautiful times with him.

    Viking25, posted

    What a dawg. I live in Winston Salem, N.C. and am looking for friends.

    Iwaanadawg, posted

    One of the hottest vids on this site. The hairy guy turned me on with his hips gyrating, letting the dog get him worked up.

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    fuck that girl, you're a horny, let the dog lick your penis with fury, that delights, warm white milk, mmmmmmm

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    that delights with these licks, impossible not to enjoy yourself,

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    awsome wish a dog would do that to me

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    Dking2144, posted

    Very hot!

    curiousgeo, posted

    This is fucking fantastic! ty ty ty

    katniss007, posted

    yessss! great doggie working for his creamy reward love the lapping sounds such a turn on made me cum hard

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    SecretMe85, posted

    oh yesss

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    give that dog a bone - Oh - you just did

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    OMG ! love this cum filled video , it brings back sweet memories of my girl begal mix , mmmm she loved to lick my cock and the taste my cum everyday , man i miss her , after watching this vid I think ill go driving and find a stray doggie to have some fun with , hopefully find a redrocket to suck and get a much needed nutt tonight .

    ballsblue, posted

    Damn I would lick his cock like that and would not miss a drop. Hot cock.

    horseloverboy12, posted

    I showed my wife this video. She started fingering herself in front of the computer too. She loves the cum

    pearlg, posted

    I had to masturbate seeing cum ooze out of his cock

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    that was a great vid, made my pussy so wet

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    nice... got me really hard...

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    Had a poddle that use to do the same to me...... Was very HOT and he licked every drop of cum up!

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    gardianoo, posted

    alot of nice cum he blows

    oocumoo, posted

    Thats what I love about dogs. You give them a little love and they give you so much back.

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    feels good when u hit it so hard

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    WOW great lickin action,that cock looks so yummy.would love to be that dog too....

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    wow fantastic!!!!

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    Fucking Hott!! Wish I was that dog! Cock looks so yummy!!! Mmmm-mmm!!

    spacealien22, posted

    This is soooo horny. And to crewmen, yes I do but she's a gorgeous belgian shepherd and she sometimes just nips my foreskin with her teeth,that has me cumming in seconds and yes she licks it all off!!

    kwf769, posted

    WOW mans best friend but he should return the favor to the dog I would have.

    pbdawabbit, posted

    mm that was hot love that dog! would feel out of this world! pa here anyone have a dog like that?

    crewmen, posted

    Very good movie this dog love his master's cook. Look at the men's feet moving of pleasure against the sofa...

    bert88, posted

    Great vid, that was hot

    gabriele40, posted

    PETA's gonna get you mofo!

    Firkinlulz, posted

    Hot, now i know how to do down on a man. lick until you explode

    dogfuckersex, posted

    Absolutely the best dog licking cock video I've ever seen!! This video made me cum so Fucking hard. Whew...

    spacealien22, posted

    This is the best I've seen yet of a good licking close up, and when looking closer, the man comes twice and enjoying every minute. It turned me on.

    tirshathia, posted

    damn this dog can lick a mean cock i bet it can suck one too

    inuyasha86, posted

    fate of this man to an animal that sucks the dick that way you have been a god q sucking so ... I love this video .... to beg more videos of this thanks

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    meven20, posted

    damn lucky him i wish my dog did that with out peanut butter like his does.

    ilovedogs24, posted

    damn that video made me so fucking wet i dont know what to do

    destinee2489, posted

    This is one of the best I have seen. Great quality, sound. Now I am so turned on I think I will let my good doggie lick my wet pussy.

    TQOE, posted

    great video

    dell470, posted

    Great video!!!!! I need a dog like that to lick my beautiful uncut cock.

    tauruslov, posted

    Mmmm that dog was going at it...love this video. Good dog.

