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    Sucking My Lab Off


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    Me making my dog hard and then sucking my Labrador off and taking his cum over my face and swallowing his cum. My first video.

    Uploaded by DogcockloverBln · Rating: 4.2 (513 votes) · 48043 views


    Very Hot vid......... Real Hot Bear and K9..... What more could a guy ask for .........Would love to be in a 3some for some Hot Beastie FUN...... Hope to see more of you on here...

    k9stockysucker, posted

    16 m us

    anderalex, posted

    superfox332 KIK IL

    lored44, posted

    so freakin hott!!! made my pussy dripping wet!!

    secretfreak69, posted

    very hot bear man! hope he also fuck the dog!

    italianperv, posted

    momci, ima li koji psa ili konja?

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    i'd be smoking a cigar while watching this

    Kbottom9, posted

    Hey, 16 year old male looking for someone around the Doncaster, South Yorkshire area with a medium size dog. Owner will get to fuck me too ;3

    thejamienator, posted

    fucking hot, man...wish i could join u both

    xray69, posted

    Ohja geil ich will auch mal wieder schlucken

    Peterpul, posted

    Hi im looking for K9 sex with dog or horse im on skype -stevebutt69 or ooVoo or pumppig.com or stevo1953@ive.co.uk or stephen.fletcher69@yahoo.com or gaybeast .com or beastforum hook up and cam soon

    stevebutt109, posted

    I would love to suck him off while he sucks that lab. mm

    yorbegas, posted

    15 m us here

    anderalex, posted

    looking to try my first time, anyone on long island?

    gayboy340, posted

    Hot man

    Chayote, posted

    ohhh very nice . i love it . i love sex with animals . i am Thai ladyboy , looking sex fun with guy and animals togehter

    joysonya1, posted

    ^das vid ist immer wieder geil, würde gerne mal mit den beiden zusammen was machen ;-) ^^^^suche gleichgesinnte aus berlin.schöneberg und umgebung ^^^^

    nitrambln, posted

    OMG you and your dog are so hot...wish I could join u. Keep the videos cumming

    xray69, posted

    Damn man - you are really hot. Great body, chest, hair.... all of it. The thing that gets me going the most is a guy on his back sucking a dog cock too. Great video. Would love to see you in more of them.

    tonkatruck66, posted

    nice to see the face of a guy while it's playing with animals!

    italianperv, posted

    My favourite that I have seen so far – this guy is hot as fuck and I wouldn’t say no to a go of his dog. Would be great to ride the bears cock and get my tongue up the dog’s arsehole as he sucks on its cock!

    Dogcumdump69, posted

    That guy is hot i would like a 3 way -skype me -stevebutt69

    stevebutt109, posted

    looking for a gay male that will send me videos thm giving there dog blow job my phone number is 917-562-5230

    coolj4456, posted

    any one near montréal? :) msg me ^^

    Madmarc, posted

    UK Scottish guy message me for chats and meet

    wild_wet, posted

    geil, gerne euch beiden die kolben leer saugen wollen ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    The guy is fucking hot ... he wanked the dogs cock good and hard ... sucked it like a pro .. awesome video ... got me really hard ...

    lazarusheights, posted

    hey. 19, wm, gay, in SC. hmu

    eriked86, posted

    lekker geil mannetje

    Southboy89, posted

    zonder meer heerlijke sex

    gerard007, posted

    Any OLD DIRTY MEN MESSAGE ME!! 27 female here! horny and wet talk fucking dirty to me!!!

    iriebliss, posted

    Fuck the dog, no pun intended, HOLY FUCK THIS GUY IS HOT!

    Oynx, posted

    lucky guys!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    nddr schmeckt soo gut :-)......hat emand Yk?....würde gerne malzushen....contact me....

