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    A Men Lets Fuck Himself


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    A male dog with a men

    Uploaded by evollamina · Rating: 4.4 (398 votes) · 50645 views


    wow what a cock on him I would love to have him fuck my ass while the dog is fucking him

    knotboy3, posted

    mmmmmmmmh Oh yes ! J'adore ! :D

    zoophilialover, posted

    Love the video. Good angle and great audio to go with it. Any advice on how I can get my dog to preform like yours?

    das_wolfdog, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    hum..wow..super video..j,adore.....moi g du quebec.écrivez moi

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    I would love to suck that beautiful cock while he's being fucked

    doggygetshead, posted

    omg yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    loved watchin him get hard while his dog fucked him!!wooda loved ta feel it in me!!

    doggydoit, posted

    dude that is a fucking nice dick, put it in me!!!!

    calvin7976, posted

    This has to be one of the hottest videos on here! I love how your dick gets so hard when your dog fucks you! I can tell both of you really enjoy this! Wished I was there to play with you guys!

    doglvr22, posted

    I wouldn't mind that dude fucing me whle he was being fucked

    wedgiewizard, posted

    muscled bttm with a nice dick, love it

    readheaded1989, posted

    geiler schwanz

    lusti, posted

    schön zu sehen wie der typ immer geiler wird, hätte ihm beim fick gerne einen geblasen

    nitrambln, posted

    i want to suck the guys big hard dick while the dog fucks him

    teddybear2, posted

    I would've loved to 69 with that hot guy while the dog pounds his ass!

    PhxPisser69, posted

    Hot, but short. The master obviously enjoyed it with his rock hard huge cock!

    Cockstrapped, posted

    Again gotta say this is one of my favorite videos. The dog is enthusiastic and so is the guy. The guy has a nice looking cock, i wouldn't mind getting it from the dog while sucking that piece of meat, yummy.

    das_wolfdog, posted

    loved how the dog just got to it and the guys cock started out nice and just got hard and LONG LONG LONG. Would love to have seen it shoot while the dog was fucking him good.

    looker72712, posted

    would love to take his dogs cock and seed then his huge cock and see any day..

    cumpig31, posted

    toller film, der kerl macht mich auch an. schön wie er immer geiler wird.

    thomyyy, posted

    wow i like ur big cock in my asshole to its yummy cock and i like the way ur dog start fucking ur hot ass boy thanks tho?

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    Wow he has a big dick i would love to suck him off XD!

    Kasandra69x, posted

    Super video,tip je prezogdan i ima veliku kitu

    hrvatx, posted

    Great Cock!! I loved seeing it get so hard while the dog was in your ass.. i wish you would have jacked off!!

    shvdgapingpussy, posted

    Minnesota gay male here: i love the sound of good penetration i wish i could get fucked like that

    mississippi14, posted

    Wow! Excellent clip! It's hot as fuck to see how quick the guy's oock grows as the dog is panting and pumping him. ;)

    PhxPisser69, posted

    Dang look how long the guys cock gets!!!

    knot_enuff, posted


    pup1, posted

    Would love to see you fuck his ass too, your tool looks perfect for anal.

    wolfie622, posted

    hey weet je iemand in belgie die dit doet ik zou dit ook wel eens willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    Fun to watch...thanks

    yesplease03, posted

    il mio video preferito adoro la sua posizione e il suono che fa quando il culo e pieno di sborra :P il cane ha delle spinte forti e decisi bravo *_* bravo il cagnetto

    sucamilla, posted

    was great wish he knotted u i love the knot but i still do u and your pup good stuff

    damtrav, posted

    This furry boy sure knows how to hit the spot!! These two need a camera man and i volunteer.

    squirtwatcher, posted

    great cock. you did get into and get hard great video

    donaldm, posted

    man you sure do have a great cock, would have loved to see you cum, most of the time you never see if the guy is really into it, but you sure were!!!!!!! GREAT

    bigmoe42, posted

    That guy really gets into that. He gets really hard !!!

