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    Fucking Great Dane Pussy


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    Guy fucking great dane on her back.Pounding her with his Big cock and into warm tight nice pink pussy. She takes every inch of his cock! Yummy

    Uploaded by k9biguy2266 · Rating: 4.3 (661 votes) · 164294 views


    There is not resistance from the dog because he is holding her down this is some sick shit

    arotella, posted

    what a lovely long shaft youhave- and what abeautiful place to slide it

    jrpa, posted

    i love your video. make more

    sweetthing, posted

    man that is so good. wish you was hitting it harder

    relldre, posted

    kuken gick fint i den sköna tikfittan

    A-Z07, posted

    long shaft in

    jrpa, posted

    wer kann mir im raum odenwald eine pony stute, hündin,esel,kuh, kalb und stuten zur verfügung stellen

    coolwichser, posted

    Fucking Great Dane Pussy

    www.petsex.com, posted

    I wish i can see it live

    karbody, posted

    i blow my load just looking at the dane pink pussy

    sheepmann69, posted

    I wish i can see it live

    Marina1, posted

    nice work

    felafel, posted

    Wish I was the dane... i want a cock in my ass so bad.. 16 yo from ohio, bottom guy

    jimothythither, posted

    like minded in California...message me

    intheaair, posted

    wow...you know how to fuck a pussy right. would love to watch you cum

    menindogs, posted

    Mn 16 male....trying to get some dog pussy message me if your open

    doglover12111, posted

    damm man anyone got a dane in australia so i can eat and have a go???

    rugmuncher306, posted

    beautiful...i love Dane pussy...does anyone in southern Ontario have a Dane that he would like to share? please contact me.....

    lusolatino, posted

    can anyone help me i want to fuck a female dg or get fuck iam up for anything messages me pls

    bigman777, posted


    karmem, posted

    O M G it makes me wish I was that bitch.

    melana, posted

    O M G it makes me wish I was that bitch.

    SheIsIntoIt, posted

    If anyone is in SW Wyoming and needs a film girl hit me up on here. allmessedup

    allmessedup, posted

    i watched several times. made me sooo wet!

    yguggjhkhjhjh, posted

    so nice

    HVS, posted

    Is there a longer version of this?

    AlextheKidd, posted

    •Aluzky• NO sound, bad quality, I'm pretty sure that is a pet lust video that some one recorded with a webcam from their screen. (good video would be the original video)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Thay wss hot

    siom6, posted

    wow I loved that, had to watch it twice! It made my pussy is so wet. I stroked my pussy until I made it squirt!!

    slippery_nipple, posted


    bdr55, posted

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    ligny, posted

    Vídeo muito bom. Acabei gozando, Hummmmmmm, delícia.

    marcosiq, posted

    wow.. geil, großer schwanz =)

    master_20, posted

    anyone live in boynton baech that would let me fuck there dog and mean female dog

    bigman777, posted

    i loved to see more of this awsome video.... made me cum on my self....

    toddm, posted

    That gave me a hell of a hard on

    driver57, posted

    hot vid and he's got a HOT cock...

    dwgfckr, posted


    HeyHey12222, posted


    olympia, posted

    This was a very good piece, and very inviting.

    Mike10a, posted

    nice dick

    tongong99, posted

    i dont fuck animals but im curious how does animal pussy feel

    madtrix09, posted

    ver ver nce neeed some more of that

    okletgetit, posted

    anyone in malaysia have a female dog to rent/sale for fuck

    awie, posted

    Boy that was a big long cock he was putting deep in her. either she was hot as hell in heat or she was used to getting fucked often..

    greenvalleyjoe, posted

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn he could fuck my pussy with that awesome cock..while a male dog was tagging me n my ass at the same time..

    slipandslide, posted

    veryyy good

    foforkuteira, posted

    That was totally hot the way he was so gentle with her.

    jesus20, posted

    i have a st bernard female sandy and she can take me right up to my balls im around 7 inches. nothing like a good dog with a beautiful pussy. if you want to know how i trained her from 6 weeks old, o buy the way i also got her brother samson, write me gaybeast messages fredpotts.good vedio you can tell the bitch was enjoying it cause her tail was wagging

    fredpotts, posted

    nice hot pink pussy and great long man cock

    fastdraw, posted

    I can't wait to fuck my first female dog

    BitchLover84, posted

    would love to be there watch it live

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    9705426784, posted

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    kangeroe, posted

    Awesome clip, awesome dane............

    k9fucka, posted

    big movies

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    sotsexy, posted

    I think it's great.

    suresh_lr2010, posted

    Good picture quality but no sound.

    Jiraigumo, posted

    all the movies very funny

    Ghaf, posted

    You wanna pound my pink pussy next? Dont bother cleaning up cuz Im a nast filthy whore and I wanna feel that bitches cum up inside my cunt.