    Kashi90, posted

    i love this guys videos cause there is always sound and a cum shot!

    jordyn, posted


    taffinator, posted

    its good

    gaysdie, posted

    •Aluzky• My girldog (RIP) used to lick like that, NO TRAINING, she just loved to lick poeple up. :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I love this. The dog just kees going and going. That is one well trained dog id like to have between my legs!!

    lickme198403, posted

    hot........wish i was the guy and the dog too... in jersey and would love to find some k9 fun..never done and want to experiment.these videos get me really hard.........wvguy1204@yahoo.com

    wvguy, posted

    O My. I just love this video. It made me want to be next.

    szarik, posted

    the dog pretty much holds the cock & laps away soooo nice. luv the guy panting, makes my clitty twitch!

    tweetypie, posted

    En sådan jycke skulle man ha!

    larby, posted

    Just incredible how that dog loves his master. Good to see the dog enjoyed its reward; wish I could get mine to earn one like that.

    williews, posted

    WOW, more, More MORE!!!

    sweetsweat, posted

    ohhhhhh man like it .......i'm woman and like it ......wow

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    yes give me more cum!I Love it!!!!!

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    That dog wants to lick up every bit of that cum. After the dog licked it all up, you probably could've squeezed a bit more cum out of your cock---that dog clearly wanted more!

    plenty, posted

    nice licky-lick movie. Good doggie!

    hairydog, posted

    SF guy here looking for a licks...anyone wanna play?

    sfwolfie, posted

    this dog is even better than my wife!

    einfachnurgeil, posted

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwow sensational

    hornyscottish, posted

    That is one of the hottest cock licking videos I've seen on here. I know the guy came twice and maybe 3 times. Sure got me hot, hard and leaking.

    hrymnws, posted

    >.> always has tiny cocks in these vids, wayy disappointing

    thisiswhothisis, posted

    awwwwwwwww just what i needed. This vid was to good u can tell this dog has had alot of practice with his master. he really enjoys licking his cock and balls gets me off so hard my toes curl to. keep bringing us your sexy vid. The dog is a keeper!

    ahmad1017, posted

    Really nice ! Lucky guy !

    jansan, posted

    Hot video,love that men cock,nice uncut cock and very nice balls. He also have a very nice legs,and the dog knows what to do!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    i have seen two of this hot, hairy in shape man's videos and he does have a beautiful cock, stomach and leggs. You did nice camera job on both vids also wish you lived in northern michigan you make me cum hard

    fastdraw, posted

    My dog licking me while watching this vid. I came HARD!!! Would have loved to see you jerk too...

    makemesohot2010, posted

    i was made to take this and wow, but after dog finished i was then kicked in the balls! for cumming!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    first, love the uncut cock with foreskin covering the head, then he gets harder and harder with the licking and the head pops out of the skin... nice cum shot, too...I wonder if he shares his dog..

    indeep2cum, posted

    Very hot video, got sooo hard and shoot a big load

    Doglover2010, posted

    luv this vid. i want 2 sit on u'r couch & jack off my big hard clit while that doggie laps @ u'r shiny hard cockhead. makes me sooo wet

    tweetypie, posted

    woooow , yummii*-*

    coconout, posted

    Man! This is so hot! That is one persistent tongue--wish he were in Florida!!

    mjorlando68, posted

    Everytime I view this vid I get off! PLEASE do more...!

    sweetsweat, posted

    nice licking dog, can I borrow it...for a year!!! Oh yeah, nice hot cock too....yummmy

    fredog51M, posted

    This guy is lucky,have a dog like this! Wow! I came twice watching the video!What a dog! What tongue!

    nusky, posted

    Wow...what a great vid...love hoe he licks him hard and continues til all his cum is licked up...very good.

    thickboner4u, posted

    A really horny video. You can see the guy was getting harder and harder with each lick and was obviously about to cum at any time. Finally he lets it fly and his friend licks it all up

    donkeyboy6, posted

    ilove the view

    sss999, posted

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    Unfukin real!!!! WOW!

