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    Man Mounted By Mini Stallion


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    this is a very interesting video that was shot during the night. a guy is mounted be a pony stallion and the action is shown from bellow so the penetration can be seen very well. the pony mounts the guy a few times and pounds his ass pretty hard!. the sound is very hot too. more than 5 min. long.

    Uploaded by entudom · Rating: 3.7 (32 votes) · 3476 views


    very nice

    sweetthing, posted

    Horse seems to be pretty dry. Maybe it's neutered or has already came a few times? The bit you're waiting for happens at the 5:00 Minute mark. Everything up to that is miss. I love how the horse really milks the guy's prostate. Causing squirts of the man's pre to fly all over as he's being properly fucked.

    toby14, posted

    Not the best quality at all. Too dark and camera keeps moving. You get a sense of what's going on, missing too many details of the action.

    Jake07, posted

    there is very interesting movies

    ericyane, posted

    too dark to enjoy properly but clearly he was doing something to make the animal aqueal Jaz (female)

    Jaz75, posted

    its to dark hon turn on a light please

    darkside2, posted


    65330646, posted

    nice.. but i like to se the cume to..

    darkd6, posted
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