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    Fuck Cow


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    guy fucks a nice big cow pussy at night. pumps her for almost a good two minutes before slipping his slick cock out of her

    Uploaded by mr_dawg · Rating: 4.2 (254 votes) · 103107 views


    Dejlig ko fisse, jeg elsker det! håber, jeg kan kneppe en ko dag. That would wish that could find the any i Danmark, der ville Lade MIG kneppe sin ko, has Provet it for long ago, mænd savner it much. (Geder, Svin, heste or Hunde would be very welcome, also!) ... Cow fisse is fantastic

    BFJ, posted

    how did you get the cow to stand still

    dogvet2765, posted

    this is 1 of the best yet but would be better to heve white lips mmmm

    jenova123, posted

    Anyone in or around Canton, Ohio that has a mare or any other female animal they would love to share with me? I'll gladly play with you as well, you can fuck my big fat virgin ass or i could fuck you! message me for more info, i do not have a car and cant drive, will gladly stay over for awhile though and pay a fee with my lubed up ass, so horny im also a virgin, so take my anal cherry, i can also cum at least 5 times in about an hour period

    bigcaboom1, posted

    Really hot! I love it!

    oroblanco, posted

    Lovin animals in Texas. Lkn to make several types of man & male female animal sex videos with others. Not into human females. Only like female animals I am a gay pig boi raised into incest & love for animals. Hmu man.united35@gmail.com

    horseloverboy12, posted

    male 18 upstate south carolina, wanting to fuck a animal soon! if you have one message me! horny as fuck right now too!!

    fordkid302, posted

    dam thats hot wish i could fuc it to mmm got me hard

    badboi778, posted

    Love the slurpping sound of a very well lubed pussy as he fucks her slowly.

    kscowboy101, posted

    Las vulvas de las vacas son de lo mejor, calientes, sueltan una baba resbalosa, cuando se acostumbran no molestan para nada, y tiene un buen polvo, me he dado el gusto de probar todo tipo de hembras y las vacas son de mi predilección

    jucatove, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    dam id like to fuck a wet big pussy like that to dam makes me want to go out and fuck one bet it feels good to fuck one tight video dude

    jt78am, posted

    that's hot

    beast222, posted


    CHOOSE, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    I'm a female and i orgasmed watching this!!! I love the fucking sounds!!

    mishatu, posted

    it's wonderful how the cow receives his cock... 00:06

    shottas, posted

    Love the sound,and he has a very nice uncut cock.

    tauruslov, posted


    Belph, posted

    wow good enjoy

    Smallss, posted

    hard cock nice forskin

    bevlad, posted

    cow seemed to enjoy it. lighting not the best but most of the fuck was HOT and made me hard. Would enjoy trying that sometime myself.

    wantsumnow49, posted

    He make a hot fucking into the hot hole..

    XYXY69, posted

    nice fucking and after ds movie i becom wet

    9705426784, posted

    Nice cock and I am glad you came in her great job

    mrmikemoe, posted

    [01.09.2010-03:10] Geile Fick-Szene ! Leider spritzt er nicht ab ....

    PetOlli, posted

    I can't see the movie and I've reinstalled my flash player like thirty times, changed the preferences on my movies and even deleted the others nothing works!!!!

    iampissed, posted

    wow geil....

    landjunge, posted

    I luv fuckin cows and baby calves....

    horniperv, posted

    fuckin hot vid man. excellent sound too.

    jkman, posted

    Cows are the best, ask me.

    katman69, posted

    omg that pussy looked awesome... msg me if u would fuck me in the ass... im bi and male... im young

    bigcaboom1, posted

    Oh my god!!! How I love watching this lovemaking. I have to catch my breath every time. This is now saved as a favorite. I absolutely love the sensual undertone it really sets the mood. Starting off with the gentle rubbing and finger probing into her so swollen puss. You can see her quiver with pleasure as he inserts his two fingers inside off her,moving them in and out. Damn my puss started getting wet and horny . Her swollen puss beckons more, you see it swell upward with eager anticipation of what's to follow. Then he slowly slips his fat cocky inside, it slides right on, of course no objections from her. She only moved to meet his thrust, and then you see after much AWESOME tucking...she comes hard. Loved it, its a must see...renjul

    fornicat, posted

    In this really horny video, we can see a male getting hot and randy with his cow girlfriend. Cow must have not getting good sex for a good few days, as it is clearly shown that she can't wait to hump her boyfriend and penetrate his massive equine cock inside her. Can see so much of the penetration going on and what is truly amazing about this video is that, these two lovers really love each other. Cow is very gentle and her boyfriend is submissive as a bitch can be. Listen to the guy's grunting and complementing his cow lover. We can also see cock flopping out of his used vagina hole. What a vid. An Oscar is on its way!!!

    baritone, posted

    starts off with the guy in serting his cock an its gr8 the way you see the cows pussy slowly relax to let him insert.just watching as his cock slides slowly an effortlessly in an out til he can hold back no longer an watch as his cock releases a load in to the inviting pussy of this cow.As his cock with draws at the end we can see the purple head and the juices of the cum and the wetness of how the cow must have been.A great movie and well worth watching for the whole duration,savour every second an enjoy to it's fullest.Away to watch again.

    nastynick45, posted
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