    GDOGFAN, posted

    now that's what I like to see. honest and open....very nice. Dude, you are one hot looking bear....hit me up!

    seatlman, posted

    woof i like that bear dude and his dog too woof love seeing him sucking his lab's cock woof need more o fhim if anyone knows where this bear dude lives he can email me at wanttobemounted@aol.com ........woof woof i would love to play with bear dude too and his dog too woof hoped othear great video naked warm hugz & lickz bobby

    gayk9lover50, posted


    sport72, posted

    Don't feed the troll known as gaykiller23.

    horsecock84, posted

    you guys are effin gay .

    GayKiller23, posted

    Real men show their faces. "Awesome" vote for that alone. Sexy bearded bear dude suckin' off a sexy dog. Fuck yeah.

    guy4horses, posted

    You are HOT dude! truly awesome

    love2suckdogs, posted

    Man, you both are fuckin hot :)

    griffingregory, posted

    While I am a pretty obedient bitch and prefer to allow a horny stud dog to mount me, if I can I DO love pleasuring myself by sucking off a sexy dog bone! Delicious! k9bottom@hushmail.com

    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

    Awesome vid ! I hope you make many, many more ! There's nothing better than a nice dog cock, no matter which hole it goes in : )

    wildwolf69, posted

    a beautiful thing, truly

    MrWrite2, posted

    Hot bear giving a great blow job!!!

    fr13036, posted

    nice m8 great vid

    gayza, posted

    you should go in Hungary and make animal porn movies.You will be a star

    domaslava, posted

    i wanna teach you how to do this!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Aww poor dog, he looks really uncomfortable.

    haabkeith, posted

    got me flowing like a fountain, yummy

    flguy65, posted


    Willem4, posted

    holy fuck i just bussted 2 nts

    iiiiiii500, posted


    xms2012, posted

    Schon verdammt scharf der Clip... würde gerne auch erst dem Hund seinen Kolben leer saugen und anschließend noch seinem Herrchen...

    k9claus, posted

    dsmn your hot Id let u suck my dick or Id suck u

    larryj1263, posted

    14 and ready to lose my virginty to anything with a cock! anyone near grand rapids, michigan message me please!!!

    david4914, posted

    im 15 i would

    imight69her, posted

    will people.. if I can call them that.. stop referring to their age as 14 or even 18, this site is weird enough without any more legal hasssles>

    horseryder, posted

    im 14 and ready to loose my virginity in both holes to anything with a cock message me

    david4914, posted

    immer wieder geil euch zuzusehen,möchte auch mal wieder

    nitrambln, posted

    wish that was me sucking and getting that cum

    Gutterboy, posted

    nice dog, pitty he's not at my home hr van cum in me anytime

    chubbyladie, posted

    im 15 and rlly want some dick any age msg mee plssss

    hihh, posted

    que guapo es el oso mmm

    maki20, posted

    Mmmmmmmmm fucking hot! I'd love the chance to suck both of you off.

    keristal1, posted

    Great Bear n dog..... Horny as hell. Be good to see dog fuck bloke.Hope you upload more mate.

    WalkinFarmer, posted

    oh super!! j'aieu la chance de sucer un chien c'est super je voudrai trouver des amis pour partager les memes plaisirs bises

    ligny, posted

    sehe es wieder macht mich immer an...würde gerne mit euch beiden ;-)

    nitrambln, posted

    Am 16 and from manchester they have a dog iwouldlove to try it outfor a first time and a husky would be great<3message me

    Madaraobi, posted

    hot! im a TN girl. any TN guys wanna fuck? chat?

    evonnem, posted

    love dog sex videos. im a TN girl. any TN guys wanna fuck? chat?

    evonnem, posted

    Dog's tail is stiff as a board = he isn't enjoying it...

    jimbob5656, posted

    das ist wieder mal so geil,möchte euch beide blasen

    nitrambln, posted

    I have got dogs thrusting in less seconds and panting trying to jump on my ass...this guy does NOT understand his dog's needs and doesn't know how to get the dog horny at all. Not only that, why show the back end of the dog if ur going to do a jack off/ blowjob video? Makes more sense to position the pooch on the side so we can see him getting hard and horny...That dogs cock disapeared inside his sheath straight after the lick job - proof he doesnt know anything about satisfying ur dog...or just isnt showing it to us :P

    marylasher122, posted

    I agree with cyberwolfer.........The man really doesn't know how to suck a dog off. He doesn't even know how to jack a dog! "If you don't know how to even do it right,then don't do it at all"...

    dna1267, posted

    Really poor video. Fat man who don't know how to jerk off his dog correctly and the dog obviously don't like it...

