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    Guy Sucking Stallion


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    A great video, despite the fact that it is a free vid. While the guy isn't sucking the horse for much of the vid, we do get to see an amazing sum shot. We also get to hear the horse himself, whinnying and whimpering as the guy brings him to climax. The camera is a bit shaky, but the quality is still good. Something that could have improved the movie is if the guy took some of the cum to the face, or even swallowed some of it. Still, i give it a 5, and add it to my faves.

    Uploaded by sdfdrgvvvt · Rating: 4.3 (260 votes) · 78302 views


    Omg its so thick. I would love to have all that hot cum all over me <3

    ronspeed, posted

    get down on me and devestate me - both of you! 35 y m - niederrhein area - awaiting stallions.

    gregoraachen, posted

    I Have Stallions If Anyone One Wants To Try This :P Message Me

    pasical, posted

    i would suck it up off the ground

    ianford12345, posted

    Im a horny bi guy who will tell age through message, willing to trade pics to ;) So message me ^.^

    young_one_65, posted

    don't waste it.. at least use a glass :)

    FunBrenda, posted

    What a waste of a huge load! Cum on guys drink it up!

    Jake07, posted

    Wished I could have eating that nice big horse load

    uncutpisser, posted

    Would definetly have let stallion cum in my mouth, then used its cum as lube for me mmmmm

    ponydog3, posted

    why no cummm on face or in mouth

    lilcock1, posted

    love to pleasure that big stallion with you, man. wouldn't let any of that hot, thick cum hit the ground. swallow every drop.

    guy4horses, posted


    trains, posted

    I would swallow as much as I can & then have the rest shoot all over me!

    wannagetinme, posted

    I would have let him shoot in my mouth. <3

    Sammah, posted

    i'd be right there with ya! awesome!

    phreakerd, posted

    Terrible waste of fine spooge. Needs higher-res video gear, this one's low-res and blurry too. Still, it's a little better than most on this site. Just don't waste it next time, make the vid a lot longer, and take time to focus before you start, please.

    275303572, posted


    ballsblue, posted

    Mmmmmmmmm i would have taken that whoke cock in my mouth abd then took his whoke load in my mouth and on my face mmmmmmmn wish i had a stallion right now.....

    horselover192, posted

    Dam want that up me x

    pissfuckme, posted

    mmmm would love that cum in my mouth

    ilikelittledogs, posted

    Should have let it cum all over your face! Would have been hot!

    token39, posted

    20 year old male from michigan looking for horse to suck message me

    10301991, posted

    det var inte mycket kuksugning han tog inte mjölken i mun

    CHOOSE, posted

    God i suck that cock and swallow all that lovely cum or let him fuck my male ass anyday if he wanted wish he would:)

    horselover192, posted

    anyone got any clips of young guys sucking animals - that they could email to me?

    snh121, posted


    osayo, posted

    I want to be this horses bitch.

    XornX, posted

    det var en fegis som inte tog grädden i mun det fans ju gott om det

    CHOOSE, posted

    Nice clip,but it could have been super if the guy had swallowed some cum. Seems like such a waste. I suck dicks to get the cum in my mouth, down my throat and into my stimach.

    boxsniffer, posted

    What a cum shot. To swallow is to hide it. I loved watching the white flood.

    genealguy, posted

    For me the whole purpose of sucking dicks is to get the cum. What a terrible waste.

    boxsniffer, posted

    waste of cum you should have gulped that down

    hefadog77, posted

    just cummm loads imagining that stallions was cummming in my mouth an over my face fuck yeaaaaa

    notloveyes, posted


    Studjumper, posted

    fossi li io, tutta quella bella sborra non andrebbe sprecata!!!! la berrei tutto!!!!!

    max_zoo, posted

    what a waste of cum...very nice though!