    K9GangBang, posted

    Very nice thats the way my girl likes it!

    ydal, posted

    this species is one of the few that can "handle" a human dick.

    nerco, posted

    Nice box

    jesdgreat, posted

    makes me wanna go fuck my rottie bitch

    dogboyjim, posted

    Nice vid. Any place in Mumbai where I can fuck a female dog?

    desaiardeshir, posted

    would be nice if these vids would show more of the dog sometimes.

    furry666, posted

    he gotta a nice cock too. mmmmmmmmmm

    asslick5, posted

    oops, this made me shoot on my key board!

    1234g, posted

    I had a dane for 10 years what a great pussy she had!

    ydal, posted

    yup, whata fat fuck

    jefff112, posted

    Pretty fucking hot

    yuxiaohai, posted

    anyone in indiana with a girl dog I can fuck?

    justwantingsex, posted

    that is soo hot

    thepacked101, posted

    Wunderschön wie der Schwanz in die Hundefotze passt und fickt. Wer hilft mir in Germany / NRW sowas auch zu sehen, oder zu machen? Bitte schreibt mir!

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    Anyone in the Southern Ca. area in San Fernando?

    studlymscl, posted

    thats nice

    th3guard1an2010, posted

    can I eat her when you are finished?

    Reddy4more, posted


    animalka_66, posted

    I think it's great.

    cybrella39, posted

    mmmm very nice, makes me hot

    JessiMom, posted

    I love it !!!!!

    wolffucker, posted

    I must say, Pretty fucking hot

    wagamanel, posted

    I wouldn't exactly call this a 'pounding'.. I was expecting some hardcore fucking. However, it's still amazing! I had no idea a dog could take a cock that long and thick!

    squirt12345, posted

    no sound but nice fuck

    floridaboy, posted

    nice fuck!

    Prasak, posted

    looking for anyone in the DC/MD/VA area

    dirtyslag, posted

    isnt the video reviewer guy such a mood killer. i mean you can really see him sitting there wanking while reviewing these videos... horrible!

    swinto538, posted

    anyone with dog/bitch/mare/stalion to share in UK? jammienight@yahoo.com

    jammienight, posted

    Oh wow, now that is hot! Mmmmmm, watching him fuck that pussy slowly wowowowowow

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    woow lol xd

    sasuke-chan, posted

    yea fuck that pussy as hard you can next time =] read my profile

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    würde ich auch gerne

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    doc12345, posted

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    djb123, posted

    Thats a GREAT cock!

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    bestialitymen, posted

    ...just awesome...she has got to be one Happy great dane......nice cock!

    fredog51M, posted

    This movie is a little grainy in quality but other than that it is pretty good. I love how he takes his time in the beginning with his big cock. I am sure it was because the Dane was so tight. His slow thrusts are what make this video worth watching. You can just feel the pleasure that is shared between them. I wanted to let this guy fuck me as well after watching the video. But I guess I will just have to be satisfied with watching this video over and over again. I do not think I will ever decide to venture out and have sex with a Dan myself but this video is definitely tempting.

    homosapien77, posted

    omg he was in dat shit yeah keep it coming i love that mare to keep the movies coming. are there more movies like dat? i cant wait to see more moives like dat. Are their other movies like this one. that pussy was wet. ill tell my friends about this site.it is really cool. i give you a three star status.this site make me want more.i hope that ill get to see more dogs and shit getting fucked cuz right now you got me horny as hell and i dont want this shit to end its fucking awsome!

    pony66, posted

    A man fucks a beautiful female great dane. Almost seems like a human at first, the pussy looks so nice and inviting. But as the camera pans out it's a very laid back bitch. I love how bare and smoothe the dog's belly is, makes it very sexy. No resistance from the pup, must love the man's rock hard junk inside her. The man thrusts into the warm pink pussy of the bitch dane,in and out, in and out, very slowly, enjoying every second of it. I only wish this video was longer and more detailed! For sure one of the hotter videos here on petsex.

    ra1571, posted

    Wow... I'm At A Loss for words The Fact That The BEAUTIFULL Dane Didn't even flinch at the fact of you inserting your Hard cock into her Tight snatch is amazing! Man i would wreck that Tight Pink Dog pussy! AT First i thought it was a woman but then the camera pans out and shows that beautiful beast! Reminds me of the time when i fucked my first dog she was SO Horny she was begging for my throbbing cock, (she was in heat) so i fucked her like no other then i quickly slid out and came all in her mouth and lips, she licked every drop! and she even cleaned me up!

    kailmanning, posted

    wow i loved it if i had a dog i would do the same thing. this was the best even the quality of it was good.that guy was really lucky.if i had a dog or any kind of animal i would fuck it and cum in it almost every day until i can no more .i can not even wait to get a dog so i can fuck it hard and good.i would get that dog pussy wet as fuck then i would make i suck my hard dick and cum in its mouth until i cant no more.