    CyberWolfy, posted

    You are the sexiest man I've seen on this site! How you suck that dog is extremely hot, too! Will you marry me? ;)

    Itsacookie, posted

    Not too impressed with the guys looks but was impressed with the way he sucked his dog off that was hot! I had to suck my boy off after watching this

    sizeitup30, posted

    hätte ich auch bock drauf

    nitrambln, posted

    Wow. Any guys in South Africa into K9's ? bigpa@webmail.co.za

    bigpa, posted

    make more videos! So hot! I want to suck both of you off!

    boyandhishorse, posted

    what a beautiful video,beautiful men with his dog, I would have liked to be there with them, exquisite kiss for both.

    rubenc, posted

    One of the best videos on here.

    torguy4k9, posted

    damn you are both so hot i want you both to rape me!

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    hat can send one of his films skype? nick alexsunmen. will zoosex

    sunmen, posted

    wow, i would like to suck the dog too...

    Germanbeastguy, posted

    Both handsome beasts. The puppy look like such a virgin:3

    Underage4men, posted

    wow..hum....ces bon sucer une queue de chien..hum..:P

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    so geil

    nitrambln, posted

    uuuhhh....dude that's so fuckin hot!!! great vid - do more

    holover, posted

    lucky dog :-))

    skindeprav, posted

    That was awesome man. I'd like to be sucking the man as he's sucking the lab. Can't wait for your second dude.

    cbmec50, posted

    so great and sexy !! thx a lot !!!!!

    wacken, posted

    •Aluzky• I agree with @deepsix, That dog is submissive/frightened and not interested in sex, he is not even hard. Either your dog is too young or is not interested in sex with humans. Try again when your dog is really begging for a handjob and when he is hard and cumming in your mouth.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    for en deilig film jeg elker den den skulle vært lengre kasper34

    kasper34, posted


    freesecond, posted

    I love watching this guys suck his buds cock. Wish we could do a 3some! HOT

    curiousity1, posted

    the guy is so fucking hot he gets my cock rock hard wish there were shots of him stroking his cock but sure wish i was that dog love to play with the both of them

    hairybear2039, posted

    nice dude,love to be in that movie

    dogsmakemehard, posted

    in alabama, love dog cock! and body want to share with me? tonynbham33@yahoo.com

    tonysucker, posted

    Hot video, makes me want to cum. Hot guy with hot dog. Hope to see much more of them.

    Doglover2010, posted

    Best video on here. Simply awesome.

    wjay, posted

    Hot video love how he kept licking the tip to stimulate the dog into cumming more.

    dude4mk9, posted

    beautyfull guy and dog, I'd like to b with u and do it with both.

    barnsex, posted

    um, nice try but FAIL. Dog is frightened and doesn't even get hard. The only reason he's got a semi-erection is because his dick is being gripped behind the knot. Sorry. I hope you two get better at it. He needs some reassurance and some excitement before you start manhandling his goodies.

    deepsix, posted

    I love this movie I would suck your cock well you suck his.. very nice

    Jessbeastlove24, posted

    I'd love for him to suck my uncut dick off. Wish I could have seen him pumping his own dick while he was enjoying himself sucking his lab.

    hrymnws, posted

    makes me so wet! if u wanna buy my wet panties message me on aysha_baby@live.co.uk u get my underwear + a photo of me playin with myself in them x

    manbearpigss, posted

    hot bj. wish be there to suck ata sime time...

    zoo-pt, posted

    fucking sexy!!!! someone please message me something naughty ;)

    ufuckwhileisuck, posted

    could be very hot if you could see all the actiom

    loking2plynow, posted


    griffingregory, posted


    somporn, posted

    ::WOOF:: hot bear with dog!

    k9boy3, posted

    Very sexy! Hot guy and great sound quality. Please give us another where we can see your cock too!

