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    Dog Licking Cock


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    This is a pretty nice video of a nice looking dog licking a rather long penis. The presence of the camera seems to distract the dog as it looks frequently at the camera and stops licking. the dog only works the tip of the man, but when you see how much penis the dog has to work with, it's easy to see how the dog could be afraid. I would like to see the whole video with the money shot, but this was pleasurable. It makes me super hard just thinking of the feeling of that dog's tongue working all over my penis.

    Uploaded by nutone_626 · Rating: 3.8 (259 votes) · 111750 views


    Yeah post another video with that nice cock shooting its load!!!

    JK44, posted

    Sooo long lucky dog

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    xphilxor, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, but you forgot to cum for the doggy. Next time, masturbate and end the video with you cumming. ;)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i am so jealous of that dog...thats all i can say...so so jealous

    SimoneLee, posted

    lucky dog it shud be me licking that super dick?

    royboy255, posted

    damm thats a clear video, more ass shots please

    horseryder, posted

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    royboy255, posted

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    newsie, posted

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    kobebryant24, posted

    Wow nice! If only dogs could suck too. I thought the cock was gorgeous, would look and feel great in my ass or mouth :-)

    k9biboy5, posted

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    renzivan, posted

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    zoophilialover, posted

    Awww, how cute: the dog is camera-shy.

    GoodDoggyFcker, posted

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    maxarth, posted

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    robin555, posted

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    Long, hard cock getting a good licking. Would love to see the dog getting his protein reward.

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    i want to be that Dog, he's just so lucky...

    fex_85, posted

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    toyis, posted

    OMG.......the things I can imigine doing to that cock while I suck and stroke it....granted, a dog's tongue feels great....but I'd sure like to have that cock in my mouth when it explodes...and I wouldn't loose a drop!!!

    dugbugger, posted


    bluetounge321, posted

    Thanks everyone, I'm in NC. Anyone else?

    nutone_626, posted


    bitchlover88, posted

    Great vid. Good lighting.. good looking and sorta eager dog.. and a HUGE cock getting licked.

    EdRocks, posted

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    lukas16, posted

    Nice dog, nice cock.

    rinkyt, posted

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    ohpe, posted

    Very nice vid, gets me horny too. Both me and hubby have played with dogs like that since we were teens too.

    JessiMom, posted

    Had a beagle that would do that to me when I was a young teen. Loved how he'd lick faster and harder as I came. Wanna chat manzooman53@yahoo.com

    manzooist, posted

    Delicious looking cock, I'd be way more into licking/sucking it than the dog.

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    gapwithwings, posted

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    wowmynameissexy, posted

    I like the idea of watching the dick licking and/or pussy licking. Wow!!!

    ppjjpp, posted

    i wish i was that dog

    beastboycll1988, posted

    wow what a cock. i envy that dog...

    blablabla, posted

    Beautiful cock. I thought it was big until the dog started licking away at it and it actually grew another inch. You can tell the guy is throbbing away with each heart beat as the dog licks him to oblivion. I'm about to call my beautiful boy in the room and get the same treatment...

    LouieLouie, posted

    that doggie and that nice arse cock is so yummy I would love to like it too...

    bluesgirl13, posted

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    mandog123, posted

    i LOVE hearing the dog lick mmmmmmmmm NICE Wish they were in Tucson.

    mandog123, posted

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    teddybear2, posted

    This cock looks so delicious! I would love to be a doggy and lick it myself. I'm getting wet just imagining how wonderful this huge thing would feel deep inside of my pussy...hmmm...

    JungleQueen, posted

    Can the guy self suck? :)

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    summitkid96, posted

    Well thanks lol

    nutone_626, posted

    That look real good.... I could fuck that.

    mywatch, posted

    this is so hot! i would suck him so gooooood

    blablabla, posted

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    antoniog33, posted

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    inthemorn, posted

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    stickyfinger, posted

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    imhorny38, posted

    Nice cock, prefer uncut, but still nice and would enjoy letting the dog lick mine whilst sucking on it

    PeteH, posted

    All I can say is what a lucky dog. I would love to be sucking that cock while that dog licked my pussy!

    cybrella39, posted

    nice cock...... would be nice to see it in stallion ass hole ;P

    horse.in.me, posted

    that huge cock should be pounding doggy ass mercilessly.

    barbwirex, posted

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    lfdv, posted

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    cur1ous1, posted

    Showing some size there...

    cavallo, posted

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    sweetsweat, posted

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    hazzard172, posted

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    liked to have blown that of for him and taken his load instead of the dog

    budgieboy, posted

    su mare tio...oe man haste un video pero con una burra o una yegua...

