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    Man Fuck White Mare


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    The guy lick the pussy of the mare,he can't resist after to fuck her.The mare really enjoys his big cock...some cum at the end.

    Uploaded by yasanagi · Rating: 4.2 (528 votes) · 90977 views


    wow...this guy has it all: hot tongue, nice dick, big balls and a sweet hairy ass. forget the horse pussy, come and treat my waiting ass like that!

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    Beautiful pussy on her! I love it that he starts by eating that sweet cunt. I have enjoyed many mares in that way. would be great to chat with other guys who have mare and female farm animal experiences too.

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    topshelf, posted

    WOW, Very very Nice man fuck mare

    khawaji2005, posted

    Wonderful camera angle, nice banging, beautiful cock... just missing the precious sound. Was kinda dissappointed by thath

    Rayma, posted

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    bigcaboom1, posted

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    uk_horse, posted

    Great film where,s the audio!!

    cavallo, posted

    würde auch gerne mal eine stute verwöhnen, vielleicht findet sich ja jemand im raum berlin/brandenburg, der mich bei gegenseitiger sympathie mal seiner stute vorstellt^^

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    Awesome movie but where's the sound?

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    Been making love to mares all my life, and I will never understand why a man would pull out to come. The whole point is to put your seed as deeply into her as you can. The pull-out reduces the pleasure by at least half.

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    Lucky mare; I'm next daddy!

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    gerard007, posted

    I agree...great video and excellent quality. What a fortunate fellow to have such a nice pony mare too! A+

    RidersField, posted

    Godly !

    sephirot, posted

    This Man and Mare vdo is excellent.Enjoyable Qlty in every aspect is good.

    gbdc777, posted

    good job with the licking ~ loved it

    freerasta, posted

    I know how good she tastes, and how good she feels. I had one like her a while ago. Gonna have to go out and visit her again. Wonderfull piece!!

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    konjipsitipovi, posted

    O I need cum in my ass and some one to give me a blow job

    getmeoff9999, posted

    Very nice. Mare looks nice and clean as some on here are not.Love the clean trimmed man,nice cock and balls.Not to thrilled with what he is fucking,looks as if he is more worried about camera position than fucking that really nice mare's pussy....Of course it is only my opinion and everyone has one.

    philip, posted

    Well made, the guy could have done better with positioning both legs up and then screwed the mare more vigoursly, as in this porn the fast action and enthusiasm was missing. but then the compulsions of picturisation would also dictate certain positions. over all a good porn

    kuldeep18, posted

    looks fun i must say

    ABCDE06, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    Very nice. I can't wait until my opportunity to get some mare love. Horses are very sexy and their pussy smell so wonderfully musky.

    GOTTHAFEVAH, posted

    anyone 18 years or older in the DC/MD/VA area wanna play?

    dirtyslag, posted

    WOW o:

    Hrn14, posted

    anybody in manitoba with a mare i can try :p

    blahblah811, posted

    Good camera view.Made me hard.I would have liked to see the guys cum running out of the mare. God video.

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    partyboyuk, posted

    real hot; now if I were there, I'd be licking that hot mare cunt & doing a bj on that nice cock....very horny in Mtl.

    fredog51M, posted

    nice mare.. nice vid

    tydecanibal, posted

    these transitions are gay and unnecessary

    gardevoir, posted

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    gerard007, posted

    Very nice!!!!!!!!!!! i want to fuck a mare like that one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    i love watching men fuck mares...it's a real turn on... and then watching him cum after he thrusts for a few minutes... hot.

    indeep2cum, posted

    I thought it was very interesting to see him lick the mare... that was a first

    1curiousme, posted

    God id fuck this mare and lick her all day long if she was mine i would not leave her:)

    horselover192, posted

    mi piacerebbe trovare fattoria per scopare mucche vitelli

    cocco5, posted

    i wouldnt mind haveing a go with the mare

    petufo666, posted

    this is a very good video. this guy has it made. where can I find a farm that I can fuck the cows and mares as I wish?

    JabozzS, posted

    that totally was hot , it caused my cock to get rock hard , I couldnt stop from rubbing my dick as I watched and shot cum all over myself as he got off, thanks for the visual ,fucking awesome

    elwood9x6, posted

    I LOVE this awesome video. He has such a beautiful cock and a very sexy ass too. Damn. Love to eat his ass while he is fucking that pussy. would be much better if he has the sound on. Hope to see more of your videos

    chase57, posted

    super paliacate le hecho a la yeguita, muy buen video

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    omg nobody fucks the ass anymore... :(

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    this was a great movie especially when he ate her pussy

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    needed better angle

    mega_mog, posted

    Good angle, but a little glitchy. 9-10.

    Emos86, posted

    nice hot and co-opertaive mare, plz lend it to me for few days

    norman1709, posted

    Interesting specimen here, both tghe preformer and the mare. You both are fortunat, as are we for you having shared this moment of pleasure with us all.

    PIRO69, posted

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    pintoro, posted

    i so wanna do this....mmmm, mare pussy looks so yummy. i wanna taste all the sweet juices, and stick my tounge deep in her asshole....

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    really good video

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    Nice mare and nice cock too! I just shot a big fucking load!

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    very very good

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    so fucking hott

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    nthnreed, posted

    Dieser Mann ist ein echte Tierliebhaber, wirklich schön. Kaum zu glauben, dass man mit einem normalen Männerschwanz eine Stute befriedigen kann, wenn man weiß wie der vom Hengst aussieht. Hier schien es aber so zu sein. Wer in Germany / NRW fickt real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder auch mehr...?? Diskretion ist selbstverständlich!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    WOW I want your cock mister, cum looks mighty good to me, mmmmmmmm

    djw, posted

    This mare would sure likes her pussy licked as well as the man doing the licking.Then he plunges deep into her wet tight pussy with his hard cock It just makes me cum every time I watch it then he fills her full of his cum lucky lady I would do her to....