    2fat2care, posted

    Looks like that horse needed to cum!!!

    rgrijalva, posted

    eine Verschwendung einfach auf den Boden. Den in den Mund nehmen das er ohne zu schlucken die Kehle hinunterschiest ist ein himmlischer Genuss

    qwertz01000, posted

    FUCK yeh. OMG watching that horse cum was awesome. I wanted to eat his cum right through the monitor. LOL. I want a horse feeding me his load.

    dude4mk9, posted

    OMG!My fantacy! i would so swallow that male horse load

    1968886, posted

    Wish I was there to get facial with that lovely stallion cum.

    mulelover, posted

    This guy must be mad to waste all that juicy thick cum!!!!! very disappointed with the guy....very HORNY clip! I wanna drink some of it!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

    paciulo, posted

    er müßte noch schlucken

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    mmm I would have drank that cum!

    gayfur91, posted

    from beast forum equine herd member utopias hot horse cum and lots of it open my mouth and say awaaaaaaa wishing my mouth could be filed by that stallion.

    ponylover333, posted

    Hottest cum shot ever!

    bobco, posted

    Fucking Delicious... what a waste my mouth would be clamped on to the end of that cock for the creamy surprise.

    cubdeluxe, posted

    im looking to lose my animal virginity, i live near iowa city IA, larry041391 at aim dot com, put "animal virgin" in the title so i dont delete ya

    richardsonl91, posted

    To those who have no idea just how difficult it is to get a horse to cum from a blowjob/handjob I have to say this guy's good!! And I loved seeing it spurt onto the ground. Great shot! I'm sure the guys belly has been full of plenty of horse jizz. This one's a keeper! Nudefarmer2 on yawho dot com Love to hear from anybody. esp yng guys

    nudefarmer, posted

    looking to lose my animal virginity, can anyone help? I am near syracuse ny

    lurch33, posted

    i love horsecum! yummy

    cumsucker33, posted

    Awesome video clip!!! Thought for sure the guy was going to get a whopping horse cum facial! I wish I was in his place.

    movieluvr, posted

    gr8 vid pity the guy didnt wasnt sucking the horse cock when he shoot his lovely load of hot com or even taken it up his arse would have finished the vid off any horse lovers from wolverhampton area let me know i want to try a horse or pony

    stevebutt109, posted

    What a waist of horse cum...... so sad

    micapadilla, posted

    that would have been one delicious load of horse cum.

    guy4horses, posted

    anyone live around arkansas hit me up just check my profile... bi curious

    loki974, posted

    ich verstehs einfach nicht, warum mann so was kostbares verschwenden muss. was gibts denn schöneres als mit zu erleben wie er kommt, und in diesem moment uns ein wunderbares geschenk macht.

    Eisbr, posted

    Any one live in Souther California(Inland Empire) or Surrounding Areas, that's has a Dog that they love doing this with, or just wants some one there to watch or Hold the Camera. I've always wanted to see something like this first hand. I've always wanted to try Sucking Horse Cock. And Watching someone get Fucked By a Huge Horse Dick. Or Fuck a Mare myself. I'm a Zoo Virgin. So any Exobisionist out there that like being watched Hit me Up, or better yet E-Mail me raymondg1980@yahoo.com

    raydog1982, posted

    Hot clip, if that had been me i would have turned around and taken that horse load in my hungry ass.

    barebacker, posted

    hey, i want to swallow that load!!!

    k9claus, posted

    Can't believe he let that yummy cum fall on the floor! I would have at least tried to swallow it.

    horsecck, posted

    That's making me hungry

    tonycub, posted

    Shame he didn't take it in his mouth...

