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    Dog Lick Man


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    i enjoy getting my two dogs lick me , they love that especially licking my balls so much that made me upload a huge amount of sperms , isn;t fun to cum without using your hand just using ur dogs

    Uploaded by egyptmmx · Rating: 4.6 (285 votes) · 35019 views


    Nice, would like to give them dogs a try on my big balls, very hot. also a very nice cock.

    Harddick2, posted

    My Favorite Video

    cumslut1, posted

    beautiful cock. i'd take the place of the dogs any day and eat all that cum.

    sneakermud, posted

    Man those dogs are trained perfectly. The way they relentlessly lapped at those balls was great. That bouncing dick was great as well. You could actually see that you were about to shoot that load...Bravo

    eatmee69, posted

    i love you

    kimthehien, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM God how addicted I am to your cock I can't watch your videos enough MMMMM you make my wet cunt cum so hard........make lots more & with sound pretty please....:)

    pussylickin, posted

    I wanna get my dick licked sooo horn!!!!!

    kmilo0828, posted

    I am in 18 year old white boy looking to break my virginity to a dog or my first man!! with a throbbing penis. I am desperate please I live in fremont, california! Nick6060@gmail.com

    Shaxor, posted

    I can't tell you how much this video turns me on. Love watching that beautiful cock of his bob while it's being dog-licked. And love his hairy legs. Newsie

    newsie, posted

    OMG I love your cock & the dogs licking it when you cum it makes me cum MMMMMMMM I love your movies....

    pussylickin, posted

    know what it feels like my female sheperd would lick me clean everyday made my cock so hard and the loads of cum would feels so great to unload she would lick it all up and start again never had a woman make my cock feel the same .

    9inchhorsecock, posted

    muy bueno!!!!!!!

    joaquin2005, posted

    Can I borrow those two beautiful dogs for about a month? Warning: they may get fat on all the semen they lick out of me!

    Viking25, posted

    i wud love 2 have been there and layin in front on the man with nice hard cock and let him watch his dog lick my wet pussy i wud love it as i watched it i had a bannan up my pussy so who ever reads this tell me wot u wud like 2 c up my pussy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love cocks

    juice100, posted

    Nice licking and lucky cock with two great dogs

    yanmar, posted

    One of the very best movie! So sweet and nice looking Dogs, they likkin so good and know that what come = nice cum! Einer der besten Filme! So süß und schön die Hunde, die so brav Männerschwanz lecken bis zur geilen Spermasamen-entladung, um dann den leckeren Samen auf zu schlecken. So geil zum Abspritzen zu lecken, müßen meine Kleinen noch lernen ;-)

    sadfuck, posted

    •Aluzky• Love this guy videos cuz those dogs are so sexy. Though this video is already uploaded many times.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    fuckin hottttttttttttttttt

    mydogsissy, posted

    Love everything about this vid - Your cock, your body, your ass, your two beautiful dogs - Looks like the dogs feel the same way about you - Fantastic - Thanks!

    astoriaguy23, posted

    I love all your videos!!

    Alleswoller, posted

    fuck i wish i was that dog......nice cock.

    mydogsissy, posted

    i wish there was sound....that looks so good!!!

    kellydennis1983, posted

    Great video, big hairy cock, love how the guy gets sucked and rimmed and can cum without even touching himself. Hot.

    Jimbo40, posted

    Fuck this movie gets me hot. Love his position - love seeing the cum start shooting out. Love how hungry those dogs are. Love the hair on his legs.

    newsie, posted


    david17, posted

    Hi, I sure love to experience doing the dog so much, up for all and everything you want me do wish there some dog owners near me two help me in London zzuke@hotmail.com please help

    ianmax, posted

    awesome...... i did the same with doggy and it licked all my penise & my cum.

    rks_33604, posted

    very hot licking, nice cock and hot cum I like to watch this video

    etu, posted

    Fantastic........ I missed my words

    nikkki, posted

    very hot, with the 2 dogs, great cum shot only thing that was missing was sound

    Bun122, posted

    fucking hot!! was fucked a couple of months ago by this guy i met online.. he came on my ass and then let his dog lick my manhole... fucking dog loves cum!

