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    Calf Gets Bred


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    This is a tight heifer calf that I screwed about 10 years ago. I had her in a basement bellering while she took my 8" cock. You've probably seen a couple of similar videos on this site, put up by others.. all are of me and this calf. Cumshot in this video (although it's all up in her). Again, sorry for the quality.. I only had a vhs-c camcorder back then. Enjoy, and please leave comments telling me what you think (that will likely get me to put more videos up of me with her).

    Uploaded by gofer_sly · Rating: 4.0 (274 votes) · 48204 views


    Aluzky/Yesilovedogs, whatever your name is... yes you are still wrong and still don't know what you are talking about. There's no lies on my part, you're just a village idiot. That's pretty simple, even for someone as dimwitted as you. As most of the others have said, you need to just shut up and enjoy. (And as Socrates stated: "A wise man admits he knows nothing." You trying to pass off a fake IQ means you're dumb as a box of rocks... as your long posts show).

    gofer_sly, posted

    @gofer_sly •Aluzky• Why would I be jealous of a calf rapist? And why you think I'm a retard? My IQ is 135, that is 5 points short of being a genius, retards IQ are 79 or lower. Only 5% of the population ave an IQ as high as mine. @puppyluv2011 •Aluzky• The problem is not that he is fucking a calf (though that is disturbing) the problem is that he is raping her and also abusing her. She doen't want to get fucked, he is still fucking her, that is rape, he has her tie up by the neck with a rope to the point she can't barely bread or move (this is animal abuse and he did that so she doesn't move so he can rape her) You are freaking blind to not see that, stop thinking with your dick and use your head. @Allenhigala •Aluzky• "there is nothing wrong with fucking a calf!"←Except that a calf is not physically sexually mature nor mentally mature. And fucking a calf is likely to result in physical or mental harm just like fucking a human child is likely to cause the same. "I used to fuck calves often and they LOVED it!"←I don't know if that is true, what I do know is that this calf is not loving it, is fighting against it, it is animal rape/abuse. "At least he wasn't sucking dog cock as you do..."←What is that suppose to mean?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    LOVE hearing you talk while you pound her pussy...HOT HOT HOT

    Cjalupa, posted

    I want your 8 inch.

    sweetthing, posted


    nycshaun, posted

    the best video in this faking site thats for sure!!!

    weser, posted

    Really hot!!!

    beastmaxwax2012, posted

    Zoophilia is love all the same but when does it branch into animal pedophilia and molestation... a calf should not be breed as they are to young to be able to cope... t could cause an autonomic response which would make it go into early pubery... that would then open a huge list of issues such as cancer and thyroid issues. As a medical student I am saying that this is rape not love.

    anglearena2000, posted


    SecretMe85, posted

    male 18 upstate south carolina, wanting to fuck a animal soon! if you have one message me! horny as fuck right now too!!

    fordkid302, posted

    @Aluzky, there is nothing wrong with fucking a calf! I used to fuck calves often and they LOVED it! At least he wasn't sucking dog cock as you do...

    Allenhigala, posted

    Gawd I love how her whole body shakes with each pounding. Way to really drive it in there, Man!

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    i hate to be that guy but the gurgeling and grunting noises are do to you have a rope tight up around her throat. very tight your chokeing it...just saying look at the vid when it turns its head to him, ive raised bulls and horses and cows, and that rope on her neck is way to tight if your gonna do it...do it right don't abuse the animal

    jaromedarkcloaw, posted

    That was fucking HOT!! ...and Aluzky and Hotvixen, get off your high horses and get down to the farm and try some. When I was living on a farm years ago, I had calves even younger than her. They get wet really quick if you play with them a bit (after they get done peeing all over your hand,LOL!), and they're more than big enough, since a full-grown cow can take a 20-30 inch monster bull cock and not hurt her. A 6 -8 inch human cock isn't going to do any damage to a calf, unless maybe she's only a week old or something. I also found out they love vibrators and they make exactly the same noise as gofer_sly's little mate was making when you buzz their little pussies. They don't have a hymen like humans, so there's no first time pain for the calf. The feeling on your cock is unbelieveable!

    puppyluv2011, posted

    hot lets do this by the farsm i live by inn socal! mesage me

    rixk9, posted

    @Hotvixen... As others have been mistaken like yourself and then learned, no suffocating. Just a good pounding from behind. Go take your meds now and calm down.

    gofer_sly, posted

    This is fucking sick. HE'S SUFFOCATING HER. Those noises? HER TRYING TO FUCKING BREATH. I hope you fucking burn in hell for all eternity, you shitty ass animal abuser.

