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    Horse Fisting


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    a very horny vid of fisting a very horny mare. look and enjoy the mare juice production. aw i could mastrubate to this vid every day

    Uploaded by nocliper · Rating: 4.1 (244 votes) · 137037 views


    suche gleichgesinnte Tierhalter und Landwirte im Raum Bayern/Tirol. Bin jung, gut bestückt und für alles offen.

    chang1, posted

    Anyone round warrenton Oregon with a horny mare like this? I'd love to fist her! Message me for more details :)

    Loobka, posted

    EVERYBODY im 17 m from North Wales wishing to do anything with any person or animal... any yes i do it all. im quite slim and have a 8 inch cock. email me nasaarethebest@hotmail.co.uk

    rocketron, posted

    oh well fuck me...I wish I was that mare or those guys!

    marylasher122, posted

    Nice one! ;)

    animal-luv, posted

    geil, echt schön reingegriffen!

    mika.ball, posted

    Mmmmmmmm so wanna lick and fist this mare:)

    horselover192, posted

    i love this pussy, wanna lick it.. deep

    bodi-muenchen, posted


    gayboybunny, posted


    blackdoe, posted

    anyone need a cameraman? message me

    this1, posted

    can someone tell me how to see the movies

    horseboy2222, posted

    love it!!! Hummmmmmmmmmmmm....

    mefirstime, posted

    would like to be that guy with his tongue. after he pull his hand out of that pussy would be good to licked up.

    batman51us, posted

    Well i guess im starting to have eenough of this Horse, already. Gotta go lose weight and get a real girl... who like horses, rides em (*wink*) and ofc smells like em (nothing after a good horse ride and going to bet whit her doesnt it make you horny???) :) also these girlies asses are also alot better than erhm lets say idk can you guys tell me

    wepofkp, posted

    i laik pussy

    morsyland, posted

    Nice hot mare...love to see her winking want my tongue in there also...wish movie were a little longer...thanks

    nitehawk100100, posted

    Too fucking hot. Why ain't I there to lick his arm clean.

    DanMcG310, posted

    الرجال والحيوانات ko

    adool, posted

    Horses have the sexiest, throbbing, wet, juicy, huge, Pussys i've ever seen...not to mention they have beautiful assholes.

    LittleStar, posted

    good attarctive

    indrajitmodi, posted

    mmmm i love the video i like to give it a good lick after you

    sissumikee, posted

    Oh wow, would like to feel that tight mare...

    megamanpie, posted

    Sowas wünsche ich mir auch mal zu tun. Wer in Germany /NRW fickt real mit Tieren und lässt mich zusehen, oder sogar mehr...??

    gutnichtschnell, posted

    great! lol could live without the flailing tongue though

    renooo, posted

    it's a woman doing the fisting.

    deepsix, posted

    like hore pussy

    yuxiaohai, posted

    mmmm, i really like hore pussy, the first time i fucked a horse i was 12 years old

    gaute12345, posted

    MMMM...he could fist me anyday especially right after having it in the mares pussy. Id love to feel her hot juices up inside me.

    Beastcurious85, posted

    He's like 'should i do it? eeehhh ...eeehhh nah. Wait, should i? ....naaahh' JUST DO IT, WEIRDO

    Mongoose12, posted

    I know right?

    662584, posted

    lol wtf is with that guy in the upper right corner of the video

    g-unit_666, posted

    This is a great video that is stable and definitely high quality. You can tell that the mare is enjoying it with her winking and the man obviously as deep as he can go. Massaging the inside of the beautiful mare must have felt amazing because it was amazing to watch. I think it could have done without the random person sticking out the tongue unless there was going to be some oral happening. The mare was lucky to have such passionate massaging. It ultimately would have been an awesome video if it had shown the mare having an orgasm. She was obvious that she was very close to it and how couldn't she be with a man's are up to his elbow in her.

    dogrider210, posted

    This video is very good, one of the best i have ever seen.The horse's pussy is very nice. i like how in the background theirs birds chirping making the video nice and peaceful.I couldnt help to smile but the person next to the horse kept spitting their tongue out and they did it every three seconds. this video is on the top list to see people should watch this one before any other one cause its the best that i have ever seen.and the horse had like three orgasims in it just perfect.more videos need to be just like this one

    ultimoliloreo, posted

    The movie is starts and ends with someone who has their arm up a mare's vagina. The mare continuously "winks" her vulva. off to the side there is a face that keeps sticking his or her tongue out and licking the arm of the person that has his or her arm up the mare's vagina. the picture is steady and doesn't shake around a lot like some other movies do. the mare seems content to be fisted and doesn't squirm of try to get away. the white mare has a moist black pussy. this movie may be a little short but it was well taken and i would recommend watching it.

    Horsemother5848, posted

    This video became one of my favorites the minute I saw it. The mare was very beautiful and wet. You can tell that she must've had an orgasim or two. The camera has a really great shot of the guy's arm fisting the mare's wet pussy. It was so hot to see the mare wink as the guy's arm slowly went in and out. His friend on the side licking up the mare's orgasim juices off his arm was also hot. The only problem is that it was a little short. But it is a hot video to watch despite its length. Those who like fisting will enjoy this video.

    alpha102, posted
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