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    alexita89, posted

    gave me a raging hardon watching this

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    daaam lol dats one freaki ass dog

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    dog1262, posted

    what a good man this guy is. he doesnt abuse the dog at all just lets him enjoy himself. love to watch this man's foot in motion. wish i was down there licking it. sexy.

    simps18, posted

    Oh, fuck yeah, this is one of the fucking hottest videos of getting licked off that I've ever seen on this site. One can really tell that the dog was eager to please his man as he didn't need to be coaxed into licking his man's hot uncut cock. He or she really knew how to use that luscious tongue as it lapped the whole length of the cock. I really loved the load that the guy shot and how his dog continued to licked, cleaning off every last bit of cum from the guy's cock and balls. One could tell that the guy was really enjoying the licking he was getting with the heavy breathing and the raising and lowering of his hips. Sort of reminds me of my early teenage years and how our beagle use to lick me clean every time he'd lick me off. Really hot. Keep them and me cummng.

    manzooist, posted

    Definantly the best ive seen so far. Your so lucky to have a dog love like that. I envy you and gawd id wanna lap at ur member too. kaynhine@tmomail.net

    BrianPup21, posted

    I want that dog - or at least something to lick my dick like that.

    a2z692, posted

    I thought this was one of thee hottest ones yet. The way the dog held down the guy's dick and with the guy panting and writhing, his fricken toes curling! Jeez!!

    yvonnegos, posted

    WOWOW< one of the BEST!!!

    sweetsweat, posted

    MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wish I was that dog

    ravinmik, posted

    das nenne ich eine geile tierzunge!! der hund weis was gut ist!!!

    sport72, posted

    this reminds me of my wonderful cocker spaniel whose used to lick our dicks and take our cum. then would kiss us both in the mouth!

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    i used to have my dog licking my d...

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    I made my boyfriend do this for the first time...he licked it :D

    dragonsgirl, posted

    looks fake, the clip cuts and suddenly he has "cum" on his dick, maybe thats some kinda sugar snack for the dog to lick off

    jackch3, posted

    love the cumshot

    soldier3677, posted

    love to lick it with him and u feet

    biuk, posted

    Ein Hund mit viel Ausdauer, aber auch ein standfester Männerschwanz. Würde gerne wissen wie sich einen Hundezunge anfühlt, wer hat Erfahrung und schreibt mir?

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    what a great cum shot, I love to see doggies take all that cum and lick and want more. Love it.

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    great video! love 2 watch this dog lick, wish I was there 2 help

    kcfucd, posted

    Der Hund bekommt nicht genug ;) Sehr geil!

    animal2580, posted

    WOW!!! I'd never leave the house! Great vid!

    sweetsweat, posted

    fantastic emptied my load while watching this loved to have been their joining in

    budgieboy, posted

    ahhh memories wish i still had my dog

    terry01, posted

    polizalbym z tym psem :)

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    Very, very, very hot--I agree with BMaxB, if the guy was a moaner this would be the hottest vid on the site! Nice uncut cock, pretty pink head, beautiful white cream coming out of it, and by my count he came three times, one big one and a couple of little ones and still stayed hard with the cock ring on. GREAT potential for multi-orgasms in this guy.

    DKLA, posted

    Damn, this dog is really enjoying licking.

    Crazy121, posted

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    so hard and wet watching this wish dog was here

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    Man what a great vid! I cummed too. I'm new here and to animal sex and want my dog to make me cum like this, how do I do it?

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    love how he licks every last drop! one of the best videos on the site

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    Fantastisk flink hund. Dette likte jeg

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    Think fido has done this before???

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    i agree the best movie on the site i cummed so good i have never cummed... verget it i dont have any words for it xD 5/5

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    The hottest vid yet!

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    I love your vidio, you are the best. and i love your dog. can a dog make you cum like that?

    sweetthing, posted

    Wow! one of the hotest vids yet, loved the dog cleaning up his cum mmmmmmmmmm

    littlelana, posted

    I love watching this guy writhe in pleasure and hearing him breathe heavily. If he were a moaner, this would be the hottest video on the site.

    BMaxB, posted

    At first when I started viewing that movie I just couldn't believe my eyes.......Having such a cock and cum loving mutt must be one of the best things that could happen in a man's life. It definitely gave me a constant boner. I totally loved to see the man moaning in ecstasy while that dogs was licking his hot cock and thoroughly doing his great work and his hot tongue and waiting for the his man to cum. This movie is a must see, extremely hot video that everyone on this website should see and add to his favorite collection. Having a dog like that is a real treasure. Can't resist watching this video over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until my balls are dry with no cum!!! One of the hottest videos here! Top recommended choice for everyone here!!!!!!!