    HotVixen, posted


    notokej, posted

    I really hope you're taking very good care of that calf. Please respond.

    shoujiaosjoasq, posted

    i see nothing wrong with it she seemed to enjoy it

    woodrow975, posted

    It's ok that you're jealous Aluzky. I can't help that you are a retard.

    gofer_sly, posted

    •Aluzky• The only retard in here is you, a CALF is a BABY cow comparable to a baby human, a COW is an adult COW comparable to an ADULT WOMAN. You are raping a baby you moron. God I really hope you end up in jail for raping animals.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Aluzky, you're jealous and somewhat retarded. You've learned that a 300 pound calf is not a baby, it's more than the equivelant of an adult woman. You repeating your retarded statements doesn't change that. Everyone thinks you're a dumbass.

    gofer_sly, posted

    •Aluzky• Think again, I'm not jealous of a rapist who also rapes babies.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    back in my younger days i use to fuck the calves and the cows all the time too. love the feeling of that hot pussy around my cock.

    castingrod, posted

    Damn she took that cock like a good girl. The dirty talk was amazing. He hit all her walls hard and deep. He came inside her cause she is his slut. He fucks her when ever he wants too. Her pussy is meant to be pounded! You can hear the slap slap sound of him beating that pussy up! At the end you see he has a ring on, do you fuck your wife that hard too?

    sexydoesit, posted

    Damn she took that cock like a good girl. The dirty talk was amazing. He hit all her walls hard and deep. He came inside her cause she is his slut. He fucks her when ever he wants too. Her pussy is meant to be pounded!

    sexydoesit, posted

    i love how this guy talks dirty while he does it... hugest turn on

    sweetcher, posted

    I'm so fucking jealous. I wanna meet this guy and screw around with some cows one day.

    cowboy729, posted

    Aluzky, you are still a jealous retard. Go take your meds now.

    gofer_sly, posted

    •Aluzky• Why you think they are called CALF and not COW? Calf is the name for baby cows, same as puppy, kitty, foal, etc is the name for other baby animals, you really are stupid that you don't get this. And I'm not jealous of a fucking shit like you, why would I be jealous of a rapist?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    anyone in minnesota have a heifer to share?

    joey158963, posted

    And STILL Aluzky, you are wrong, there was no tight rope going to the calf, it's not rape, and a 300 lbs calf is not a baby. Everyone knows you're jealous. So quit your childish tantrum already. You're just further proving to everyone viewing this that you are a retard. ☺

    gofer_sly, posted

    •Aluzky• @deepsix, iT is rape, the guy has raped that calf from behind and the front and choke her with the dick and the rope. It is animal abuse, regardless of how stupid cows are. It is inhumane to threat them like that. Also, he is fucking a baby, he is a pedophile by definition. Other zoophiles stick to adult cows who are mature and not harmed from being fucked. You go fuck yourself. >:(

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Aluzky, as previously proven, you are wrong, and you are a retard.

    gofer_sly, posted

    •Aluzky• @gofer_sly. There is a reason you got banned from beastforum, for raping and abusing animals and baby animals. How stupid can you be, it may be the size of an elephant and still be a baby, being a baby is not about the size, is about maturity. Yea, I have see the other video, that rope is not lose, you have that calf cornered so she can't move.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    •Aluzky• You can see this guy raping the same calf from the front in this video: gaybeast. com/movie/18087/calf_sucking_guy