    mrmikemoe, posted

    what an increbile cock on that guy

    sebastianamore, posted

    this one isn't an old fatty, what a surprise

    carp, posted

    check out that chubby on the guy. He was really getting a charge out of his ass-reaming dog

    tonktaf, posted


    zoocartoon, posted

    mm you two made me so hot.

    derhundin, posted

    its very delicious to see this show!

    frany1953, posted

    Awesome video, great cock man. How do you get your dog to mount so eagerly? I am a male and I am tying to get my current boy to mount but he's not interested. Any tips on how to get him to perform?

    das_wolfdog, posted

    lucky man

    ayuksel04, posted

    awesome vid loved the guys cock wish that was in me while the dog was fucking him add stevo1953@live.co.uk or stevo1953109:yahoo.com

    stevebutt109, posted

    I loved his big dick.

    doitonetime, posted

    love to suck the guys big cock while the dog fucks him

    teddybear2, posted

    fuckin hot vid.....love to be suckin that cock while his dog was nuttin

    blutrk83, posted

    Great cock

    jwnohil05, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmmm loved how the guys lovely cock got bigger an bigger mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    ravinmik, posted

    i'd love that guy's cock up me, ride me till he fills me full of cum, then the dog can fuck me next till he fills me too

    bareback53, posted

    damn, you both have nice dicks!

    jcjcjcjc, posted

    Well developed body and a nice fuck. You realy do see that he gets exited from the play with the dog. Good pickture and good sound. I enjoyed.

    jippiee, posted

    two fantastic cocks would love to suck them both together yummy

    capriman, posted

    Very nice video I much looked how the boy appreciates that the dog him, horny when the dog humps and I love to see her long and well hard sex that balance

    frany1953, posted

    great video. would love to see a full length version of these two.

    7645, posted

    im in va bi male would love a guys or dogs cock in me

    dewayne64, posted

    very hot dick i want your dick in my ass pls gave me your dick

    sadiabatool25, posted

    Sexy Men soooo Hot more more.

    RenaldoSH, posted

    made me cum so hard!!!

    animallover8016, posted

    omg, sooo hot

    youngandbistud, posted

    I would love to have the guy empty that big dick down my throat after him getting fucked..bet it would be a sweet load to swallow.

    plowmyground, posted

    fuckin hot, both dog and man

    lucion, posted

    I LOVED watching this clip because I could see that the guy was genuinely turned on by it! You could see his (very big!) cock getting harder as the dog pumped into him!!! xxx

    beastigirl, posted

    All i can say is GOD DAM !

    damsreyes2000, posted

    that was great itwould've been even better hhad ypu fuck him in the ass with your hugh cock!

    catlady3545, posted

    liked to have sucked his cock while dog was fucking him and made that hard cock soft and taken all his spunk and then sucked the dog dry yummy !!!!

    budgieboy, posted

    this guy has a hott smooth set of balls and cock- i love the smooth look;) nice fucking and hott vid- thanks

    southcoastbeast, posted

    This is a HOT MAN. I respect what he does. Awesome video. And damn, I would gladly suck him off as he's getting knotted. WOOF!!

    DeepImpact, posted


    cuntslave, posted

    Great, makes me hard!

    jumasiiv, posted

    Very hot!! I would love to be fucked by both of them!

    Knot4me, posted

    That was HOTT!! When the dog got OFF the guy should have gotten on the dog. Why waste a good HARD-ON. Cock was sweet.

    junette, posted

    Very beautiful spectacle of this fine young man whom his dog rides, I like his rod in erection which stirs up when the dog is agitated on him, it is a beautiful contradiction to see rectifying this young male which shows all its beauty with its beautiful quite hard cock where as the dog has just filled it like a bitch

    frany1953, posted

    hot hot hot guy

    auto736, posted

    wow ...luv watching you take your boys bone..and you have a marvelous.cock too was wishing i could suck on it while you are being ridden...awesome by the way you could ride me anytime Robin

    sharintoys, posted

    what a horny clip - great to see a guy enjoying taking his dog's cock - fantastic!

    tonycub, posted

    Nice action, man! Thanks for that! You've got a beautiful cock and love watching it get hard as you obviously enjoy you boy's cock in your ass.

    astoriaguy23, posted

    That's been a hot movie! Thank you!

    doggyass, posted

    Fantastic fuck film. I agree that the key to it being so hot is that the man is obviously enjoying the sex - not just doing it for the camera. Fuckin hot!!

