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    Boy And The Bitch


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    Can't remember where I got this but it's a guy having fun with his beautiful shepherd. I wonder why there must be 25 words in this?

    Uploaded by foxbird- · Rating: 4.0 (255 votes) · 72728 views


    fuck i need a friend with a bitch in Wisconsin

    javibnll25, posted

    the dog doesn't want to get away while being fucked; that can be clearly seen. all accusatíons of rape are ludicrous. this is one of the hottest freee movies here! a bit more of thre boycock would have been perfect ...

    eristalis, posted

    Hot! Maybe she had to pee when it was over.

    hogpig, posted

    my pussy pounds to this<3 mmm

    tata1991, posted

    14/fem want doggy fun x

    popsadoodle, posted

    man i want the owner in my room with me <3 and the dog???... THREESOME ftw!!

    MaxxPoop, posted

    i wanna fuk the stud

    dr3ad, posted

    Fuck i need a friend with a dog!!!! Anyone in South Dakota?

    hornyfuckfsd, posted

    man i wish i was doing that right now

    inuyasha86, posted

    i have to agree with lone wolf in this one, the dog did seem to want away and out the door when he was finnished thats not dog loving thats rape, just doing it for your own pleaser is'ent good do it if the dog is good with it & willing to be mounted.

    maddog20, posted

    ich guck das immer wieder gerne, hab auch mit jungen jahren angefangen des nachbarn läufige hündin zu besteigen, danach hab ich dann eine dogge gesittet...herrlich

    GDOGFAN, posted

    lucky dog....... anytime he wants to fuck call me!

    swallowall, posted

    nice shot . . .wish i had a dog n bf like u . . .25/m

    darkzoone, posted

    •Aluzky• I will give a poor rating because the video had no sound and how she reacted in the end. Without sound we can't know if she was trying to scape from you or some one was calling her on the other side of the door. Upload again with sound.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i wud love 2 watch a man lick out a bitch and go deep in with his toung while the dog is licking my wet pussy i wud like 2 lick the dog as well so tell me wot u wud like 2 do and i love havein all diffretn fings put up my wet pussy so leave me sum message and tell me wot u wud like up me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love cock any cock xxxxx

    juice100, posted

    anyone in the bayarea hit me up perkeleyo@hotmail.com

    pjj420, posted


    bestycurious, posted

    Made me cum so hard...

    naughtygirl2012, posted

    Too bad there wasnt sound, a nice shot of your load dripping from her pussy and a close up of your cock afterwards...got me hard though...thanks.

    FreakyGuy727, posted

    nice fuck..dog seems to enjoy it

    goldenrod01, posted

    me to i humped my dog watching this

    damtrav, posted

    That was awesome the boy has a hard cock ,he has mounted dog pussy so hot, she was so wet in pussy and look for more.

    ananhoo, posted

    that movie put me super hot i love sex with dogs

    ananhoo, posted

    i love it

    45cross, posted

    fantastic, dude!!!!

    doggystyle86, posted

    Underbar film, så skönt att se män knulla hundar. Önskar min pojkvän gjorde det :)

    CamillaDogLover, posted

    little bit odd at the end

    13hunterh, posted

    ahhhh...hot video!!

    mafagafo, posted

    ahhhh...hot video!!

    mafagafo, posted

    ahhhh...hot video!!

    mafagafo, posted

    Love anal sex with bitches! Any london UK bitch owners up for a fuck buddy? naughty_discreet @ yahoo.co.uk x

    bingdog5, posted

    geiler fick. wer lässt seinen dog derb abficken???

    suckme-27, posted

    geiler fick. wer lässt seinen dog derb abficken

    suckme-27, posted

    That was awesome the boy has a hard cock ,he has mounted dog pussy so hot, she was so wet in pussy and look for more.

    jokersam, posted

    looked like rape to me .she was scared.and looking for a way out that is RAPE NOT SEX THIS VID SHOULD BE BURNED

    lonesnowolf, posted

    vielen dank

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    do u ppl know nothing about dogs?.... to a dog being mounted is like being dominated she just went into submission then after he finished her tail was down and she was low to the ground .... she was scared..

    ri0tkid, posted

    Thank you so much beautiful section of the

    asam190, posted


    bell69, posted

    omg. what a good dog fuck

    tappit1, posted

    HOT! quick, anonymous, probably had friends or family downstairs not knowing he was fucking the dog yum!

    animal-fucker, posted

    very good sanky

    gorge555111, posted


    chinchao59, posted


    cuteboy29, posted

    I fuck my male rott quite often and he actually gets hard when I fuck him. Never had a dog like that before and he really starts licking my cock and balls when he's hot and cannot wait for me to take my clothes off so he can mount me and I love getting knotted by him. I hold him in me for about 15 minutes after he starts pulling. He is my sex partner.

    sidatit, posted

    That bitch was super relaxed- she must love being fucked. That got me hot and bothered just watching you thrust into her. You must have an awesome relationship.

    kenneke, posted

    that movie put me super hot i love sex with dogs

    quierodog, posted

    Next time,enjoy it,take your time.You could tell by her body that you came in her!

    ydal, posted

    loved it, i really want to get into being fucked by dogs or horses or fucking them if you can help message me on here or add my hotmail pikeys_12@hotmail.co-m thanks

    shane361, posted

    i like so hot

    barnealexalove, posted

    ohhhhh weeeee i love the way he stroken that dog pussy.....makes my po nanny so wet....ohhhh

    summer4103, posted

    I would LOVE to meet this boy!