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    =D ! You are very hot !! I love it ! ! ! i love the sound and the action ! ! ! Very very nice and sexy ! ! ! Thank you for the excellent video I LOVE when she looks back at you, awesome ! ! !

    jautier, posted

    i love this love this love this... the way you talk to her, like she's a captive slut that you use in your basement, makes me want you to call me and talk to me that way while i fuck my pussy with a dildo almost too big for me to take

    sweetcher, posted

    my opinion, I give it a 2 out of 10.

    suswynn, posted

    on my :)

    Zero1212, posted

    very hot vids wish there was more and longer ...Nice cock

    callduck, posted

    Thanks for uploading this decent enough clip but PLEASE GAYBEAST.COM , WHAT IS the point of numerous descriptions and reviews that we can only read after the movie has played??? Even worse, with Premium movies, we are pushed and redirected past any description and reviews immediately onto the payment page!......cc Every movie on this site... please copy and paste if you agree there need to be changes

    sk1nfuct, posted

    i love to join u and calf are you near binghamton ny?

    jrk69_2001, posted

    why black out your face? if you like fucking animals do it with pride not shame, crap video with it

    chubbyladie, posted

    any1 in Az into animal sex ? id like to try, any1 have any to share ?

    camarodude502, posted

    I really hope you're taking very good care of that calf. Please respond.

    a24menone4u, posted

    That is what you fucking a heifer the way she has to be fucked, that long and hard the better. This guy know his heifers well. I would love to have a well trained heifer in the basement. The video is well taped with the heifer looking back, she didn't move, her pussy was positioned for his cock like she knew what was happening. She bellered for more of his cock it seemed. Man this was great to watch. Need to make another with a heifer only.

    VOND3, posted

    hahaha @Yesilovedogs does that look like a fucking baby calf to you?!and how is it being strangled?!you really have no idea what you're talking about!

    dogfucker91, posted

    Aluzky=idiot as always

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    Aluzky, thanks for again drawing that nonexistent parallel between beasties and p3d0s. It is hogwash used by police to persecute people and drag people who like animalsex into the mud with the p3d0s. You may have eaten this cow for all you know. I guarantee the damn thing wasn't hurt. And as soon as it was let outside, she thought, "Ooh, grass, my favorite!" and started eating. Cows are not smart enough to be emotionally damaged by a little rough sex. Please do go fuck yourself.

    deepsix, posted

    Yesilovedogs, your opinion is completely wrong. The calf was 300 lbs, not near a baby's size now is it? Put the 300 lbs in comparison to a woman. And, the rope to the wall was slack, there was no choking. It's PETA savior idiots like you that start stupid stories based on no facts. Just leave if you don't like a video... simple as that.

    gofer_sly, posted

    •Aluzky• This is rape and the guy is a pedophile. An in my opinion, I think the child is getting strangled while the human rapes her. Anyone knows him in RL report him, people that does this to baby animals also does the same to baby humans. :S

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    gigharbor, and we're back to my original fact: "And the rope is still slack, and you're still mistaken, gigharbor. Everyone is wondering why you're arguing about something that you obviously don't understand. Chill out little man."

    gofer_sly, posted

    Well I am glad you feel that way, I actually was only agreeing with the other that spoke about you strangling the calf. Might want to learn to count.

    gigharbor, posted

    gigharbor, nothing better is needed. You've made yourself look childish and unintelligent. I just post movies for others to enjoy. Given you're the 1 whiner out of the 24378 viewers... you're insignificant, kiddo.☺

    gofer_sly, posted

    Wow he lack intelligence an proceeds to act like a five year old. What how many times is it that you now have called me a child because you still haven't come up with any thing better?

    gigharbor, posted

    gigharbor, I applaud that you looked the word "couth" up in the dictionary. Bravo for a child!

