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    Calf Suck


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    Watch this masked man enjoy being sucked off by a calf, to which at one point he bends over and fucks the calf's face. Some good shots taken.

    Uploaded by wantdognow · Rating: 3.6 (104 votes) · 60151 views


    geile vent.

    fens, posted

    that is pretty fuking cool,

    SecretMe85, posted

    I was sucked many times by a calf as well since I was 15. That was great

    johnycl, posted

    very nice

    maalak, posted

    the calf guy gettin sucked reminds me of my teen years on the ranch, lol, a couple us guys would whip it out n let the calf suck us,

    willbju, posted

    Would love to find someone in my area willing to let their calf(s) suck my dick. southern to mid MI

    wkvintus, posted

    que rica mamada

    valruipo, posted

    love to do animal sex...really blow a horse and have many people watch me.....gainesville fl

    handson1, posted

    •Aluzky• Calf = Child ♦ That guy = Pedophile.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    good licking..not cum shot

    goldenrod01, posted

    anyone live in morgan county

    horselover243, posted

    i've had many calves,the younger the better, it feels fuckin awesome, they can take both your cock and balls in their mouth, then just unload in their mouth.

    ilasex61, posted

    any farmers in georgia usa want to share this kind of action with another man? never done it, helluva turn on, horndawgnga@yahoo.com ... serious and very discrete only please

    HornedUpDawg, posted

    I worked on a farm,thats how I got my cherry poped.

    patrick-54, posted

    i wish i had a calf

    meiscool, posted

    tis is even for me no life but i like it!!!

    Ruubje666, posted

    ooh wow

    TTripBoone, posted

    cattle have tongues like sandpaper owwch

    xbgold, posted

    makes me cream my pussy

    granimals, posted

    this makes my pussy creamy ...I have often dreamed that I could watch my man get sucked by our calves.. I know I will one day ,,, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    granimals, posted

    By the way he jumped back I think he found out that calves have sharp teeth on their lower jaws from birth.

    philip, posted

    16yo male looking for male or female human or other speices to try some interesting stuff, i live in Canton OH... Message me for more info

    bigcaboom1, posted


    kocerohavada, posted

    [17.10.2010-01:34] Geile Lecker ! Wo gibt es nur sowas real erreichbar ????

    PetOlli, posted

    ja, die nuckeln gut, kenn ich......hehe

    GDOGFAN, posted

    I used to do this with younger caves and loved how they would suck on my cock as if they were going to get milk but I always shot a geyser load of hot cum into their mouths which they seem to also love. They would always come up to me looking for my cock and it seem like I could hardly get out fast enough for them. Now that I live in the San Francisco Bay area, I don't know where caves are but I have a stallian thy love to suck off and love that huge load of cum he shoots into my mouth. Would love to have buddies here watching and joining me and maybe I could suck him off too. If you're interested and in the area get back at me.

    sidatit, posted

    waste of mins. no sound and no cum shot? whats the point

    watchingitall, posted

    love this gives me hardon

    allen152, posted

    Ein völlig aufgegeilter Mann betritt einen Stall, in dem sich mehrere Kälber befinden. Er weiß, dass Kälber einen starken Saugtrieb haben, greifen mit dem Maul und der kräftigen Zunge nach allem was aussieht wie ein Euter oder eine Zitze. Eines der jüngeren Kälber ist besonders interessiert und kümmert sich gleich um den Besucher, der ja vielleicht etwas zum Absaugen bei sich hat. Der Mann erkennt die Situation sofort und lässt seine Hose herunter. Sein Penis ist halb aufgerichtet und will genommen werden. Das Kalb verliert keine Zeit, greift mit dem schwulstigen warmen Maul nach dem lecker aussehenden Ding zwischen den Beinen des Besuchers. Der gesamte Penis wird eingesogen und abgelutscht, mit der Zunge durchgeknetet. Auch die Hoden werden angelutscht, weil das Maul bis an die Schwanzwurzel greift und saugt. Der Mann zittert vor Geilheit, während das Tier seinen Schwanz bearbeitet, pausenlos, immer wieder zugreift. Er wird sein gesamtes Sperma abgeben, kann gar nicht anders, als dem fordernden Tier alles zu geben.

    eber05, posted

    In this clip we can watch a man and calfs in a stall. The man is wearing no clothes, except a blue sweatshirt and a black mask. He is a bit stout and holds his sweatshirt before he turns to a calf and he held out his semi hard cock. The calf begins immediately to blow the man's cock. The calf takes his cock in its mouth and begins to suck. The guy likes this. The blowjob was the man not intense enough, because he turns to the calf and he begins to fuck in the calf's mouth a few times. Now he was horny enough, ended the face fucking and the calf licked and sucked again. He leans back and enjoys how the calf licks. Finally, slip the cock of the man from the mouth of the calf. It takes him but once again in the mouth and lick the happy continues.

    tierischgut, posted

    Loved the video of man getting sucked by calf love 2 see more of them. I would love 2 see more as these videos are good 2 watch as well as make u want 2 be the person in the video. This was the case with me and this video loved every minute of it and will continue 2 watch more and more all the time. Tell the maker of this video that he or she should do more and more of these videos as I love these type of videos> I will continue watching these till I can not watch any more probably for the rest of my life. That said keep up the good work with these videos and love the cows and would love 2 be in that movie myself.

    lionnessyiffer, posted
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