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    Guy Fucking Cow


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    In this clip the cow is sucking and enjoying her master's cock slobbering it making it wet for her deep wet pussy then her master shoves that cock deep in her wet pussy as she stands n takes it like a champ as her master starts to really ram home in that pussy then she turns around to suck all of the cum from her master's cock not letting a drop go to waste. Great vid outdoors so hott man that bitch knows how to start n finish with a cock in her mouth!

    Uploaded by Topshota · Rating: 4.3 (269 votes) · 120675 views


    Dejlig ko fisse, jeg elsker det! håber, jeg kan kneppe en ko dag. That would wish that could find the any i Danmark, der ville Lade MIG kneppe sin ko, has Provet it for long ago, mænd savner it much. (Geder, Svin, heste or Hunde would be very welcome, also!) ... Cow fisse is fantastic

    BFJ, posted

    damn sir you have a hot cock!!! wanna fuck??

    Dek26497, posted

    Love it.... Please more.....

    Master85, posted

    great vid/ good fuck/ like it a lot

    gaypet, posted

    (((((((( Delicia ))))))))))

    cpsbrasil, posted

    very hot!

    brock8876, posted

    I could watch this all day

    Dazed69, posted

    Außergewöhnlich und Geil !! Kompliment ! Auch die kuh hat spaß daran :>)

    capricornus, posted

    Wish I was the cow.

    bredmare, posted

    the_king1, why the fuck are you on here if you dont like what you see! you searched it in on google... your on here now gtfo if you dont like it!

    radmatty, posted

    I think you are sick bastards that have no respect for the animals. And you guys that comment that sick things like i want to join or something like that, please go and shoot yourself.

    the_king1, posted

    This video blew my mind. I never saw a cow give a blowjob. Amazing! This well hung guy knows how to fuck. I especislly like the way the cow gives him a blowjob at the end. Awesome!

    Lat-anim2, posted

    good i wanna try this men

    chenyongsony, posted

    I wish I was joining them that looks fuckin' hot where can i find me a farmer that I could find and fuck their cow with him!!!!! Damn

    Danielcumz2, posted

    Wow! I have seen dogs licking cum from a dick, but a cow!!?? This is awesome!

    spykerkop, posted

    I had a cow just like that one,,just walk up behind her and fuck her any time diden have to tie her up,,

    nthnreed, posted

    Hole-y pissfuck!! Why haven't I seen this before?? =P

    PhxPisser69, posted

    This guy has a nice cock and really fucks her gooood. I know it felt great. Thanks for the view.

    georgewi, posted

    I have know it since i was littl boy: many animals hav a good fucking,likking,suckin and blow-mouth. So hot and good!

    sadfuck, posted

    My favorite cow video!=D!!!!!!!

    mafagafo, posted

    It was ok, but, would have liked to hear something or get a better view.

    Bonnie2003jm, posted

    thats hot

    jstewerrt66, posted

    wish i had a cow like that

    runner1, posted


    y7u8i9, posted

    My kind of cow!!!

    minniecat, posted


    ramazan16, posted

    salu j'ai besoin d'ide pour voire les video merci d'avn

    titof, posted

    salu j'ai besoin d'ide pour voire les video merci d'avance

    titof, posted

    i wanna try this men

    rimkoscar, posted

    i'd love to try that

    mikev40, posted

    I read where this old cow passed away some years ago. she was his pride and joy . she loved him as much as he loved her

    verne33, posted

    That cow was in a great heat. I sure hope you give her a BIG old Load

    mrmikemoe, posted

    my what a well traind cow

    barnboy1966, posted

    piepszonko very nice

    mariuszg111, posted

    anche io voglio una vacca cosi

    maremmano, posted

    Mate ! what a cow, what a cock and one sexy guy. I played the movie over and over and dreamt I was was fucking the cow while he slid his cow cum covered cock up my ass. Then I fucked his tight young ass after i fucked the cow. Had a cow like her uaed used to line up for me to fuck her and I didn't have to hang my pants up 6feet off the ground. She never once tried to shit on me.

    stockman, posted

    sabse acha he.

    nanda71, posted


    Cubano123, posted

    damn she just goes right at it

    obsidia, posted

    Oh gawd She wants it bad, love to cum in her mouth

    horsecck, posted

    I wish I could fuck that cow, great vid

    poopyhug, posted

    Hot,Shame no sound......

    cavallo, posted

    love this guy and his cow.so sexy!nice!

    panllei, posted
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