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    hot i suck my lab all the time

    imskul, posted

    sso hot. loved it.

    fritze1, posted

    Hot as fuck. Reminds me of what I used to do with the family Weinmeraner. Wait until my parents left me alone with him in the house. Would take him in my room and then take a doggie load down my throat. Makes me want to cum just thinking of it. Great vid!!

    J2609, posted

    damn, what a great bj... luv seeing a male servicing another, no matter what kind of males they are... :P

    snooooping, posted

    Very hot vid, hope to see more.

    Doglover2010, posted

    weet je iemand die dit doet ik zou dit wel eens willen uitproberen mail mij op kangeroe60@hotmail.com aub groetjes

    kangeroe, posted

    thats hot, someone have hot stories or something contact me!

    tomerkens, posted

    excelent video, yeeees

    willmo, posted

    wow, the guy is hot, would love to have fun with both.

    Doglover2010, posted

    That was hot! jacking off and sucking the dog's cock....wish I could see the guy's cock too or have the dog suck him, too. WOW

    sebastianamore, posted

    it's too short

    freyage, posted

    wow you are fit mate would love to join in

    hardy1979, posted

    horny... love to try that for real, any UK guys who can help me out, give me a shout...

    fitwelshsub, posted

    WooF! You are both so hot - what a sexy clip! Love to rub beards with you!

    tonycub, posted

    damn the guy is a gorgeous bear and the dog has such a nice cock. sure would love to get together with both of them and have some fun.

    hairybear2039, posted

    this vid was so hot good looking bear and his dog my ultimate fantasy to join in with them would love to have a partner like the guy in the vid grrrrrrr

    daneboy2, posted

    good vid

    masterslayer, posted

    His first cellmate was a golden retriever and old habits die hard I guess

    tonktaf, posted

    wow, would love to have a guy like you x3

    beardude, posted

    Very hot. Sweet lab and a hot guy ... perfect combination.

    maxguevarra, posted

    ::WOOF:: beautiful vid boss

    k9boy3, posted

    this is another fatass fucking a dog..not a hot vid,nd this site is whack,most vidz that r hot u cant see nd only a few are sexxi young cute guys sighh

    kinkybastard21, posted

    FANTASTIC !!! Lucky little lab you've got there.

    snakeman76, posted

    HOT you are! Damn, I want to meet you.

    beefbeast, posted

    this vid is hot! nice bear and his k9! Wanna see more please!

    riscaboi, posted

    Super hot vid! Can't wait to see more of you two hot buddies. Keep the hot vids cummin. Great sound and camera work9 Esp. for the first time)! Thanx 4 sharing, buddy! U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

    mikeycantor, posted

    You are both too fucking hot!!!

    griffingregory, posted

    wanna watch you suck your dog off... make him cum all over you

    deedee333, posted

    Awesome video would love to join you guys for some beastie fun!! You are a sexy bear and you buddy looks like a lot of fun. Quite sure we could have an awesome animalistic weekend sucking and breeding all weekend long. Love it when you look at the cam to make sure you getting the shot while you are throating his tool and swallowing his seed. Yeah Yeah bet you are a hot piggy bear. Let get up and have some doggie fun and orgy. love getting my hole rimmed, fisted, and knotted and bred by humans, and canine. love your hairy body as well like a hairy well endowed man that is into beast like yourself

    jock4doggiecock, posted

    sweet little clip good to see a man going down on his pet the sweet strocks of the dogs cock sliding in and out of his mouth almost made me cum left me wanting more. the way he jacked his dog got him hard and let the dog mount his mouth mmmmmmmmm sooooo sweet wish it would of shown dag cumming real turn on loved it want to see more . more men need to try this and post its a true turn on any man out there agree????? true turn on want to see more ..... so just do it be yourself suck off your dog your horse your cat your pig just suck it guys we love it

    blueridgegirl, posted

    Ohhh man this make me fucking horny, I had once a Belgian Shepherd fucking handsome and I loved doing the same thing as you and your dogfriend, he had suck a great dick and everyday I milked him with my hand and mouth. The feel of his furry dick growing bigger in my hand and in the end he would tremble of pleasure just for me, unfortunately he couldn't bear the age... There is a man in a Brazilian gay webchat who ever log in nicknamed "H quer dar para dog" one day I invited him to met my dog and I let him be knoted by it, please forgive my crap english.

