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    Closeup Dog In Man


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    Super hot and really close up vid of a dude takin a hard , squirtin doggy dick in his tight manpussy. The dude guides the pooch cock in and out of his hungry hole and the pup gladly obliges.

    Uploaded by mikeycantor · Rating: 4.1 (256 votes) · 65725 views


    Holy shit, loved it, and when its furry tail rubbed on his nuts, If that was me, I would have came right there and then.

    k9cock, posted

    i want to be fucked by a dog like that...anyone in north carolina have a dog that would? message me

    lynn7272, posted

    That looks a very satisfied dog. Great to see the owner being fucked instead of the other way around

    donkeyboy6, posted


    animalka_66, posted

    god i love the sounds<3

    tata1991, posted

    cant wait to experience that! im in SOCAL help me out lol direct420@yahoo.com

    rixk9, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with a large bred dog, boar that would be willing to share it with me and let them breed me....email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    I would love to lick guy's ass while he's being fuckede by a dog.

    rexbeast, posted


    huqingjiang, posted

    真好!!!单程狗,表明他是人类最好的朋友,也可以是他最好的爱好者之一!该片段绝对让我作为地狱角质! 3个月前

    huqingjiang, posted

    the bottoms hole must be use to having a fist in it.

    k9boy3, posted

    Nice!!!!! One way that a dog shows he is man's best friend, can also be one of his best lovers too! That clip definitely made me horny as hell!

    PansBestFriend, posted

    Hey, if anyone lives in Texas and has a well hung dog or horse, and wouldn't mind me having some fun with them please let me know. I wouldn't mind being filmed, just shy.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i wish i was that guy getting fucked and squirted by that dog :)

    auspetsex, posted


    anmolthacker2, posted

    wow awesome

    thewarrior4556, posted

    hey its nice video but to short of a time ok hehe?

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    hot hot hot i need dog cock the guy is enjoing it good sound nice two hear the moning iam hard an horney now

    bevlad, posted

    poor quality clip.

    loveporn2, posted

    ne1 know what 14522 means?

    mikeycantor, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    when does this movie start!

    lyleConloon, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    how do u get a dog to mount u? please?

    smattle, posted

    bloody lush man, the sound effects are amazing, shame you didn't let him knot you

    puppyboi125, posted


    legislador1, posted

    very good

    carlosmendieta, posted

    I wanna be underneath the action sucking the guys cock and getting sprayed in the face by that dogs cum.

    K9GangBang, posted

    oh yesss

    lillyfrench, posted

    awesum i suck my dog all of the time i love com in my ass good boy and you R hot to

    imskul, posted

    Nice vid. Thanks for sharing.

    Rezo43, posted

    go dog go

    tonktaf, posted

    Very nice. If anyone with a male dog lives in the Media area of PA and is interested in helping a guy for his first time contact me. simbakovu@hotmail.com

    Steve22222, posted

    good video

    willmo, posted

    i love it especially his sounds of pleasure

    mmmlike2watch, posted

    very hot

    DURACELL8, posted

    simply awesum - impressive! n the more i watch these vids - dogs fucking their hot masters ass - the more i get interested n trying it out myself, but w/someone whos n2 their dogs fucking their hot asses who's willing to help...m m m m m

    hitter4us, posted

    nice vid like to hear the man moan

    teddybear2, posted

    sowas will ich auch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    moorgeist, posted

    Awesome video love to see this type of angle of the guy getting fucked. Rarely do you see a video like this. I love watching the balls jiggle all around makes me so fucking horny just watching it. This is definately a must see. One of the better videos on here. Love the sounds, love the grunts of the man as that doggy knot goes in and out of his tight asshole. It was so fucking hot! Only negative is that it breaks up for a very short time and it's hard to see but that's the only problem I see with it. Rate this at an easy 4.5! Great video makes me hard just watching it!

    huntley32192, posted

    well directed and filmed, sound is awesome,dog's cock is so nice and fat. We love the way the dog keeps pounding his tight, little, man pussy and makes him his dog slave. The man looks like he really wanted to take that, wet,hard huge knot in his fertile little asshole and really enjoyed it. I wish he wouldve sucked the dog cock and allowed him to spurt,drool all over the man's face. my girlfriend sucked me during this movie and i exploded all over her face and tits. In summary, good movie and i will watch it again and again.

    bugbugbug39, posted
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