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    Sheep Doll


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    Man fucking his doll when he is alone. It's not a real one but he enjoys it and then he cums. Turns off the music it's very annoying.

    Uploaded by revan974 · Rating: 2.2 (94 votes) · 15472 views


    Young Gay guy here, 17, kik is daveravebathe. Willing to trade pics.

    ImNewHereGuys, posted

    that big sheep doll. i hqave one not that big

    crocuta69, posted


    DoubleDude, posted

    24 year old guy looking for younger twinks to skype add me downincork

    hornyasscock, posted

    If anyone masterbated to this, i am scared of them.

    Anthony15601, posted

    18 bi m here looking to talk, trade vids, and be friends on Skype :) pm me if interested

    RayRay18, posted

    All things considered I'd cum into that doll too - if nothing better was around. Invite me over! :-)

    farmpoker, posted

    i wish there is a man in melbourne fl. willing 2 let me be his bitch 4 him & his dog. & take both of thier loads & the dogs knot.

    boatman6969, posted

    Look at my profile maybe msg me ^^

    Young_one_64, posted

    you are fucking gay this is aluzky

    joemomma12, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Kkkk olha como é pequeno o pinto dele

    abylitset, posted

    Ahhhh....rsrrsrs que meigo!!!

    karmem, posted

    fjhlidufylnviogurtnvjufrioaofijur nbvsoifgoufdyithythudedruithririythhsniritynhgndsohgfhs;pdoundtspoirjt ncw nsjierope vdryhgsdiufhse nvac;ofijnerticafaeriyjrtyinmoihyjtoipynmcaoitunreiyunv;ortmcqet

    lickalot79, posted

    Wow..Just wow..

    rapiddover, posted

    i want in X)

    haloface, posted

    W T F

    lindzey, posted

    this sucked

    inuyasha86, posted

    any1 in Az into animal sex ? id like to try, any1 have any to share ?

    camarodude502, posted

    ewe suck

    stevenc181, posted

    •Aluzky• This is not bestiality...

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    The song is Eple by Royksopp; credit should be given. Also, this song might be ruined for me. It just doesn't fit the video.

    xxx000xxx, posted

    aww I think the sheep is cute.. with it lil garter belt on

    shirin.anton, posted

    no body wanted to see ur hand at end

    thetimeisright, posted

    well I'd scuck the cum out of him anyday I live in mira loma ca. so lets do it.

    pbdawabbit, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    he's fucked up on drugs.........

    mydogsissy, posted

    mmmm id take or do it

    bootedskinhead, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstown in message me if u wanna burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    another freak of nature.

    mydogsissy, posted

    What a waste of a nice cock.

    birich, posted

    Waste of time...

    coksucker0687, posted

    To dogbj, not everyone have access to a sheep...so he is fucking a sheep doll...it doesnt mean he is ugly.. are you that ignorant? There are plenty of men who fuck women blow up dolls..and they arent ugly. its just another type of masturbation.

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    this dude must be fuck ugly if hes fucking a doll?

    dogbj, posted

    add me ilovedirtystuff@live.co.uk

    mefuckdogme, posted

    I helvete, Røyksopp er så jævlig digg!!!

    12272499, posted

    ok here is a question. I there something in the sheeps hole that makes it feel better?

    Londontower96, posted

    fuck! I love Röyksopp!

    cosmic_girl, posted

    hey dude there's a new toy coming out for christmas this year. it's called "Fuck Me Elmo." check it out.

    tonktaf, posted


    ravenlorans, posted

    podre...arruma uma ovelha de verdade ai sim ia ser uma boa zoofilia e nao esse troço ai...:p

    mafagafo, posted

    His skills at fucking are great. Using real animal would make movie better.

    Sasha04, posted


    JOSMA_19, posted

    he should make a video like this only with the blow up cow that moo's while you fuck her x33

    Fox1123, posted

    haha thats new Hey if anyone is new to beastiality and needs help i am here to help. Just send me an email if you would like hints tips and tricks. Just email me at BeastyFriends@gmail.com

    BeastyFriends, posted

    That man can Fuck! Maybe a real sheep next time. Send me a message if you do it!

    balloonguyaz, posted

    what a complete load of horse shit.

    glarboid, posted

    Kinky, but annoying music. Coulda gone crazier. It is a doll, y'know. But its a good effort. I liked the funny snm patterns on the sheep. Sheep are always hilarious. Moreso when they're getting screwed. Just not to this music. If i were making this vid I would of set the back drop to look like a barn or a farm or something. The guys living room does give it a more real feeling, but it looks like he was trying to do it while "someone" was away at the grocery store or something. That in and of itself is pretty hot to a degree. we all appreciate the "rush" of getting walked in on while freakin.

    jasshole, posted

    This was a very interesting vid, it's the only one I have ever seen with an animal sex doll. I didn't even know they made those kind of dolls, I've only seen the human kind. The vid starts off with the guy penetrating the doll with his long, hard, smooth cock nice and slow. As the vid progresses, he speeds up until he pulls out and shoots his cum all over the back of the doll. This isn't the kind of vid that really gets me going, i prefer the real thing of course, but there's always something for everyone out there.

    texasranger1015, posted

    This video is a very nice home movie of a man having sex with his blow up sheep doll. He stands it up on his coffee table in great view of the camera, and slides his cock in and out of it for several minutes. I really liked seeing him slide it back and forth on his large dick. The man changes the speed of his fucking from a normal mid speed pace to really fast and hard. He alternates between the two at various times and seems to enjoy himself. The last part of the video consists of him pulling his cock out of the sheep doll, and shooting his load onto it's back. I have only one small problem with the video, and that is the lack of good sound in it, and the presence of some rather silly music. Overall, I think that this is a very hot video, and I enjoyed watching it a great deal.

    TwiztidJ, posted
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