• Close up shot of man fucking a mare, watch his thick cock sliding in and out of the mare's juicy cunt, you can see him thrusting in and out.

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    Looking for first time. I'm in Vancouver Washington and would love to suck a dick or be mounted by a dog

    Thomas1290, posted

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    I would love to be there.

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    @wetpetpussy @ bredmare: can you friend me and can you perhaps be of any assistance to me? ;-)

    tercel, posted

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    making my pussy drip

    wetpetpussy, posted

    Bredmare: where and when can we meet??

    katman69, posted

    I want to take that mares place.

    bredmare, posted

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    This is a quick video of a guy with a big cock fucking a nice black mare pussy upclose. The action is rather jerky with a lot of in and out and a lot of our guys shaved balls in the way, but he appears to be enjoying himself. Every so often he pulls all the way out and we get to see some wide open pussy, so pink and shiney. The quality is very good, seems he has something wrong with the speed of recording, and no sound which is alway a detraction. Too bad there arn't some long shots so we could see ore of the mare and our guy as he's plowing the mare. Otherwise its an OK video.

    ld572000, posted
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