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    Rough Anal Dog Sex

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    A German Shepard gets it in the butt, he takes it well. A German Shepard gets it in the butt, he takes it well. A German Shepard gets it in the butt, he takes it well. A German Shepard gets it in the butt, he takes it well. A German Shepard gets it in the butt, he takes it well. A German Shepard gets it in the butt, he takes it well.

    Uploaded by manofanal · Rating: 3.7 (90 votes) · 6938 views


    Yeah no bueno, take a look around 2:33, ears laid back and all ,yeah the dogs definitely in pain, especially the way he is holding his skin...this is rather sad x.x And yeah you can be a stone cold straight guy, but play with your prostate and your gonna get hard no matter what.

    tehgreyghost, posted

    the dog was probably uncomfortable with that fat ass's dick in his butt. Male dogs are usually on top while breeding! this is considered rape to me. the dog is obviously trying to get away yet the mother fucker won't stop being selfish. the animal is being raped and forced. Please remove this.

    babylicker, posted

    Bastard, this is rape!!!!

    Eisen, posted

    no way, these is too hot for porn

    llunou, posted

    Mmmmmm, I love seeing balls deep anal. And in all honesty, I've seen harder thrusts so I wouldn't quite call this rough.

    wolfie622, posted


    zndxxx, posted

    Hot! fuck man, u could see the cog cum while the man was fucking his ass and the dog was loving it. I wasn't so rough for the dog for him not to dump his load wlile the dudes cock was in his ass. Stop all that crap about RAPE!!!

    sidatit, posted

    Great hard movie, very hot!

    k9bitchlover, posted

    love this video, but could've been rougher

    xxk1nkyxx, posted

    Poor dog... whoever made this should be stabbed 50 times in the dick with a toothpick

    TamaOkina2, posted

    Also, in response to those that are saying it's not rape because he is getting hard, here is the thing, men whom get raped all the time end up getting hard (Your not saying they weren't raped because they got hard are you? Didn't think so). There is a little thing called a prostate within the anus that causes that when hit just right, however; I don't think that's the case here. Moreover, if you stroke the dogs sheath while your screwing it, it will get just as hard, most likely the case here. Also, I've learned from experience, if you pull the skin too hard, it will hurt the dog and it will whine and cry. In fact, there was a spot in the video where I saw the dog open its mouth like it had, probably why there is no sound.

    unknownone, posted

    Wild Yahoo, go ahead and report your movie being on someone else site to the law enforcement authorities. I would love to be watching CNN and get a laugh from the ticker one day. Anyways, this video definitely bothers me. On one end, I am turned on with the dog having a hard-on while this is occurring yet bring a zoo, I also find it very disgusting that anyone would force an animal to do what it doesn't want to.

    unknownone, posted

    D: Poor dog.. He deserves much better than that hairy brute =\

    RufusX, posted

    I do not like this, it is a thin borderline I think on bestiality and rape. The dog seems to enjoy it for a while, but then seems to want to get away. I understand the dog is fully hard, but that doesn't mean entirely that he is enjoying what is happening to him. I for one feel very bad for this dog and I think this man needs to learn to care for his partner more instead of using him just to get off.

    HiddenGlow, posted

    Definitely a beast guy, sure not a zoo guy, never will be. Those types of people are the ones that makes it hard on the ones that truly love their animal partners. A lot of us do love them, more than we love any human. We just want to be left alone with our lovers, to love them, nothing like this guy is doing. These are the ones that get locked up for being stupid, abusive, torturing their animals, and being cruel.

    mtndoggies4play, posted

    This Video Belongs to me, u fucking ass holes !!!! I am the Original Owner , I filmed my friend doing this, i'ts a fucking shame stolen videos internet out and posting or selling videos in this site I am asking to put it off ur website or I"ll Put it down by the law rights This website will go down !!!