    JOSMA_19, posted

    beautiful cock would love to lick it too

    kcfucd, posted

    What a beautiful cock! Just the size I like. :-)

    Knot4me, posted

    love it ! beautiful cock. thanks for the clip. more from you...would be great.

    tan69, posted

    thin dick is thin!

    AnimalCharmer, posted

    Aww^^ist der Goldig der kleine^^. Ist aber noch ein bisschen vorsichtig. Anbei: Ein wunderschöner Penis Cute little dog , and amazing nice cock^^

    Predator87, posted

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    GSDguy, posted

    Nice cock...would of been nice to hear and see you cum! More please..

    kibble, posted

    hot. i really wish i could have that big dick inside my ass. just looking at it makes me want to be fucked my it all night long. that dog is so lucky to be able to lick it all over. if i had that big cock i would never let it go. its just so sexy how it can give him so much pleasure by licking it. i wish i had me a good bitch to be licking me like that. again, so hot and sexy! i want it so bad. my dick is big, but this big thing could tear me up all night!

    crawfdddd16, posted

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    szeptus, posted

    Here is a wonderful video! A Beautiful little, fluffy and gentle doggy, anxiously and hungrily looking at it's master magnificently long flesh arrow, pulsating with testosterone and just begging to be adored and played with. You can be straight, gay, bisexual our just plain curious out exploring the world and yourself but you can't admit that that's not a wonderful specimen of a human dick! Here the little doggy faithfully licks the master's head obviously taking pleasure in his work. Unfortunately, maybe due to lack of practice and expirence the dog keeps on looking off to the camera and neglecting that piece worthy of praise. The video quality it's excellent and the sound quality it's good enough to hear the dogs excited licks, sadly it doesn't have the happy ending that we all wish we could assist, but hopefully this isn't the last of this great couple!

    nerco, posted

    First of all this should be titled "Dog Licking HUGE cock" This guy is seriously hung. That said the sounds of the dog licking is amazing, it almost sounds like a good strong stroke. The guy must make some sweet precum to keep this puppy coming back to the source. I would have loved to see him cum and see if his load was as big as that huge cock. You can tell the dog is a little distracted but you can also tell it seems to enjoy his masters precum. I have no doubt that this guy gets some great attention from his best friend. I hope he also returns the favor. All in all a very cock hardening movie.

    gregg629ma, posted

    This is a pretty nice video of a nice looking dog licking a rather long penis. The presence of the camera seems to distract the dog as it looks frequently at the camera and stops licking. the dog only works the tip of the man, but when you see how much penis the dog has to work with, it's easy to see how the dog could be afraid. I would like to see the whole video with the money shot, but this was pleasurable. It makes me super hard just thinking of the feeling of that dog's tongue working all over my penis.

    deathfluffy, posted

    man his cock was beautiful..i would have sucked it at first view..the film was very clear..it is a shame that he did not cum..i can see it going in and out of a dogs ass or cunt..i can see myself sucking it..and i can imagine it up my hot ass..i let him know right now thatyou can mount me any-time..but get that dog to do more than to lick that cock..i can visualize it goingin and out of the dogs ass..and i can feel it going in and out of my ass..it was one hot fucking scene..get in touch with me..hot and horney in philadelphia..

    angelica39, posted

    wow, where can I get a pet like that?, i love watching that dog licking that nice and delicios cock. I love when my cat licks my cock and ass, but it has a smaller toung, so thats why i want to buy a dog, becaus dogs have long tong and they really make feel horney. I'd like you to film the moment you are cumming and how your dog acts, wolud it also lik your cum? I've heard that dogs like liking human cum. but anyway it wold be really good. I`m from mexico and here there are no many videos like this, so i give a 10 to your video

    einsturm, posted

    This is a pretty nice video of a nice looking dog licking a rather long penis. The presence of the camera seems to distract the dog as it looks frequently at the camera and stops licking. the dog only works the tip of the man, but when you see how much penis the dog has to work with, it's easy to see how the dog could be afraid. I would like to see the whole video with the money shot, but this was pleasurable. It makes me super hard just thinking of the feeling of that dog's tongue working all over my penis.

    Brundin, posted
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