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    Dog Sucks Man's Dick And Drinks Cum


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    My dog sucks my dick anxiously and really likes to swallow it every time I let him do it. When I am alone he really knows how to confort me.

    Uploaded by siulsert · Rating: 3.8 (150 votes) · 123696 views


    I'm in Winston Salem looking for friends to get up with.

    Iwaanadawg, posted

    nice dog man!!!!

    babypet3, posted

    Male bisexual looking to chat and maybe trade pics ^_^ Feeling very horny will tell age through message, would love it if people messaged me, hope to see you soon ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    im 14 and i wanna fuck my dog but people in the house...any1 got any tips

    GhostGunner19, posted

    Now that dog likes dick. Me to. Any guys near Winston Salem want to hook up? wet1intriad@yahoo.com

    wet1intriad, posted

    hey have you every got her to like actully suck the the dick I mean not lick but suck because I got my dog to do that :D

    jojomofo15, posted

    •Aluzky• Human cum has 5 calories :D

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Anybody who has storys of stuff like this message me to share them

    arcaviouse, posted

    Im a 15 y/o boy living in PA. I want someone inside of my tight virgin hole, sound fun? Message me ;)

    Iwanttogetlaid, posted

    I really enjoyed this clip! When I had access to a dog, I would beat-off then slurp it up. I would open my mouth and let the dog lick it out. Then, I suck the dog and stay down for several minutes until the dog stopped cumming. Those were fun times. I don't have access to a dog now.

    boxsniffer, posted

    Dick juice, nothing better from man or animal.

    boxsniffer, posted


    bitchlover88, posted

    fuck id love to suck his cock off.

    mydogsissy, posted

    VERY HOT !!!!!! Anyone in colorado interested in the same contact me

    dogsluvcum, posted

    NICE FUCKING COCK, MAN! Look me up on F A C B O O K. Tommy Boyd Leicester, NC 28748

    HenryDucky, posted


    bunnymaxwell, posted


    eroticbeast, posted

    wow, what did you put on your dick?

    germansherperd, posted

    Looking to do dog someone help in London zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    na der junge weis halt was schmeckt....zu geil :-)

    GDOGFAN, posted


    roriek01, posted

    VERY VERY VERY HOTTTT!!! My pussy is throbbing!

    makemesohot2010, posted

    [17.10.2010-01:59] Geiler Lecker !!!!

    PetOlli, posted

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    ohpe, posted

    Now that was one happy & energetic dog - getting all the cock it wanted! Would love to have seen a little cum being licked. That dog loves to lick cock & ridge as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ridgerider, posted

    Had a poddle do the same to me.... she was a good licker ..... like this dogie HOT!

    swallowall, posted

    i want to lick his hot cock

    blablabla, posted

    I hope your cute dog gets to lick cock every day!!!

    gorgik9, posted

    I'd be glad to take your dogs place if you ever need a new mouth.

    Gotcum, posted

    Reminds me when I had my poddle... she loved to drink my cum.... I get hard just thinking about it......

    swallowall, posted

    wish someone help do it all , heathrow zuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    ..some idiots dont know the diff. between suck and lick...

    bf90rono, posted

    he really wants his protein huh ^_^

    hefadog77, posted

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    orcoddio, posted

    watch as an cute eager dog licks and nibbles its master. licking as fast as it can knowing the tasty treat he is a bout to receive. as the man jacks off the dog is even more excited to help please. and when he lets go of his cock the dog knows thats when its time to finish as he hastily licks the penis trying to get that sweet nectar out of it that its been waiting for and when the man finally cums the dog quickly licks up the juices hes been waiting for knowing he did a good job he enjoys ever last drop n cleans hes master up well not leaving any behind

    meiscool, posted
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