    gofer_sly, posted

    I lack intelligence? This is coming from some one who can't even spell. An the only one being childish is you. You lack the couth to admit when you might be wrong, instead you cover it up by drawing the attention away from your self an placing it upon me. If thats what makes you sleep better at night by all means do your dirt. An if you don't know what couth means it means: showing or having good manners or sophistication; smooth

    gigharbor, posted

    gigharbor, we will have to add "childish" to your resume. Perhaps that is why you seem so lacking in intelligence. Go away now, kiddo.☺

    gofer_sly, posted

    Hmm then who are you cumming inside your imaginary friend? I think we should sign you up for special Olympics.

    gigharbor, posted

    gigharbor, only you would believe that I was talking to the heifer calf.... Not only are you stupid, but you are also crazy in the head.

    gofer_sly, posted

    An yet what is a calf, but a baby animal. I don't think I am stupid. Course I am not the moron working an speaking to an animal that can't understand a word your saying "..ooo I am gonna cum..." An yet your still telling it what your gonna do to it. Yet another thing just to get you off. When you rape a woman their body reacts. An you say she loves it. Well will never know now will we because she cant tell you with words. An if you think your so fucking mature dick. Stop answering back fuck face.

    gigharbor, posted

    gigharbor, no one is berating you. I was simply stating the fact that you are 100% wrong (uninformed). A whole 2 of you, out of the almost 24,000 total, are confused. And again, you chose to show your ignorance.... you're attempting to anatomically compare a 300 pound calf to a child, in the hopes of shocking people. That's not just ignorance, that's stupidity on your part. You're making yourself look ridiculous.☺

    gofer_sly, posted

    I see no one berating me but you. An another thinks the same as me. I think your the one that is diluted. An isn't a calf the version of child molestation or rape in zoo terms. A calf is a baby animal. So does that make you a baby raper?

    gigharbor, posted

    And the rope is still slack, and you're still mistaken, gigharbor. Everyone is wondering why you're arguing about something that you obviously don't understand. Chill out little man.

    gofer_sly, posted

    We have to tie of cows to pull calfs an well thats what it sounds like. So what ever gets your rocks off by being brutal then more power to your limp dick.

    gigharbor, posted

    You're wrong, gigharbor. The calf was not choking. The rope goes to the wall and was slack. Chill out.

    gofer_sly, posted

    If she is tied around the neck she was choking as any one can see in the video thats what was happening.

    gigharbor, posted

    No, macozz1, the calf was NOT strangled... that's just stupid to suggest. It WAS the sounds of a calf breathing hard/grunting while getting screwed very hard. That's all.

    gofer_sly, posted

    I think it's a terrible clip.The poor calf is tied,with a robe so tightly around her neck, so she is being strangled.The sound is not a horny sound. It is the sound of an animal being mistreated.and all who have tried sex with a calf ,heifer or cow knows that it is not a natural behaviour for a cafl.And it gives all the Zoo' a bad reputation as animal abusers.

    mancozz1, posted

    Miss the days when I was doing that. raised on a large farm and had 50 milk cows. lot of calf pussy around. this made me hard and wet. good job.

    stormydog, posted

    I GOT SO WET SEEING HOW HARD YOU ROCKED HER..LOVE THE STEADY PUSSY POUNDING..post more.. loved listening t9o you enjoying her tight pussy.. hot !!

    slipandslide, posted

    Hey bud I want to fuck her too. lets get together for a gangbang

    maregasm, posted

    Amazing. Looks like she enjoys it. If you have more, PLEASE post them. They're very exciting!

    sirenlove1, posted

    Or not, 74539. I'm not into torture. Just good old calf screwing.

    gofer_sly, posted

    I see this as a case of rape. She does not look to have reached puberty. The fact that she was trying to get loose indicates he was torturing her.

    74539, posted

    Damm right, more vidios.

    bigmike2, posted

    I want this man's load.

    hellotiger, posted

    Thank you for the excellent video. Would have loved to lick your sack as you bashed that. Muah!