    CristianoBee, posted

    ya!!! alright! just cant explain how badass this is, the kind of shit you wait your WHOOOOOOOOOO O O O O O O O OO O O O O O OO OO OOOO O O OO O O OO OO O OO O OO O OO O O O OO O OO OOO O OO OO OOO OO OO le life to get done a a a a a a a a a a l l l ll l l l l l l l l l r r r r r r r r r ri i i i i i i i i i i i g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g g g g g t t t t t t t t tt t t t t t t t t t t

    superrusty, posted

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    Adimak, posted

    it was a hot film..considering that it did not show the dogs cock very well at all..i could imagine it in my hot wet mouth..sucking it and feeling my tongue roaming around it..trying to slide the tip of my tongue up the slit of its hot penis..i for one would show that dick love..kissing it..suckling it..shit man show that dog how much you are craving his dick..let it know that you want to please him..i would grab that thing below its knot and not let it go until it came on my face..if there is any one out there that can help me out with my visions of making love to any animal cock get in touch with me..

    angelica39, posted

    it was a hot piece..unfortunately one could only imagine..it would have been great to see that dogs dick..to have him taking it into his hot mouth..holding it just below the knot and letting the camera get a close up as his mouth opens to take in the head and to lick around the slit..give me that fucking cock and i would make love to it..take a little advise and put your heart and soul in to it..fucking take that dick like it is your last chance..anyone that can help me out..i am craving some dog dick..hell give me a horse..now that would be fun to play with..any animal cock or pussy..man get in touch with me..

    angelica39, posted

    i found it to be extremley hot..trouble with the fiming..to dark.you could see the guy sucking the dick..but it wasn't in focus..i could....feel my own dick being sucked..i want to see that dog dick being gappled up.. otherwise he should have shown more attetnion to the dick..give it a kissing.. let us see how much you want it in your mouth..take it all the way in and suckle on it like you want all of its fluids to flow down your throut..i can envision being sucked on at the same time..go for it man that was a great piece..............i would love to have the chance to display myself sucking that dog dick off..link me up with other's inmy location

    angelica39, posted

    What an amazing video! This movie starts with the beautiful bear stroking the black lab's gorgeous cock. While he strokes it's cock, he rubs the dogs back. As the dog's cock gets rock hard, he moves under the dog and puts the rock hard dog dick in his mouth. He moves the dog's leg out of the way so you can see the amazing doggy cock being licked and sucked. By halfway through the man starts masturbating while he licks and sucks on the huge doggy cock. The dog is obviously enjoying it because he starts to cum within a minute of being blown. The dog blows his hot load in the mans mouth and he swallows every last drop of the warm doggy cum. At the end, he sits up and turns off the camera. It would've been a great addition if he would've let the dog fuck his tight bear hole. Overall, the video is absolutely amazing. My cock was throbbing by the time the dog started blowing his load. An amazing video, definitely a must see!

    mirage6195, posted

    This hot Fucker knows how to suck cock! And the fact he shows his face rather than hide it makes me proud to be a beasty! He's a big guy with hot tatts. Makes me wanna go down on him while he services his hot Lab and then swap on servicing the lab. The Lab loves his bitch. Smiling the entire time. The trucker is in 9'r heaven as he teases and coaxes the cum out of the Labs worshiped cock. You can tell they've done this before. Both are relaxed and happy. Hope to see more from this pair. ~sfwolfie

    sfwolfie, posted
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