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    This dog do not need peanut butter to lick his master's cock, he love to make the job...we can see the men feet moving of pleasure against the sofa...the dog continue to lick even after the men cum... hummm very very good movie. Ce chien n'a pas besoin de beurre d'arachide pour lécher son maître, il adore son job...l'on peux voir le pied de l'homme bouger de plaisir contre le divan... le chien continue de lécher la queue de l'homme même après qu'il ait éjaculé. mmmmm très très bon film.

    bert88, posted

    This is an exception cock licking video! This dog has apparently been servicing his daddy for a long time and gives his cock undivided attention for a full blown lick to completion session. His wet tongue gives that cock a full wet work over and he even uses his paws to help keep the hard cock in place so he can focus on licking just the head. Probably enjoying all the sweet precum coming out before getting to the final reward, a gushing load of cum! This dog's enthusiasm is just wonderful - if only I had a dog like this, he'd be welcome to my crotch on a regular basis. Excellent!!

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    There is something about a dick licking its masters cock...that is just so hot..The video starts with the master on the floor naked,While his dog lick his uncut cock.You can tell the dog enjoys it because he does not stop.Lick up and down the shaft,trying to lick inside the forskin.Then licking the balls in between,and the pubic area.The we see the master cum and the dog takes it time cleaning up the mess.The master shivers as the dog does not stop.Such a hot video,brings me back to when I had my dog.

    sickluck82, posted

    Great cumshots - one massive and dripping down his shaft - over his pubes and the dog doesn't miss any of it - licks it up good. The guy manages to shoot again - after the main one this is just a sloppy squeeze but the licking goes on! doggy is a bit grey in the muzzle but well trained in the pleasure department - giving great bollocks lickings and sure loves that spunk. watch the guy's foot cos he's just about shaking when he cums. love to see more of this guy getting active with his doggipal, shagging a hole and spunkdumping a creampie to share with your mates beats a BJ anyday

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    this film is so good it made me cum three times and I would love to have that dog at my house to do it to me when he made the man cum and still keep licking and licked up all the cum I started cumming again it is the best of the free ones you have on this site if he would have fucked the man after he came it mihgt have made it a little better but maby not it was the best I have seen and am gona go back and watch it again am ready to cum again and shoot acrose the room again

    pothead12, posted

    Just too hot. I was pulling my cock at the time I was watching the video. Many times I wasn't sure if I want to be the guy or the dog, maybe both, as they were having such a fucking ggod time. pity I came and nobody was licking my CUM, I should ask my neighbor to take care of their pitbull one of this weekends. First time I enter the site and I've pulling my cock the entire time. Love the pace of both owner and doggy, I am sure they have been having fun for years, even the dog try to secure the cock to have a better suck and seems to love the taste of cum, well as i said I found myself thinking of being the dog sucking and licking. Love it !!

    zomarx, posted

    Brilliant! The two things that stood out in this video are the way the dog goes after his masters huge cock, trapping it and holding it in place with his paws, and the master's breathing. Wow! The combination of his breaths and the dogs licking and panting is very hot. I loved how he didnt even have to touch himnself, the attentions of his dog was enough to make him hard, and then a lovely cum shot with the good pup lapping away. A good quality, incredibly hot video that deserves its high rating and high number of views. Guaranteed turn on, right there!

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    pimpify, posted

    this guy is getting a licking out of this world ..the dog goes after his big cock as if it belonged solely to him. would loved to see him stick that big cock up his lovers ass an creamed in his tight asshole.The cum shot was fabulous nice an slow ,the cock ring kept his cock hard an his lover loved every moment of it as i did. The guy breathing was so sexy it turned me on tremendously . The dogs nails in his cock makes the vid one of the best i have seen in a long time .. video made me cum over an over

    loverofall, posted
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