    BigBikerBrad, posted

    wisgh i could be fucked like that

    spice001, posted

    great to see a guy with a hard on while being doggie fucked

    swanny, posted

    big cock, I would love to suck his cock while he is being fucked by the dog..

    tan69, posted

    nice to see a man get a hard on!!!

    danjoe, posted


    andywaltham, posted

    mmm love seeing his cock get huge

    k9_lucy, posted

    He got really hard on that one! WOW! Great movie.

    l1ck3r, posted

    love it

    ontariomale, posted

    The best of the top dogs!

    willtourett, posted

    thanks man i loved the clip

    weimaranerguy, posted

    very good.

    ms2115, posted

    very nice

    rlmlvt, posted

    Very hot. Love to see his dick becoming more hard during the fuck.

    EdgarFitz, posted

    Would love to suck his cock while he got fucked by the dog...

    Beastluvrguy, posted

    i want u fucking pussy dog too bcs u have nice cock ... can u fucking the ass dog or pussy dog and come to up load again plz kiss...

    zoolover69, posted

    yeah love seein how big his dick gets when his boy is inside

    goodpup, posted

    hmmmm love how his cock gets harder :))

    germanrider, posted

    Very hot man-dog action.

    sflstud4k9, posted

    Real love

    animalpoland, posted

    This particular video, while palatable, is much too short. The image of a fit young man being bred by an equally attractive canine needs length, it needs better camera angles. I understand only so much can be done with what is given. Perhaps if the young man made more noise, you can't really tell that the dog has penetrated him at all. I enjoy seeing a knot shared, what I saw in this film was hardly a carnal act, it may as well have been a farce. A man and a dog on a bed having a hump fest, nothing more, nothing less.

    rimlover, posted

    Very good didn't quite get the end where you zoomed in on the dog licking it's self -thought you were going to get in there and show him how to do it or at least help him- but still a very good movie. I also liked how you could see how hard you were - shows how much you liked it ;)- but again very enjoyable..... infact you have left me with a bit of a problem.... ;P I have only just joined so I shall have to have a look at some of your other videos if you have any.... is there anybody you think I should look up ?

    jjolly, posted

    The Camera angle is great and the sound quality was awesome. I love being able to hear how the dog slopped up his ass. I thought it was a good video it gave me a full 7.5. I would have liked to have seen some of the knotting though and the guy should have fucked the dog or got off somehow, and to see some of the dog cum leaking out of his ass would have been really hot. I could definitely tell the guy was having a fun time when that cock kept swelling up. He shouldn’t have cut the video down though I would have loved to hear how he sound when the dog for penetrated him.

    forfunpets, posted

    This was so hot! The way the dog was pumping inside of him and how the man's cock got more stiff was a big turn on.The guy enjoyed being pump by his dogs cock.You could hear some noises made as the dogs cock pump inside him.Then then dog licks his cock but the guy could have pumped inside the dog or jerked his load off on the dog.!I'd love to pump my cock in the guy while his dog licks his cock. On a scale from 1-10(10 being BEST) i give an 8 1/2!Excellent !

    cheekchecker, posted

    The movie was short, but it was good. The sound was ok and the picture is clear. It captured a great hard on from both the dog and the man. His cock was flapping as the dog humped him vigorously. The guys cock is a good sized and very suckable. I wish the guy would have been jacking off, but it was a great cock shot. The guy did a great job moving the camera after the fuck to show the dog pleasing himself. I enjoyed watching the dog lick himself after the mounting. I would love to see a longer version with the same pairing. I give it a 6.

    happygirl73, posted
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