    Qing, posted

    lekkere vent

    janwillem, posted

    I really enjoyed this video. I really like to see oral sex on stallions and also really like to see them shooting their hot white jizz. I wish the guy in this video didnt waste the cum like he did. Would have been a little better if he would of jerked it onto his face or into his mouth that would have been very hot. Horse cock has always turned me on and I would love to get my hands on one myself. Im sure it would be a lot of fun. One of my many fantasies is to be working on a horse farm with a bunch of hot ranch hands and for us all to take turns jerking and sucking all of the horses before we turn to each other and do the same, lol just one of my many twisted fantasies. Bring on the stallion videos men!!!! thanks a lot i enjoyed this one a lot.

    xmil9er, posted

    I love the head on this studs dick, and the cum shot was incredible. I really wish the guy had licked up every drop. He sucks it briefly, but expertly, and bring the horse off really well. It's all in all a good movie. I also like that the studs dick is so black and again, that head is amazing. Of course, if it were me, you'd never see the cum shot because I would not be able to resist having the stud shoot down my throat. Wonder if I can get a video of that? For the stallion who has never made physical love with a person, fellatio may be the best introduction. But even that may take a number of attempts before he gets the idea. Sit or recline beside him and press your face gently into his flanks nuzzling through his fur. Exhale slowly against his flesh so that he can feel the warmth of your breath. Repeatedly run your hand down the back of a hind leg from croup to point of hock. Sometimes curling the fingers in so that the tips and nails are all that touch him will help arouse him. If he does not drop his member, use your finger as described in masturbation. Then return to stroking his legs. Nuzzle his flank and stroke his legs until he is well extended. If several attempts at this over several days gets no results then try sucking his teats before you begin this procedure. Using the tips of your (warm) fingers gently lift the member to your lips and kiss and nibble on him. If this causes him to lose interest (it depends on the horse) then start over, and once he is again extended, grasp the shaft and take him strongly in your mouth and squeeze the shaft rhythmically. If he doesn't lose interest, kiss and nibble until he is at high excitement, and then take him strongly. The hand not around the shaft should go between his legs so that you can, with some pressure, stroke downward and massage the first chakra, or if he prefers, more gently massage his balls. This, reaching between his legs is possible only if he spreads them apart for you which they often will. Often he will find this activity exciting for only a limited time and will relax before too much is done. Once he relaxes press your face into his side and shoulder, breathing on him, talking to him, and rhythmically working your hands into his fur and flesh. (Note: I once had a Hackney stallion, too large to proceed as below, but who at this point, would often take me in his mouth and bring me to orgasm. He didn't suck, but worked me with his lips. He was probably one in a million. Don't try this at home.) Note that a small percentage of horses go absolutely wild when you take them by mouth, even the first time. You may find it appropriate to repeat the procedure in the paragraph above several times. The objective here is to arouse him to the point of his wanting to mount you. If he has never mounted you, it may be necessary for you to get on your hands and knees and crawl under him. Push your head between his front legs and then rise up enough to take his weight on your back. If he is well trained there is only slight danger of a hoof smacked against your head, but you might consider some head gear during his training phase. Take a break. Scratch him, kiss, share breath, etc. Sharing breath may be especially exciting to him if the smell of him is on your breath. Turn your bare back side to him. stand with your legs slightly apart and beg him to take you. A lot of stallions really like to be begged, and honest to god they can tell when you mean it. Bend over and back into him. Act provocative. Most likely he will mount without extending. But the act of mounting will put him in the mood. His hooves may be around your sides or he may, depending on your relative sizes, want to put them on either side of your neck. I have gotten a good whack to the side of the head by this on two occasions (very painful but no real damage), so be careful or wear head gear until you and he are adept at it. Once mounted he will likely press his teeth hard against your back, but if he is well trained he won't bite. What to do next depends on your mutual desires, his size, and your strength and gender.

    bonafideskeptic, posted

    A great video, despite the fact that it is a free vid. While the guy isn't sucking the horse for much of the vid, we do get to see an amazing sum shot. We also get to hear the horse himself, whinnying and whimpering as the guy brings him to climax. The camera is a bit shaky, but the quality is still good. Something that could have improved the movie is if the guy took some of the cum to the face, or even swallowed some of it. Still, i give it a 5, and add it to my faves.

    Guren180, posted
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