• my first time with my rotty in my ass. let the journey begin...there will be more to come. what an amazing sensation withhim throbbing inside me. hope you all enjoy.

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    Good vid, but I wouldn't have forcefully pulled him out. More because of a physical safety issue.

    12ofTwelve, posted

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    NYC_Knot, posted

    if anybody in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog. and would not mind me haveing sex with him please messsage me. ps i would not mind being recorded.

    boatman6969, posted

    can tell you enjoyed it, all that cum dripping :P

    AaBbCc0123, posted

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    boatman6969, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, thanks for sharing, hope to see more.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I like the cum , I could see that you enjoyed it tx

    4q2, posted

    Would like to feel this

    h48bic, posted

    would have liked tohave seenthe size of the knot

    tomboy246, posted

    gozei gostoso tbm....

    legislador1, posted

    Nice!! Me next!!

    haavatra, posted

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    mary102, posted

    Nice to have a friend to film & give a helping hand. paulb1485@yahoo.com.au

    paulb, posted

    Wow!!! he must have had a massive knot!!! would have liked to have been their taking seconds, just to try for size.

    berty1234, posted

    hmmmm would have loved sucking his cum and the giving my ass up to the dog, if your in tyler texas area check my profile and give me a shout

    navytexas, posted

    Looks like you could have used a friend to suck your cock while he filled your ass ;) ;) its never ok to waste a load of CUM be it k9, man or horse CUM! Next time let me know so your don't waste any ;) ;) Rob

    petloverhere, posted

    So damn sexy,love join in the great sex,hott ass babe,love to lick up all that yummy,cum,sweetie!

    kinkyfreakn386, posted

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    winterdreams, posted

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    very hot movie would like to have been there helping the guy out have had similar experiences but have not knotted with my dog.mydog is two abd half years old but is not aggresive at all. maybe he will get better hopefully. would have liked to have seen the knot after he pulled out maybe it did show it but the movie i watched quits before its over so i never get to see the end dont know what the problem is. it looks like a very good movie to me but im kinda left in the dark, sorry.

    tomboy246, posted

    wow i really wish i was that dog that man the quality could have been a little better but over all that was a good movie i like how deep in the ass he was and i a big fan of male one male beastuality for some reason it really turns me on i hope that you keep making movie like this i really love these kind of movies s a good support system to the teen mother, continuing education and other life opportunities are put on hold and possibly never found again. There have been teenage girls that have made pacts with each other promising to get pregnant and to be mothers all at the same time. According to Theresa Braine, and her article of adolescent pregnancy; a culturally complex issue, approximately, 16 million girls between ages 15 and 19 give birth every year. This is an unbearable cost to state and federal budgets that are paying an estimated $20 billion to welfare with teen mothers being the heaviest burden of all. Birth control is not 100 percent at controlling unwanted births although it is the best precautionary measure, other than abstinence, for birth control. Adolescence face four times the risk of death during birth than women in their 20's and the death rate in infants is a total of 50 percent higher. Between the educational matters and the cost, birth control seems like a positive

    lpnaenae, posted

    this rotty has a great knot. i love the description of him throbbing inside you too. it must have been an amazing feeling. i am very jealous. overall a good short clip to get the blood running to my crotch and make me miss my one hundred pound pit bull. cant wait to see more videos from this user and cant wait to see him take things even further. beautiful dog and hot ass combine to make this one of my favorite videos in the past week. i love seeing a huge knot coming out of a tight ass or pussy. its quite the turn on.

    mvb13, posted
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