    Wild_yahoo, posted

    HMMMM... ok so i watched this a few more times and now I am not sure what is really going on here. The obvious stiffy the dog sprouts is admittedly what turns me on but what is with the weird angle it is at? at 1 point it is turned around all the way backwards!? Is the guy doing all that with his other hand? I don't see any shadows or other evidence of a second person. Am I just missing it or does this dog have crazy cock control?

    beastybeats, posted

    I would almost tend to agree with the peeps saying this is not right but close inspection to me clearly reveals that the dog is very clearly enjoying it IMMENSELY the boy has a raging hard on that was definitely a RESULT of getting fucked so well!! ULTRA HOT!! I have never before been turned on by male on male bestiality videos even though I have enjoyed having intercourse with male dogs many many times starting at a young age long before ever seeing any kind of video. I have seen lots of vids of male dogs being penetrated anally where the dog seemed to enjoy it but NONE had hard-ons. Yes the guy is griping the dogs skin but dogs have very loose skin and as long as you are not squeezing with the intent to cause pain you wont hurt the dog. IDK maybe he was trying to get away but he sure seemed to like that cock in his ass ALOT!! At least thats what it looks like to me

    beastybeats, posted

    only fat ass take the dog and make them have sex

    CumshotmanL, posted

    Clearly the dog is trying to leave but it's hard to run with a cock in your ass. The dog hasn't bitten him because he's obviously his owner and trust him even though he's being rough. It has nothing to do with it being a male dog. The animal is being forced to stay in position for sex therefore I consider it rape. Remove please.

    l1ck3r, posted

    damn i wish he would fuck me like that.

    k9doglover, posted

    That wasn't rape..that was hot aggressive sex..."wasn't their first rodeo" and since Fido gets hard I don't think P.I.T.A would have a court case.

    reallybad, posted

    how to download videos from petsex?

    salvorj, posted

    PaesIfai, i doubt anyone is talking about it being "rape" because its anal or that its sex with a male dog.. i think people are calling it rape because it seemed "forced" or that the dog doesnt seem to enjoy it or that its too rough (as the title says)

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    I agree with EdgarFitz. There are other videos of anal sex, and no one complains of animal cruelty in those comments. And the dog is aroused by it. That's like saying that homosexual men are raped simply by having someone penetrate them.

    PaesIfai, posted

    vaybe thank

    zevkli5441, posted

    Just for referance this is not me, i just found this vid and noticed it was new.

    manofanal, posted

    Very hot, I hope to see more videos like this. I would love to here the sound to this video.

    Sternenlicht, posted

    :\ this is boarding on animal cruelty

    VanityJay, posted

    i do this to my familys dog i hate him but my goddnesshis butt is so tightit makes it worth having him around and he yalps and screams the whole time when im done he just sits by me like nothing happened gota love dog ass

    chaoschild, posted

    Here is the rape of a poor dog by a dirty fat pig... this is not even beastiality, it's pure violence.

    Dog444, posted

    Is this rape? The dog gets a hard-on while being fucked.... good vid.

    EdgarFitz, posted

    this video is verry bad. i cant belive it!

    hannovergay, posted

    hope someone will know who you are to gets your ass in jail where you get raped like this... i hate cruelty on animals ò.ó

    Adramelec, posted

    I felt bad watching this one. This is nothing but rape. Please Remove.

    Vreeth, posted

    i love beastiality but hate animals being hurt. i hope that the fat cunt raping that poor dog gets hit by a truck and ends up a cripple.

    badgerroy123, posted

    entudom and mrsbiggirl, LOL you two are dumb incase you didnt know..this is a beastiality site...humans fucking animals so stop insulting that man's personal life or aobut him not finding a human to fuck

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    I agree with Dusty. :)

    PaesIfai, posted


    heftyonee, posted

    I agree with entudom. What a fat creep. I feel sorry for the dog.

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    miserable fat pig, cant find a human to fuck with...

    entudom, posted

    I don't care for rough...

    tan69, posted

    I love how the dog's cock comes out of it's sheath :)

    dusty_g, posted

    i feel so dirty...

    T3hPwn3r3r89, posted

    Sorry mate, but you dont know how to fuck a dog. If you take it from the skin of his back like that someday the dog will bite you. Just imagine that someone is fucking your ass and the guy is pulling your skin like that, will you like it? Nah, and the dog either. Seeya, more practice, dogs are animals.

    shotasclub, posted

    ok now that is AWESOME

    ghostbrook, posted

    This video is a rarity of sort nice deep doggy style anal sex with a shepard. The cock is well lubricated so it slides in and out easily there is lots of penetration and it goes deep. Be warned it is a bit rougher than alot of the content out there but many will appreciate that the dog does get a raging hard on during the film, and it would have been nice to see him getting played with a bit. This is one of my favorite videos and is next to impossible to find except here. I thank the creator and wish that he would make many more videos just like this one, roughness and all.

    manofanal, posted
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