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    Guy Suck A Dolphin


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    A guy suck a dolphin at the marina and make him cum. Second part is the handjob of the same dolphin some time later and he enjoy it as much as the first time.

    Uploaded by shadow1221 · Rating: 4.4 (258 votes) · 61071 views


    I cum just thinking about that cock in my ass.

    firefly99, posted

    a'bit off topic ay but...whats the song that begins to play 'bout halfway through, anybody know?

    EuphoricElation, posted

    how do i get to take that dolphin's cock for a ride??

    lynn7272, posted

    tht was so hot my pants are drenched in precum now

    guy_9854, posted

    god im so horny anyone wanna talk? im 13, male, bi live in san antonio lets dirty talk <3

    sexdemon115, posted

    funny thing is theres alot of cases of people being "raped" raped by dolphins ha ha

    thetman1, posted

    you should've sucked him deeper haha

    tocosshack, posted

    Nice but More Hardwork to this gay

    hpy004, posted

    Anyone from Minnesota who's looking for fun hmu (;

    spunkface23, posted

    happy dicky. he love it. squirt squirt.

    horsecock84, posted


    pekita, posted

    This made me cum

    fuckmepuppy8, posted

    wow that was cool i would have love to taste that cum. if any one in omaha Ne i will blow any hot animal and try swallowing :0) please hit me up

    Gutterboy, posted

    If anyone lives in texaz and has a well hung dog or horse. Please message me. Also if your just looking for some fun hit me up.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    you should vid him fucking you:)

    neednot, posted

    Muito bom.

    Anthonysss, posted

    I would deepthroat that any day

    assramer236, posted

    instant fav!

    Iwazaru, posted

    Krasse Scheiße^^

    asdffdsa1988, posted

    Doesn't take long for Flipper to cum! Nice size and taper to it, would fit in me perfectly - either end...

    maletom, posted

    very beautiful, where is the dolphinarium ?

    balthazar77, posted

    thats a little odd

    mmmamazing, posted

    i'd love for a dolphin to do me.. i'd do him! ^_^ that little tickler thingie is interesting!

    kitten2, posted

    mmmh wanna suck em now.. and eat his cum..

    ak19021982, posted

    That was so HOT! I wanna ride that dolphin's cock...please show more!

    tt1212, posted

    aaaaah would love that in side me flippin up and down!!

    aaaaah, posted

    No wonder Luke & Bud loved Flipper so much!

    williews, posted

    mmmh yes that's good =)

    zoophilialover, posted

    how does he even find a dolphin?

    ingram11, posted

    please send me more dolphin pron pumaa1@yahoo.com thx.

    samus64, posted

    cool video

    mysticdragon, posted

    finaly i found a dolphin video with cum :P

    anymouse5689, posted

    is there a nother link to this video or a place i can download it?

    latiaslatiosfan, posted

    [17.10.2010-01:57] Geil anzusehen ! Die Liebe zu "Flipper" bekommt da ein ganz andere Bedeutung.... Ob das Porter Rix von seinen Söhnen weiß....

    PetOlli, posted

    Daaamn that dolphin's got loads of cum!!!!

    etlam, posted


    LOL2u, posted

    go top that, bizarre animal cock suckers. I dare you.

    tonktaf, posted

    waooo, excelent

    willmo, posted

    Dolph Magic... May his work rest in peace. This was a private gift to the person listed and SOMEHOW the work go reposted and leaked... Now Dolph Magic NO LONGER makes videos for anyone!

    Faralis, posted

    wow that's different

    P1nkMeNow, posted

    Yeah cuz this haven't been reposted like 300 times already?

    Gohan1991, posted

    nice whould love to get fucked by that lucky dolphins ^^

    traluna, posted

    You never see that! Kinda hot!

    SGreywolf, posted

    THIS IS UNIQUE AND SO HOT! I never saw a dophin's cock before-- and that dolphin sure loves the touch of his trainer- the dolphin instantly exposes it's cock and the trainer gently massages and sucks it-- it gets so hard and then shoots massive amounts of cum very quickly. In the video he shows a second scene where he just massages the cock and the dolphin shoots streams and streams of sperm over his arm and into the pool. The dolphin is making noises, no doubt enjoying the touch and masturbation help from his loving trainer. It is very hot and so neat to see-- very unusual and erotic. THanks for the posting- lets see more!

    hawaiitravel, posted

    really id love to suck his dick nom nom, mmm god such a very large dick for a dolphin really nice video, i loved every bit of it, the dolphin has a very nice dick wish i was able to get a dolphin! made me so wet watching it, that i just had to watch it again well done best video clip so far that i seen! you need to make some more videos with that dolphin that was in this video so so sexy mmm gonna watch it again!! looking forward to your future videos have fun an most of all stay horny!

    jakeyflower, posted

    Hi,I love how you sucked that dolphin's dick.If I was you I will search for more water animals to suck,fuck ect.But how did you ,manage to get a dolphin?That is pretty rare to see online this days.You should make a website that focuses on having sex with water animals;And to the same services like this website(well you git to ask for permission first)So with those videos you have a great future in exotic bestiality.Also thanks gay bestiality for letting him show this.So in the future you two can get more rich. PS keep up the good work!

    chaosteam7, posted

    I love Dolphins.I have never seen a Dolphin cock be for!!They have a Nice cock!!!I would Love to suck on a Dolphin cock,, Yummmy!!!Love to swallow male dolphin cum!Dolphins are a very tame animal. I hope to be with a dolphin some day to suck the Dolphin's cock!!!I hope the dude that was sucking on the dolphin cock that he swallowed the dolphin's cum.I have a Friend that wants to have sex with a Dolphin, he has not done that yet.I will watch this Movie,a lot of times. of masterbating to this movie.

    boydog69, posted

    Mmmm...all I can say is WOWSERS!!! Who knew that sucking a dolphin's cock could be so frickn erotic! I loved the way he sucked it and licked it with that hot tongue of his! But I think he should've licked and sucked just alil longer, as well as masturbating it. That totally made my pussy drip. I played it over and over again until I came. I could just imagine how that dolphin's cock would feel inside me all slippery wet, going in and out of me, with the motion of the ocean...I definitely would love to see more male and dolphin action, more licking and sucking and lots of dolphin cum juice!

    tt1212, posted

    A great movie, did not know that a dophin cock looks like a tongue. Awesome cum shot at the end, you can tell that the guy is a trainer and that he has done this more then once. The guy starts out by stroking the long dophin penis, then he slips it in his mouth. The man sucks the dolphin and you hear the dolphin scream with extacy. The man continues to stroke the dolphin until the dolphin blows a large load all over the place. An extremely hot video. Definitely worth watching. Take a minute and enjoy all the dolphins glory squirting everywhere.

    partyboy196, posted

    At the beginning a guy is sucking a beautiful dolphin in water and then, later in the movie, the guy masturbate the dolphin and so we can see the dolphin cum. The angle and light of recording are perfect so we can see every thing and the man sucking the dolphin is very, very hot. This is an awesome video and a very lucky man. I thing you won't see a so good movie for long time. The own problem is that the movie is too short, but it's not really a problem because it's so well done that you'll want to see it again and again. It's pure pleasure to see that.

    trucbidule69, posted
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