• my dog licking my dick full of peanut butter and dam did it feel good i do this multiple times until i cum and it goes all over me

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    @ wondalx - It pays to READ the description hun.. That "stuff" as you called it .. was plainly identified as PEANUT BUTTER in the description of this movie. But.. anyways.. I agree he must be straight .. Which is fine with me *grins with a wink* Very lovely cock .. I would share my dog with you anytime!

    shirin.anton, posted

    whats that stuff on his dick?

    wondalx, posted

    it is good fuck

    loulito, posted

    that cock looked nice and hard i could lick it better than your dog! ;)

    animalpro2011, posted

    very nice love the cock licking

    jennifer1235, posted

    hes loveing it

    gaysdie, posted

    its great to see a guy that doesnt have a shaved cock and balls love the hairy cock sexy movie thanks

    DELANEY, posted

    Can I be your dog? please :D

    durango95, posted

    I agree with the other comments with a beautiful cock. I would suck it dry every day!!!

    cornmuffin, posted

    Yeh VERY nice cock. The dog is licking it hard too. Good shoot!

    chuckfucc, posted


    DELANEY, posted

    well, i suppose that this is a straight guy; but I still have to say it is a beautiful cock. that is coming from a gay guy who knows what he is talking about! great dog, too.

    sebastianamore, posted

    i wouldn't need peanut butter...i'd lick that uncut like a dog, too.

    bilmac, posted

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    The video is part 5 in a delightful series where a small terrier-esque dog licks peanut butter off a mans hot, uncircumsised penis. Watching the dog lap away and his foreskin is sure to sexcite anyone. The only downsides are that the dog seems to be more interested in the peanut butter than pleasuring it's very sexy owner, and that all of the parts are only -20 seconds long. all in all, still an excellent clip to be certain. I would certainly love to be the man having his cock licked by such a sweet looking dog, or perhaps even be the dog itself!

    fuckmytight, posted

    OK. This is hot. The energy and the pace of the dog licking this stiff cock are great. The slimy dick, covered in some kind of enticing sauce makes the dog eager and makes me damn near crazy. To see the dog's tongue slap the hard cock over and over again is exciting. The behavior I would hope from any of my pets. And the tension and eagerness of the tongue are wonderful. Any time the dog can be shown to be this willing to lick and keep a cock hard and quivering is just perfect. I am stiff as a rod just watching and I can't wait to find a doggy willing to service me this well. I am almost dripping with come as I watch!

    jacknash1111, posted

    That was the hottest movie I have watched on the men and animals tube. The dog licking some sort of food spread, peanut butter or butter maybe, over the owners tight, sensitive uncut cock head, unfortunately there was no cum, imagine the full sensitivity the owner would feel if he pulls his foreskin all the way back and lets the dog lick away, he would cum hands free in a heart beat! uncut cocks feel so much pleasure, video was so hot I almost had a heart attack! This video made me cum in a heart beat! Owner must make video with cum!

    rhoary, posted
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