    modele64, posted

    Very impressive...

    foxik66, posted

    oh, yeah! it's the most hot than I see in my life

    Patatass_666, posted

    lovley masive cock ide love two suck the jiz out of that wile the dogs lik them balls

    bevlad, posted

    It's so hot to watch him lick your beautiful cock and then watch you shoot allll over the ground =) it feels amazing to spurt without touching!

    fleagle90, posted

    Two great white dogs licking your beautiful cock, balls and ass, fantastic!!!

    dogcock67, posted

    mmm dog luvd the cum that it made the man shoot, i was made to start this way, dog licking me

    bootedskinhead, posted

    obori_69@hotmail.co-m... send to me me message and pictuer.....i;m thaigay k

    somporn, posted

    Can a woman join the party? This is perfect

    licklover1971, posted

    Finally, sometimes a cool video. To leakages splash up to him and the dogs are glad about the good cream.

    dognots, posted

    dude if you dont agree with the site why do you have a user name D4g0nSOul? great vid

    maremaster14, posted

    rot in hell all you sick animal fucking freaks. HEIL HITLER, HEIL HITLER, HEIL HITLER.

    D4g0nS0ul, posted

    that is one of the very best videos....really lovely cock, two dogs, and what can one want? it is so hot. It reminds me of my dog....miss her,

    sebastianamore, posted

    It must be an out of the world feeling to have two dogs lick your balls until you shoot your load without even touching your cock. HOT,HOT, movie!

    jayshaw, posted

    The attention that these dutiful dogs show, exemplifies what dogs should be to their master. Knowing that their master is in need of sexual release these loving, dutiful dogs team up to gently bring him to orgasm. I would rate the film quality as good. The angle was decent, but the lighting could have been better. If sound had been included that would have upped the "wow" factor of this film significantly. I love that the cum shot was so prominent. It was because of this that I absolutely added it to my favorites. In conclusion, the dogs were beautiful and the love was so obviously mutual. The cum shot at the end was awesome although sound would have made it perfect.

    thomigirl, posted

    i enjoy watching this vid. i had my friends dog lick me that was the first time i let a dog lick my dick and taste my cum wish my doggy friend wanted to fuck me or i could fuck him he only licked my cock but he would smell my junk when i would go over to his house so it a lil suspiciious but whenever we got a chance alone i would let him lick me but if i could own a dog or two of my own i would fuck them everyday i love bestiality cuz it gets me off

    doglicksmycock, posted

    this is very hot-- hands free cumming by having your two dogs lick your balls and ass- it is very hot. seeing the guy's hardening cock pulsing and swining and jumping all over the place as his two dogs lick his ass and balls is so very hot. it is a great camera angle too as you can see the guy's cock when he begins to unleash his huge load of cum. The dogs like it so much they go over to lick up the cum and then go back to lick the guy's ass some more and balls and then go to lick the guy's cum off the floor. Definately a very erotic video. I hope you will post more. VERY HOT!

    hawaiitravel, posted

    This is a truely outstanding movie. The resolution is very high quality with excellent lighting. Both dogs are active and work both sides of the man sometimes each on opposite sides, sometimes both together. It is a great extensive cum shot with a good response from the dogs. They continue to each work on the man long after the explosion. These dogs never get tired or bored and I bet they could go on for another five minutes. This is 10 rated clip if there ever was one. I will immediately look for other clips sent in by this member. Please continue to provide clips of this same outstanding quality.

    rkbreede, posted

    The video starts out with a man positioning the camera. Finally a beautiful white fluffy dog enters the scene diving right in to giving the man a hot blow job. Next the man is knelling on the floor this time the white dog is joined by a second dog. It looks like one dog switches from licking the mans ass and balls while the second dog licks the base of his balls. The camera zooms in on the mans cock giving the viewer a birds eye view of full extent of the mans pleasure. At one point both dogs are licking the man from behind giving his nice sized balls a yummy looking tongue bath. The dogs clearly enjoy giving the man a very thorough licking. Towards the end only one dog continues to lick. The man shoots a rather impressive load of cum which becomes a tasty treat for the dog. All in all this is probably one of my favorite clips on this site. The only thing that could have made this better would have been sound.

