• Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl Dog enjoys both ....boy and girl

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    this is the best video on the site

    anewacct, posted

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    That's what I want!

    doggonedizzy, posted

    Fick dich

    DrPlague, posted

    Geiles Video, so muss es sein. Würde mich freuen wenn sich Leute melden die dies genauso sehen.

    funnky, posted

    Anybody in indiana wanna let me fuck their animal or them. Hmu

    greenday114, posted

    this is fucking awsome! you should fuck your dog and smell her feet at the same time!!!!

    footlove, posted

    wow she looks yummy would love to suck her sweet neck as i cum deep inside her

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    mmm love it lick that juice

    areiella, posted

    This is sooo cool! Obviously, all three, girl, man and dog are enjoying sex together!

    AHS, posted

    her tits were amazing

    Freakgame, posted

    I'm with Allenhigala on this one.

    PhxPisser69, posted

    any1 in Az ? looking 4 locals to help, i want to try animal sex, any1 local with any to share ?

    camarodude502, posted

    Looked to me that the dog was licking BOTH the guy and girl, licking her juice from his cock AND her pussy........nice!! :D

    AlextheKidd, posted

    That was potentially the best beasty video I have ever seen lol. :D Potentially........but it wasnt the whole thing :(

    AlextheKidd, posted

    dog wanna fuck a kid

    creamcheese, posted


    crewmen, posted

    totally wrong area! not much of a show anyway

    Allenhigala, posted

    so hot love to have seen yu cum and dog lick it up

    alwaysrandy, posted

    •Aluzky• This should be in the woman+animal area, doggy is licking her and not him. Good video by the way.

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted


    JOSMA_19, posted

    This is what I want

    bob4456, posted

    neat the way they did it and nobody went for those nice tits

    fredpotts, posted

    This video is great. The who needs lube when you got a dog lubing your cock. Mans best friend.

    macson45, posted

    Better than Viagra ! You want exactly this for real date, send me a message. Liebe Frauen Ihr wollt exakt dieses, dann schreibt mir. LG Ralph

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    F me that is the best, i want that :)

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    Very nice!

    chuckfucc, posted

    Sexy,love to join all three,sweetie!

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    wow nice tits and getting adog to lick both at once is awsome

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    een paar mooie tepels

    ednet, posted

    loved this clip, thanks

    colenick, posted

    lovely tits.. and that looks like a lot of fun

    jimmy77, posted

    ey saugeiles video...

    GDOGFAN, posted

    ja mam problem z ogladaniem

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    mokra penetracja z lodzikiem

    mariuszg111, posted

    i took something like this except it was my cousin fuckin me and his dog licking and sniffing, it also had its turn !!

    bootedskinhead, posted

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    Great video, Sure it could have been it a bit longer and involve the dog some more, but the way he fucked her tight pussy while the dog was licking away at his dick ánd her pussy was just amazing.The girls tits were lovely and the dog was gergeous too. Once again this vid could have had much more potential with more action from the dogs part.I also love how the girl doesnt even resist the dog lapping away at her pussy,and she was enjoying it too her perky nipples showed that to everyone who would look :)And from what i could see the guy had an amazing dick too nice and long the way he slid in and out while the dog licked them both. All in all great vid 8 out of 10

    cowpussyishot, posted
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