    joselito10018, posted

    its a slow to start but still good vid, the dog gets fucked slow then faster and faster in the ass by the guy, then he creams on its ass hole. it could have been better from a different angle, but it is fine like this. i just wish we could see more, it looks like he knows what he is doing. all together, a slow starting, but still quality anal video. i highly recommend it, as would any one who who likes anal dog videos. be sure to watch the ending closely, or you may miss the cream surprise.

    chopper193, posted

    Prety good video, not really re-watchable though, a great cock on a man and a great pussy on a dog make this a great clip overall. Pussy on dog? Dog on a pussy, woo! I would like to see more of the dog, and some audio would be nice, a closer shot of penetration would be nice too and a gorgeous cum shot to finish it off would make this perfect. Otherwise a good one, 3/5 because it is still pretty hot. dog lovers will love this but there's still more hardcore out there. Whoever was filming should get in on the action too, sure hope that's on another video.

    herpaderpyderp, posted

    The man has this beautiful and very calm dog on her back with her hind legs spread widely as he slowly thrusts his gorgeous hard cock into her equally gorgeous pussy. The bitch is so calm that it feels like this is probably a regular activity between them and she seems to really enjoy it. The opening scene is very sensual with great clear camera work. I was ready to cum from the first scene alone. In the middle of the video, the camera pans above where the two are joined and you can see the dog’s juice glistening on the man’s cock as he pulls out before thrusting in again…very HOT! This is my favorite video so far, but I wish it was much, much longer. A must see!

    girlie66, posted

    This is a really good short film, id watch it over and over again, the guy was really hot and his dick slid in the bitch's pussy so smoothly.Id like a dog of my own, like that but my dog is such a bitch (not the meaning of female either) So id like to see more video's of this guy and his dog, and maybe a few more animals. Also i have a questions, can i guy have sex with an adult female cat? I've been tempted but ive heard its dangerous for the kitty, whats the biggest thing you can fit in there pussies?

    faslfjsadfi, posted

    She is one lucky Dane Bitch, her master as a beautiful huge cock which I'm sure she really appreciated being gently inserted inside her. The rhytm of strokes was nice and long and deep, he fucked so lovingly. I would certainly have loved him fucking me. Another good video, nice and clear, no camera shake, two minutes of pure dog love.. As I watched this video it made me feel as though I was actually fucking her myself it was so good, got my juices flowing and it now on my favourites list once video I will watch many times I'm sure. excellent.

    krusader, posted

    While watching this movie you do seem to think that he is fucking a female human, but when it zooms out you see that he is actually having sex with a dog, It's a good movie to watch if you like a lot of the close up kind of thing.. If you want to see "the whole picture" then this movie isn't for you. I personally wish thatt the whole movie wasn't so close up. When it only shows close up to me it seems like the same thing the whole time, and it gets a little boring. I like being able to see the dog a bit more, as well as the person that is having sex with the dog. I wouldn't watch this movie again though, that's for sure. I need more action

    sreese90, posted

    The beautiful pink pussy of this Great Dane wraps around the penis sliding in and out of her. Laying on her back the long hard shaft pushing in and out of her show how calm and well receiving she is to the whole situation. As the camera pans out and around you can kind of see her tail wagging as she seems to be enjoying getting plunged in and out of very much. He is taking it nice and slow as if to milk out every last second of pleasure he can from her tight little pussy. All in all this is a very hot video.

    taecie, posted

    The guy fucking the bitch seems out to please her as much as he derives pleasure from from doing it to her. He is not just fucking the bitch, he is making love to her and making certain that the experience is as satisfying for her as it is for him. The video is an absolute delight to see. I just wish it was longer as we seem to have been cut short of the end. It would have been wonderful to see it all the way through. Without a doubt, the bitch was enjoying the experience as much as the atud fucking her. At least that was how it looked to me.

    JimC, posted

    yeh fuck that dane! nice sexy dog pussy. my cock is so hard from this oh yeah. i wish i had a bigger dog tht could take my dick insides its pussy. so i only fuck it in the ass. is that great danes pussy good? i hope so because im thinking of gettting one, might even screw it! i might make a video of me screwing a great danes pussy too! maybe even one of it being in the ass. thanks for this video and hope you might create more. it definetely was good for masturbating too. thanks again and good luck fucking you dog some more ;)

    solrstorm, posted

    A man fucks a beautiful female great dane. Almost seems like a human at first, the pussy looks so nice and inviting. But as the camera pans out it's a very laid back bitch. I love how bare and smoothe the dog's belly is, makes it very sexy. No resistance from the pup, must love the man's rock hard junk inside her. The man thrusts into the warm pink pussy of the bitch dane,in and out, in and out, very slowly, enjoying every second of it. I only wish this video was longer and more detailed! For sure one of the hotter videos here on petsex.

    poodycat, posted
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