    californiashn, posted

    i love how the dog licks his cock, it turns me on so much. I wish the sound was turn on but the visual is enough to put me over the edge. It is a pretty amazing video. I love how he came without touching himself and it was just the dogs rimming him and licking his cock. Looking at the video makes me miss getting my cock licked by a dog. I could watch this video over and over again. I was so close to cumming while watching this video and I wished it was a little bit more longer but overall it was a great video.

    kendramusings, posted

    This is a movie that you won't want to miss!!! Not one, but two beautiful white doggies lick their master's hot asshole and big fat juicy cut cock. Both dogs lick and lick until their master pumps a big fat juicy white creamy load, which one of the doggies eagerly lap up. I think these dogs have done this before!!! Seems one of the dogs can't get enough of the Master's juice and takes care of the cum puddle on the floor. I only wish we could see the dog's master's face. His body is very hot and I would have loved to have had some sounds of the guy moaning when he shot his load. This movie is YUMMY!!!

    mortition, posted

    I personally found this very exciting and I could wait for him to pop a nut and the dogs were licking so fine, I too was excite and moved to pleasure. I would very much like to watch these three in person, or on another video, if possible. It's nice to be able to see all the action without the cam wondering all over the room. Or worse, so dark you can't see a thing that is happening. I for one applaud this team for giving us a good quality video. Keep up the good work and I hope to see another good video soon. Just wish others took the time to preview their entries before posting them.

    fatuglyguy, posted

    Problably this is one of the most amazing videos that I ever have seen, except some made for the same dude. These dogs are great, well trained and asious for give pleasure to his owner. They now perfectly what to do every time and look for the best position for give their best. I only have the dude about the sex of the dogs, I hope that they wil be female. Then you could choose between them who fuck first while the other one is waiting her turn, probably linking your balls and dick. Thats will be really horny. Nevertheless I have a dude, how hell this gay get trained his dogs for liking him on these way.

    anadac, posted

    I love how the dogs started to like it off the ground like they were so needy of it... It's amazing how they got you off by simply just licking you. Overall a good movie, everything was perfect. It must have took a lot of training for them to do that, and I would love to maybe learn how someday that you managed to get them to be so willing. I know this may sound weird but maybe next time try to squirt in a bowl then let them lick it out of there that would be even more hot!

    Kairier, posted

    Great five star (and 5 cum spurts) video starts off with an American Eskimo dog licking its master's cock and dense pubes. Video quickly changes to the guy on all four and having the dog lick his cock from the front as another American Eskimo dog licks the guy's balls and asshole from behind. Like all jealous dogs, the one in front thinks the one in back has the better "treat" and goes to the back. For a short period, the guy enjoys both dog tongues on his aroused and sensitive cock, balls and asshole. The alpha dog soon nudges the other dog out so only it has access to his master's pleasure. The guy is so turned on by being video taped while his dog licks him that at the 1:09 minute of the video he starts shooting ropes of sperm without even touching his cock! The dog goes from licking the spurting cock to licking his master's wad off the floor and back several times. Once or twice getting a "pearl string" drop on its head. The guy slowly spurts more cum without touching himself until the 1:30 minute. An achievement that is quite impressive.... and one that I am jealous of.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    This dog is really having a great licking time. Would like to be the dick being licked. should have had shots from rear of dog licking the butt hole. That tongue would make any body come a full load. Dog is really having fun I came just watching. and when he klicked it up it almost made me come again. Only thing to make it better if he and dog did a sixty nine and came together.Iwas surprised that the dog did not mount the cute ass and fuck it hard. I think more people shoult try this for come fun

    midnight316, posted
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