• dog gets docked by another dog, this is so damn hot, never seen anything like it before! This is a must see, kinky vid that you will never forget!

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    supermankeiel, posted

    wow, kakva kita

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Mmmmmmmmm nice ^^

    Jacklever, posted

    Im so horny and only 15, msg me <3

    Young_one_64, posted

    dude! that was great!!

    mircea89tm, posted

    the video quality was terrable. :'(

    sexywolf13, posted

    deo coi dc

    dotrunghieu136, posted

    like it thks 4 share

    singwilliam, posted

    i just want that big dog cock on the right in my cunt!

    21forever, posted

    forget the dog docking....that big dog dick on the right, get that thing in your mouth and suck him off like he deserves!!!

    timula, posted

    mmmmm auch ein geil.. =)

    master_20, posted

    mmm, so sweet, I want to suck these two dogs

    ronsoul, posted

    •Aluzky• I think the video is lame, no sound, bad quality, and they didn't dock the dogs.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    right you are jackch3 and beside, none of the two dogs liked it anyway! would be diff. when the dude would try to dock

    All4Dogs, posted

    geieler schwanz '=)

    master_20, posted

    i would love to suck his pretty dick off over and over ...........yummy

    trains, posted

    good vid

    zhuweiwei, posted

    freak.......im sure the dogs enjoyed that..lol

    mydogsissy, posted

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    good vid

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    that's a big doggie dick i want it

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    Super hot and a first time see for me also

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    kolika kita! fenomenaaaaalnooooo!

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    ianmax, posted

    this was great; never seen it but quite erotic

    caramelclit57, posted


    gfkujhb, posted

    hm, this is lovely!

    Prasak, posted

    sehr geiles video ... nur zu kurz

    pluemli, posted

    Picture is not seen clearly. I see some articles are moving.But nicely picturised. Thanks.

    elmraj, posted

    Picture is not seen clearly. I see some articles are moving.

    elmraj, posted

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    bms623, posted

    Wish it was one male dog tieing in the ass of another male dog. That's what I REALLY wanna see.

    korneech, posted


    Saske22, posted

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    dirtyslag, posted

    He never actually docked, misleading title

    jackch3, posted


    mrjuju750, posted

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    this is so hot, I wish I had been there to suck that cock before

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    Hot doggy dick. Wish the dude would've sucked it!

    mikeycantor, posted

    never seen that before,hopefully not the last time I see it

    Wolfblood, posted

    Wow, weird and strangely interesting...pls msg and help me have the chance to do this!

    darelsix, posted

    wow nice cock thing is long as hell

    ilovedogs24, posted

    it should hav been up the guys arse

    bootedskinhead, posted

    boring and bad quality

    zocurioso, posted

    Thats a beautiful dog cock, would have loved to be there

    beefbeast, posted

    da läuft mir sofort der vorsaft ausm schwanz

    hiddensee, posted

    scheise ist das geil... hab sofort nen steifen bekommen >.<''

    cronus85, posted

    I agree with beast boy - anyone for a canine spitroast?

    Qing, posted

    Verdammt geil eins der heißesten videos die ich hier gesehen habe !!

    seratiu, posted

    Megageil!!! Mehr davon, bitte!!

    miro1959, posted

    just fuck them man

    beastboy1131988, posted

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    wow a must see for those into docking and even those that arn't may get a thrl out of this one.This is a hot movie. a sexy back beast with a massive cock and black and tan beauty are assisted in docking by an boviously interested male. the vid was little short for me. i think the vid would have been better if he would have also involved himself in the action like sucking one or both of the cocks and attempting to dock with own penis. I recommend a camraman next time but over all still a very satisfying and sexy to watch I recomend to all who are interseted in docking

    hornyKatxx, posted

    this video had one of the longest knots that ive seen and it had some great sheathing. I would love to suck that beast all the time.I wish had a dog with that knot for some very hot times.great vid would like to see a lot more from this long stud.to bad i do not have a video camera to record my gsd and me.great resolution and sheathing i would rate this 4.5 if every video had a dog as big as this one i would bookmark every one of them. would like to see longer videos next time.

    dogonman1, posted

    This video is like nothing i ever seen.Used to gay man on man cock docking but even more horny is this dog with a fuckin massive fat cock(could happily suck n swallow on a big fat viened dog cock like this 0ne anyway)being dicked with some other hairy sheathed dog.CREAMY OLD PISS N OTHER DOGS SHEATH WAS HORNY ASWELL. WISH I COULD HAVE CLEANED UP THE HAIRY DOG THEN TAKEN THAT FAT DOG COCK DOWN MY THROAT TILL HE PUMPED HIS LOAD STRAIGHT DOWN MY THROAT or let him mount me with that fat throbing big dog cock of his.Fuck! Just spukned everywher thinking about that lovely fat dog cock.! mmm

    Biggayal74, posted

    not very good needs to be better quality and you should know how to do it better than you did this movie is dissapointing but i love see nice animal dick .... makes me want to shoot my load onto my dog but then i would have to wash him. the nicest thing about sucking dog dick is the warm feeling you get in your mouth and when they lick your dick it is the best feeling ever. i love the feeling when i slide my dick into my dog he makes a moaning sound cause he enjoys it. its nice when he shoves his dick in my ass i love it. i almost cum straight away i love doing it doggy its fucking great! im almost cumming just thinking about it. im going outside to fuck him now and im going to cum all over him and let him fuck my tight juicy asshole.

    robbiebob12345, posted

    This video isn't the best, but it is a good one. Watching how the cute guy, was forcing two dogs to dock, was quite interesting, and even arousing. But, a down side to this video, was that there was no real penetration, at all. On the other hand, it was arousing to see the thick, dog cock trying to make it's way inside the female's tight little cunt. But, The fumbling around was a little bit of a turn off, at least on my end. I give this video a four out of five, just because it was a great video, but more practice was needed.

    lettis1, posted
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