    Robblue, posted

    Rart med mand der slikker en hoppes fisse dybt, som for at sikre sig at den vil være våd nok til hans pik. Efter slikkeriet går hans pik glat ind. Handlingen ses i en god vinkel så man kan se hans pik forsigtigt bevæger sig i hoppens fisse, han åbner hende en smule op, så vi kan se den glinsende fisse. Dette er en meget god video, kvaliteten er temmelig god og slikkeriet i begyndelsen er varm. Skuddet er er tæt og klar, og man kan se, at manden har en ganske pæn pik, meget lang og hård. Hoppens fisse er fin, og ser stram ud for en hoppe der er våd. Hans fremstød starter langsomt og kærligt, men bliver hurtigere og dybere, når han kommer tæt på udløsning trækker han sig ud, så vi kan se den dejlige fisse han derefter trænger sin pik ind i igen og begynder at pumpe i hendes saftige fisse. Hvad hun ønsker er pik der knepper hende i et støt tempo. Efter et stykke tid opbygger han tempoet, og da han er tæt på at komme trækker han sig ud og skyder sin varme dampende sperm ud over hele hoppens fisse. Jeg kunne ønske at han skød sin last inde i denne dejlige fisse. Manglende lyd, men det er ligegyldigt på grund kvaliteten af denne video. Hoppen virker som hun nyder det. Flot film, og jeg håber, at han viser mange flere stald oplevelser. Filmen var virkelig god, og hoppen havde en dejlig fisse. Jeg elsker denne video.

    BFJ, posted

    This is a very good video, the quality is pretty good and the licking at the beginning is hot. The shot is up close and clear, and you can see that the man has quite a nice cock, very long and hard and twitching. The mare's pussy is nice as well, very tight for a mare and wet. There are some weird transitions in the middle but the video is still very worth the watch. His thrusts start slow and loving, but get faster and deeper when he gets close to cumming. There is a little bit of cum at the end, and he cums outside of the mare. Overall I would rate this vid a 4.5.

    xxspiritedxx, posted

    A relly great movie. Well worth watching. The pussy licking is a wonderful turn on. When the guy first inserted his dick, I thought I would cum right then. My dick jumped up to full attention. Really like the side mount on the mares back... allows for a great shot of the guys cock. Good penetration of the mares pussy. I would have tried the mares asshole also. I think that would have topped the movie off quite well. Liked the tongue in the mares pussy also. Really love the cum shot. More zoo movies need cum shots like this. Licking mare pussy is a real turn on. I loved it. You will also.

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    in this clip we see a hot stud licking a mares pussy he opens her up a bit so we can see the glistening pussy he really gives her a good licking before he rams his cock into the waiting cunt he then raises one leg so we can see his tidy shaved ballsack he pumps for a while then pulls out so we can see the pussy he then rams in his cock again and begins to give the slutty mare what she wants a real sweet fucking he pounds at a steady pace for a while then he builds up speed as he comes close to cuming he pulls out and shoots his hot steamy load all over the satisfied mares pussy

    patsy234, posted

    he missed her ass what a waist maybe next time boner.. may be let us see what the horse looks like that would be good.the horse was like eeee he he he he fuck me mother fucker ur dick aint shit i take 21 inches of hard stallion cock every day in the ass the puss and the mouth e he he he.smacke my ass fist me e he he he he toss my salad. sticks and stones may brake my bones but wipes and chains excite me maybe a little candles and roses and carrots some music a message a carrot up my ass

    dirtbagjack123, posted

    starts nice with man licking the mares pussy, then after finishing the licking he sticks his cock into the mare and fucks her untill he cums... quality wise it is pretty good... the audio is non existant how ever that doesnt matter due to the quality of this video. i personally enjoyed the movie bu was too short to let me cum... he eats the maares pussy for a short time then fucks it for the rest of the video. the mare seems like shes enjoying it how ever does not seem too tight... the man must be fucking her alot

    rateme, posted

    The video starts of with the guy licking the mare deep as to ensure it will be wet enough for his cock. After the licking his cock goes in smoothly, we see the action unfold in a great angle seeing his cock gently moving in the mare's pussy. As the video advances the moves get more vigorous, after what he blasts his load on that lovely pussy. It's a shame the end of the cumshot was cut... During the video we can see some editing and cuting, I would like to at least once see the whole movie! All in all it's a greath movie worth watching more than once. Enjoy ;)

    R3v0luti0n, posted

    The movie starts with some pussy licking by our stud (sweet pussy btw) you can see how lovley wet that mare cunt looks! I don't think any one of you guys would say no to that sweet pussy.I know that I would‘nt be able to resist rhat “honeyhole“. And after about 15-20 seconds or licking he shoves his big cock in her wet waiting pussy. you can see how much the mare loves his cock. a good fuck with a weak cumshot. it could have been better with an other camera angle and without all those annoying FX. but all in all a good movie.

    bergan, posted

    this is the first time ive ever seen a guy lick a mare pussy, it was unbelievable, and he has a nci cock too. so the movie started well and the mare had a nice pussy too and the guy had a nice dick and when he started fuckin with his leg up great view and light too. i really enjoyed his strokes and it seemed like a pretty nice guy and seems handsome as well, great barn action and i wish he wpuld make another one cause it seemed as thought the mare enjoyed it thoroly and well as the guy fuljoying himself with his companion, steller movie and i hope he makes many more barn fun for everyone and anone to enjoy. loving it, much props to u man, love it

    sexybody69, posted
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