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    Big Dick On Dog


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    Here's a review. Be careful who you share private videos with. I gave this one to a friend years ago stating in no uncertain terms he should not give it out. Time passes and he of course forgets that and it goes up on the net. Yes. I made that video. Never intended it to be put out on the net. --repeat txt Here's a review. Be careful who you share private videos with. I gave this one to a friend years ago stating in no uncertain terms he should not give it out. Time passes and he of course forgets that and it goes up on the net. Yes. I made that video.

    Uploaded by fox_wolf28 · Rating: 3.8 (539 votes) · 85145 views


    he should tie him, that whore shouldn't move that much, have to hold still while taking his masters seed

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    The only thing i hate is the video player being used on this website. Can't watch it properly as it always freezes and pauses at a time. Very disappointing!!! this website "www.gaybeast.com" should use other video player for good quality purposes---

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    Dog didn't seem to enjoy that much, it kept walking off

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    great video, but it's a shame that people can't respect other people's wishes, at least your face wasnt shown,

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    the dog did not want this and was forced into it. its alright till the animal is forced then its rape

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    If he don't stand still, use a harnest, or tie him up a wall, he needs to stand still while his master do his hole and fill his hole with male cum.

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    Yeah, every's bitch hole is a little tight at the beggining, and they need to feel something, if they feel nothing it isn't funny. This toy has a nice set of balls too !

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    no offence but that dog was not into that one bit. he wasnt loving his master he was trying to get away from his kind caring loving master rapeing him........

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    It looked to me like the dog was not into this at all. He keep wanting to get away and was forced back. This certainly doesn't look like the dog was having a good time.

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    aluzky having sex with animals or touching them or doin anything with them is rape lol any kind of sexul contact isnt normal but we all still do it lol its called sexual pleasure so step off ur high horse ! you cant tell me u didnt wank over this lol

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    •Aluzky• @mrallen, nothing wrong with anal sex, as long as it is done correctly, this video is a clear example of RAPE and what you should not to do (do not force the dog)

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    People shouldnt have anal sex with dogs...it can cause them internal damage. I dislike rape videos...and I find this to be a rape video.

    mrallen, posted

    •Aluzky• For the people that don't know, this video is about ► R.A.P.E ◄ Doggy clearly said NO, and the human didn't care. Give this the worse rate possible and report it.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    •Aluzky• @iamveryhappy, Is RAPE because the dog didn't want sex and the human still fuck him. Have you never got sexual education? If a human say NO and you fuck the human, it is RAPE. Also, if the dog is too small and the human too big, no matter what training you do, it will still hurt the dog and be rape or animal abuse. @aceriderfun, is a well know dog RAPIST. I have talk to him before, he thinks that animals can't consent to sex, so anything sexual you do to an animal is OK because they can't feel pleasure or pain. Or he thinks that pain will turn into pleasure eventually (lol) if anyone wants to read his comments PM me and I will PM you what he said to me in private.

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    nice big cock but I don't think you partner was enjoying it in his ass

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    Nice vid but the dog needs a harness to keep still till he gets used to taking a cock up his arse. I don't see why folk say it's rape, the dog clearly needs more training.

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    Ok, Aceriderfun and all those others out there who think this is ok. No offense but as the great puppet walter once said. "You people are dumbasses." A dog will say no when it doesn't want to have fun and this dog was clearly saying "get me the hell outa here." He did not enjoy that dick in his ass and he tried to get away multiple times. Now I have no problem with animal sex, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I myself have never had the pleasure of screwing a nice female in heat. However I draw the line at doing anything against the animals will. This guy was lucky he did not get bitten by that dog for it. If he had he would have deserved it. This was rape no matter how you look at it. Would you rape a child or helpless autistic kid? No? Then why would you rape your dog who loves you and looks to you for their well being? Learn the signs, pick up a fucking book and use your brain. That ends my rant for tonight. Thank you all who agree and wish me luck in my days to come to try and get laid once with a female dog who wants it.

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    I have to agree with Yeslovedogs...... This is rape.

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    when you have a dog who isnt behaving use a harnes, so you have more control, and something to thrust against, its a nuisance when they dont keep still.

    aceriderfun, posted

    not the best vid i've ever seen and the dog looked like he wasn't interested much either

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    Of course its a shame that the friend betrayed your trust !! But we had a chance to watch a hot video !! I like watching it !!! Thank your for recording it !!

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    Wow! Very hot!

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    •Aluzky• The guy is RAPING him, period, anything you may say are just excuses to support that kind of behabior. Doggy clearly doesn't want and the human is forcing himself on him. >:(

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    sorry but this video is not as bad as some others on the site.the man does try to pleasure his dog but i admit the dog obviously isn't into it.it could have been his first time with the dog too though so the dog might just not know whats happening.

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    •Aluzky• And another thumbs down vote for this piece of shit guy.

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    @ryan4509 If you really think "He should pound the shit out of the ass of that dog whether he likes it or not".....I hope some day that you are in a prison cell where I can watch the movie of YOUR ass getting torn to pieces while YOU desperately try to get away....and make a comment just like that one ;->

    TZwolf, posted

    •Aluzky• @The guy in the video, I hope some one recognize you or your dog and you get in troubles for raping him.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    •Aluzky• Disgusting, push the report button and report this for ► R.A.P.E ◄

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    very nice!!

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    ..poor dog isn't having a good time...

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    el perro quiere huir pero al final sede ante tan grande verga y lo disfruta igual o mas q su violador ja ja ja

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    he should pound the shit out of that dogs ass whether the dog likes it or not

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    That is too much dick to be giving to a dog! LOL but any human or animal probably wouldve tried to run from that.

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    Damn, He couldnt even have the courtesy the give the dog a reach around...mmm mm mm...

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    It's really amazing.....the "reviewer" of this movie ADMITS to being the rapist who used this poor Yellow Lab to get his monkey rocks off in....Too bad there is no way to trace who he is. I'd love to set 'em up with some huge prison buck who'd drill his ass 'til it was red and oozing as he tried desperately to get away.....just like this dog is doing.

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    it's fair now you get on your hands and knees and let him fuck you in the ass

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    That dog defiantly don't seem to want any part of that.

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    This dog is saying 'no', just because you can't get anyone else doesn't mean it's okay to rape your dog. You are violating your partner, and it's sad because you don't care.

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    oroblanco, posted

    OMG some of you guys who find this a turn on are sick. Its one thing where both the man and the dog enjoy it but this is just nothing more than rape plain and simple. Some of you who do find it a turn on should not be allowed near pets ever. Enough said, and the ugly fat guy in the movie is just as bad as a rapist. Pets are defenseless. Its like doing it to a child.

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    The dog clearly has no interest..I think I know why you were afraid of the video being shared. It shows the dog making attempts to move away because it has NO interest at all..yet you force it. Shame on you.

    coksucker0687, posted

    I agree the dog isn't happy. Maybe he (the dog) needed a little more help? incentive? consideration? something so he enjoyed the action/experience as much as the perp. did (and, I confess, me, too)

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