    Allenhigala, posted

    love it, looks like the dog wanted to cum back to her master and get more from him, maybe lick him?

    doggielove2010, posted

    a prefect boy.i love you

    jingyiming, posted

    I wish I could have seen his cock

    curious_chick, posted

    Is there any one out that will help me do it all in London zzuke@hotmail.com

    ianmax, posted

    the man so sexy. he is the best fucker

    Gerry_fz, posted

    This made me sooo horny, loved it!

    fingerbanger, posted

    very goog

    123www, posted

    yumm that dog is so hot i wish i could fuck her

    wolfvaglick, posted

    ...das video is zwar schon alt, aber es is einfach saugeil den jungen so kraftvoll zuzustoßen zu sehen....der weis genau was er will.....saugeil

    GDOGFAN, posted

    Herlich, habe selbst einen Spitz. Erst ich dann er

    leidenschaft, posted

    Looks like a lovely boy, who could enjoy his dog:D

    1980mod, posted

    yep, know this one from the forum. Hot.

    beefbeast, posted

    Genau das was ich auch mal machen möchte.So geil...Poste mal einer der damit Erfahrung gemacht hat...wie fühlt es sich an??

    Wooza334, posted

    i love this vid its so hot

    ilovedogs24, posted

    Wish we could see a closer view. Still good though! I loved the way you really got i in her, nice and deep. Still, the leg is blocking alot of the action so we cant't see the dog alot either. I would have liked to see her pussy more, see ore of the cock going in and out of her. It also needed a bit more lighting. The bitch did seem to enjoy it, which is always a plus mark in my book. I love it when both parties are enthusiastic and willing. Overall not bad, but could have been better.

    Dazeorles, posted

    It was an excellent, even though short, video. The dog seemed to enjoy it very much. I would have loved to have seen your face though during this wonderful video. A person’s face tells a lot during sexual intercourse. I believe it would have been a little better if there would have been sound. This german shepard is a very beautiful example of the breed. I bet she was perfect for you. My boyfriend and I actually found this video to be a huge turn on. He wants to go buy a dog now so he can have some fun.

    babylettethorn, posted

    The movie was decent quality, but lacked sound. And there wasn't much for the audience to see. You should attempt next time to upload with sound and get a camera angle that gives the viewers something to see and get involved with. Also the dog is beautiful and must have a nice pussy, so try to include some shots of the pussy maybe some foreplay. Moving on, your movement and command is excellent. You should definitely try to show more of you without clothing. It shows your intimacy with her and the trust between you both. Overall an excellent and enjoyable video.

    difin, posted

    At first i thought it was gonna be great but yeah their were no sound, and the dog looked scared like she wasn't as comfortable. She didn't even look like she enjoyed it so what i was hoping was for her reaction to be better during the humping. but her reaction after he finished if he did that is was like, "damn let me out of this room!!!!" lol, so i thought it was ok but not the best to watch. If the dog showed more feelings or had the mood than ok!! Oh and if it showed some cum from the dog, that'd be awesome too.

    dkahjgdkg, posted

    oh my god this video is so fucking hot. dog stands there as hot boy fucks him good. boy fucks dog till he what looks like he shoots hit big load deep into dog hole. boy fucks the dog over few min. i got so hard watching this video. wish the boy had showed his cock and face. dog seem to love it. and seem that this do had take this boys cock more then once. i wish i had a dog to fuck and have him fuck me to. now this boy need to make a video of the dog fucking him real good.

    daf42479, posted

    loved it it was amazing wish i could try it. i wonder what it felt like being inside a dogs pussy and good job with getting the camera perfect. it was amazing how u could get ur dick into the dogs pussy. i might try one day but not right now. good job, and please do more things with that sexy dog i wish i could try it and do so much horny things with them and make it feel good with my dick inside its pussy and create a orgy with a dog's pussy and cum inside. like i said before good job amazing

    solacega, posted

    Young hard boy mounts young bitch and fucks hard from behind. not a lot of other details on this clip. no cum shot or cum. looks like the dog just wants to escape after it is over. Young hard boy mounts young bitch and fucks hard from behind. not a lot of other details on this clip. no cum shot or cum. looks like the dog just wants to escape after it is over. Young hard boy mounts young bitch and fucks hard from behind. not a lot of other details on this clip. no cum shot or cum. looks like the dog just wants to escape after it is over.

    666alpha666, posted

    very hot, a little more detail on the angle would have made it better but just the fact that you can see him thrusting into that pussy nice and hard is worth the bad angle. Like that the dog wasnt really into it either and was instantly looking for a way out. The video taper/fucker seemed to have a level of modesty restraint when taping this like he didnt want all of his body shown just the fucking being done. Ill be adding this to favorites for sure just because i love seeing guys fuck the dogs, whether male or female. its just hot.

    darkpanther854, posted
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