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    Man And Mini Stallion


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    this video is pretty cool. like the title says, guy fucking a mini stallion. the music is a little annoying, but just turn down the volumn and watch. the fact that it's in the guys living room, instead of a barn somewhere is interesting. kind of adds to the eroticism for me. the camera angles are nice, from side on, back where we get to see the mans asshole while he plows his cock into the stallions asshole. the man appears to have an orgasm and pulls out with some cum dripping from his cock. pretty good watch. if he had taken off his shirt, i would have liked it better, but hey, who's picky?

    Uploaded by Horsie2k · Rating: 3.3 (638 votes) · 123824 views


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    CanmoreBoy, posted

    I wonder if they take turns?

    marelover2000, posted

    Is he having a seizure on the back of that pony or is he trying to have sex??? I can't tell....

    Haylon, posted

    can you imagine the smell in that room?? dear lord

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    die musik nervt

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    tata1991, posted

    good ending xx

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    ternerin, posted

    Um... What?

    LoverNation, posted

    sorry dude..i give your fucking skills a F- .You obviously dont know how to fuck..loooked awkward as hell.

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    What movie is this from?

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    thank god! our female don't have a tail

    vijaymano, posted

    I am VERY SURPRISED that lil Stud doesn't kick that man with Both Feet! He doesn't like what's being done to him that's obvious

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    gerard007, posted

    I have fucked a mini pony not long ago and for my surprise, his ass was not much tighter that a big horse ones... hmm strange

    Adrinator, posted

    OK....you gotta admit the first 1.5 minutes of this video is boring. For some reason, the guy had a difficult time getting his cock in the horse's ass. Can't understand why...it's not like he has a little cock because he doesn't. Once he gets things going, it gets much better.

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    One tight mini ass, one guy barely keeping it up= one boring show. the mini would have stayed hard for the 30 meconds it would have taken him to finish in you

    lvmydog, posted

    The audio at the end was great. That was all I enjoyed...

    taz6969, posted

    I'd rather see the pony fuck the guy--hell! I'd rather fuck the guy!

    GilesGoatboy, posted

    Isn't it supposed to be the other way around with him getting fucked? I think the stallion would have enjoyed that more.

    wolfen1176, posted

    ROFLMAO All I could think of while watching this lame clip was the theme music to the "My Little Pony" doll collection. What do you want to bet this guy had the entire set when he was a boy?

    furontop, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    lol the guy do need to learn how to fuck ...it was a pain watching him..

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    royboy255, posted

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    philip, posted

    this looks wonderful, but would have been a mare instead. if I had a miniature horse so had she spent much time in the bedroom, and yes you can guess the rest

    bullen1, posted

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    Allenhigala, posted

    is that his bitch or his mother

    areuup, posted

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    nitrambln, posted

    i love how that smexi stallion was half boned wat a turn on!

    mooed123, posted

    i`ve watched the video and that`s just so fuckin` lame that dude is honestly horrible and don`t know how to fuck and how to cum!)but kinda funny

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    anmolthacker2, posted

    an "A" for effort at least

    Paxon, posted

    having been made to take mens cock and k9 cocks, i am sure the horse luvd it as much as me!!

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    lfdv, posted

    This video SUCKS you can`t see any thing the tail is in the way,and the guts dick is to limp. Improve the problems and it would be a great video.

    inthatass, posted

    the camrea angles are a bit off but still not bad

    horsecock54, posted

    i can read the ponys mind saying " mr i'm suppose to fuck you in the ass not you fuck me in the ass"

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    TC7, posted

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    tigerbirdy456, posted

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    gerard007, posted

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    What movie is this from anyway? I've been hoping to find the whole thing someday.

    dn19, posted

    Would've been better if it was a female>_>

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    nickthedogman32, posted

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    philip, posted

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    Likeithard, posted

    The music is a little irritating but the movie is hot. The end, hearing him moan and cum, made me so wet.

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    Missim, posted

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    andc, posted

    I love the end when he says "you got such a tight ass." And blows. That shit makes me cum.

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    cavallo, posted

    @BlowUpDaug: I agree. This guy does NOT know how to fuck. It's unpleasant watching him and the horse does not look happy. The music is a pain. The only good thing is the noise the guy makes when he comes, and that's not so great either.

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    this is a retro video, probably from the 70's. it is slow starting but starts to pick up near the 2 3rds mark. at the end of the video the camera angle is pretty good and totally made me cum everywhere :P you can here the sounds of him moaning and groaning but the cheesy 70's porno music gets in the way :( over all the mare looks like she is enjoying it at the dude definitely was. when the guy cums you can see it everywhere and it's definitely spluge worthy overall gaybeast has much better videos to offer however if you are an animal lover this video will most like do the job for you :P happy watching

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    qpazlm, posted

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