    Lilyofthevale, posted

    WOW! Excellent movie. VERY Good! Thanks

    9705426784, posted

    damn hot, man! loved the audio and coulda blown just listenin 2 it! how bout some cock and cum next time, please?

    squirtwatcher, posted

    WOW! Excellent movie. VERY Good! Thanks

    justabb, posted

    Hot!! I enjoyed it.

    poopyhug, posted

    Really nice show, would have loved seeing your cock and some cum either coming out the pussy or the hole of your cock, still a good movie even though it was 10 years ago. Lets see more!

    blackdiamond, posted

    That's EXACTLY what my ex-wife used to say when I was fucking her! She never told me she had a long-lost twin sister

    tonktaf, posted

    I would love to feel you rocking me like that.

    bredmare, posted

    Anyone looking for some fun msg me...

    bigcaboom1, posted

    Loved the sound and the comments made by the guy...loved it!!

    mefirstime, posted

    wow very lucky cow

    ontariomale, posted

    All that and fresh milk too. What a deal.

    Crazy4Balls, posted

    made me wet...i love the verbal shit. got my clit throbbing against my vibbrator.

    tasty34, posted

    makes me wet....

    haavatra, posted

    I would love to see you lick that lil twat

    derrick234, posted

    This is the vid that keeps on giving!! I got a stiffy and a cum shot of my own when you showed her pussy! I hope that we can see a new one of this guy and calf soon....Amazing!!

    derrick234, posted

    Like to see your cock to. Nice fuck!

    gaypet, posted

    Outstanding! I LOVE when she looks back at you, awesome.

    tokdl, posted

    hot!very very hot!!sexy movie!

    panllei, posted

    Sure would have loved to see your cock, but all in all, it was good!

    1492narse, posted

    wow! You are very sexy! I really love the sound and the action! Very hot!

    sandra23perv, posted

    =D ! You are very hot ! ! ! I love it ! ! ! i love the sound and the action ! ! ! Very very very very nice and sexy ! ! ! Thank you for the very very very excellent video I LOVE when she looks back at you, awesome ! ! ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! =D ! You are very hot ! ! ! I love it ! ! ! i love the sound and the action ! ! ! Very very very very nice and sexy ! ! ! Thank you for the very very very excellent video I LOVE when she looks back at you, awesome ! ! !nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice ! nice !

    jautier, posted

    Very hot to watch a married guy fuck and dump his cum/seed in a willing calf. The calf took six loads of cum. I wonder just how many farm hands helped him breed that cow cunt. The fact that this farmer was wearing his wedding band as he spread the cunt lips of the calf to show the cum makes this video even that much more hot! It would be nice to have a few calfs lined up and watch this farmer and a few of his farm hands and buddies get sucked until they cum and feed their seed to the hungry calf.

    texasbottomboi, posted

    i enjoyed this one, even if the video quality is poor. i come to it so quickly! The guy's chatter is a turn on too. He tell the calf that he is going to come inside her. He grunts and groans and is really enjoying it.The shot ends too quickly though and switches to a pussy shot. I am not sure if the rope on the calf's neck is too tight as others have suggested. I hope not. I don't think she is into choking and oxygen deprivation to heighten her climax! I really would love to see some more from this guy!

    nordicdog, posted

    i think its so cool and i want more videos like it so coolso coolso cool i horny wet video - thanks for sharing For the love of god - please hold the camera still - you have great potential here - practice first (I'm sure you would enjoy a prior take or two with you bud there) so you know best position and way to hold the camera. Nearly barfed the way the camera swings around and upside down. If you turn the lights on we might see more too. Thanks for trying. dude get a vid of you inside her!!! make sure the lights are bright Um, what part of this is "sucking"? No suction involved, unless the camera stillness is being commented on. "Licking" in between wild camera swings is more accurate. Put the camera on a table and get in front of it.

    strongwolverine, posted

    Oh my fucking sexy... Words cannot describe this fucking hot video. But I'll try my best because you'll want to hear it too :P The main event of this video features a strong man screwing a large calf. You can hear the slurping noises of the pussy wrapped around his cock as he thrusts back and forth. Add that to the fact that the calf is grunting and moaning, this is a very dick-hard-worthy video. Guaranteed to make you slime your pants, I highly recommend this video for cow lovers, and the quality of the video makes it look classic and nostalgic as well.

    g-unit_666, posted
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