• i know the resolution is bad but this was my one of my first vids, please comment thats what keeps me posting my vids. please comment on my dick !!!!

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    beautiful cock and balls

    pibull26, posted

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    katniss007, posted

    how do i get my neutered dog to fuck me? Anytime i go to rub his cock he growls at me.. :(

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    •Aluzky• She doesn't lick you clean?

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    I love the cumshot, thanks! Very hot!

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    JoshyAulder, posted

    Love the closeup of the dogs tongue on the cock head and ridge! Looks like it would feel soooo good. Nice jack off too - would love to have seen the dog sniff and lick the cum!!!

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    Nice, but the dog should have his treat of cum!

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    nice vid a rim video would be cool

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    DOGGYYUM, posted

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    In this video, a hot black lab lick's peanut butter off his owner's dick. A very hot video with a huge cumshot at the end. I wish that the dog was still there at the end to help clean up her master's mess, though. Sound would have been nice as well. I would have loved to hear that doggy lapping up the cummy peanut butter. I do feel that this particular video is not quite as good as the previously uploaded. Despite that, it was rather good. Overall, I give this video a 4 out of 5. Very nice video, man and keep uploading.

    MK3121, posted

    Once again a really good video; the dog hungrily licks his owner's cock, using peanut butter. We get a closeup of the head of the cock as the owner's dog moves his tongue across it, being the faithful dog it is. At the end the man jerks himself off and cums as a finish. The only complain is that we only wish that the dog was still there to lap it up. Though not as good compared to its previous videos by the user, it still delivers. The videos in the user's collection as a whole delivers, and in the end, becomes a very hot collage of videos to watch.

    gayhorsesexsex, posted
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