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    Mini Mare Taking It


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    Newest video of me fucking my mini mare. This time there is not as much background noise. She has a really nice pussy and she's always willing to take cock. Hope you enjoy

    Uploaded by Baelthuz · Rating: 4.4 (254 votes) · 53999 views


    Such dringend gleichgesinnte mit einer hündin, einer stute, ein kalb oder einer kuh. am liebsten mag ich stuten, pony oder esel stuten... wer kann mir helfen...mein letzter tier fick ist schon sehr lange her...

    coolwichser, posted

    Such a sexy girl. You two seem to make a great couple!

    RidersField, posted

    I really need to fuck her. Please... could I fuck her cunt and bum??

    wfootfuck7, posted

    Straight couple in our 20s, NJ area. She wants to watch me have my first REAL time with an animal. We can come to you. Can you help make our fantasy come true? :)

    topshelf, posted

    more of a dog person myself.......but this vid...could turn me!....Mmmmm

    subsmif, posted

    wow so looks like she enjoy you fucking her

    rgw3, posted

    15 year old girl will do anything email me at abby4569@gmail.com in the suj box put hot&sexy

    dogrfun1997, posted

    dude,,id pay you to let me pound my load up in that little pussy

    crambone, posted

    A buceta dela pareçe ser bem apertada e quente...

    waldl32, posted

    Supergeil :>)

    capricornus, posted

    Thank god not more rooster. Do you live in the North West of Washington state? I want to fuck a nice mare but I dont have access to any here.

    kazeoni, posted

    Great show as usual. You have a hot body & beautiful cock and know how to fuck her good. Such a lucky mare! Please show cum in a new show. Your are #1!

    Allenhigala, posted

    Hot Cock Stud!

    furjack, posted

    I wish I ad her pussy between my legs, and his dick was in it.

    bredmare, posted


    achivob, posted

    Hey dude, I love watching your vids on here of you fucking your mini mare in her tight wet pussy. It looks so good. You are really lucky to have a willing mini mare that lets you fuck her every day. How many times a day do you fuck her? You have a huge thick un-cut cock and it looks like it fits her pussy perfectly. Have you ever fucked her in her ass before? I bet her ass is tighter than her pussy. You look really sexy too in your vids on here. Please make some more vids soon of you fucking your sexy mini-mare. I give you a 10 out of a 10 for you vids on here.

    macholibre1979, posted

    Really enjoyed this vid. The guy has a nice bod and a very nice tool. Would've been nice to see him cum, but it's good nonetheless. There's a lot of good thrusting action and you can hear the yummy sounds of that nice wet mare pussy as he fucks her hard. This is a very lucky mare, and a lucky guy at that. Wish I had a beastie like that to have some sexy fun with, and I don't mean the horse. I would definitely love to see more. And hear more. I love that wet squelching sound as he slides his cock in and out, in and out of that hot mare cunt

    foxyfurry91, posted

    This video is so hot. We see a man thrusting his big cock inside this tight little mini mare. He's holding her tail so that we can get a better view. The sound is excellent and you can hear how his cock moves in and out of that wet little pussy. You can see that the mare is also enjoying the fuck. She has a really beatiful combination of pussy and ass. Only con is that there's no cum at the end and I would've liked the video to be longer. All in all this set of his mini mare is totally worth waching. Made me cum.

    90mies90, posted
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