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    Man Has Sex With Male Deer 1


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    A guy fucks a Stag Deer in the Ass in his yard. The deer starts to hump back against the man. IT is a good up close video. There are three parts

    Uploaded by charliebarkin · Rating: 4.2 (253 votes) · 73381 views


    dam sexy,,, big man ,,big cock,,, how the deer just takes it,,, man's breathing,, just ready to dump his lode,,, yeah dam sey

    biltedm, posted

    geiler fick

    lusti, posted

    The deer is dead

    Kikazuruu, posted

    love it deer have such sexy asses

    huskypaws69, posted

    Удалите это видео и смежные с ним пожалуйста. Траханье мёртвого животного неприемлемо и отвратительно. Это не зоофилия и не бестиализм - это настоящее безумие

    tunsertun, posted

    fucking hot fuck in the arse of a deer, so fucking cool

    chubbyladie, posted

    pound that fluffy ass:)

    f4e152, posted

    @kangaroo its illegal in CA

    ZacharyLK, posted

    that was fucking hot man..!

    aristeos40, posted

    Hey, anyone in the CA bay area have any animals I could fuck? I'm not picky, dog, horse, cow, donkey, pig, sheep, etc

    KangarooBoy69, posted

    Watching that man's cock slip into the buck's big butthole makes me soo horny! I wish I was him!

    Inu-Kun, posted

    makes me horny waw

    mouhana, posted

    i want some to

    haloface, posted

    its not dead.. you can hear the man breathing AND the deer breathing also . he may be sedated. but he is alive for sure.

    jguy, posted

    ooohh very hot

    dalmarsamy, posted

    Very Hot!

    Rockyj, posted

    Nice deer fucking! I love seeing his cock slide up inside of that fuzzy deer rump ;)

    Gatorvent, posted

    very hot!!!!!!

    yjk51734, posted

    kobori_69@hotmail.co-m... send me to me message and pictuer.....i;m thaigay

    somporn, posted

    I just want to have been inserted end, so just comfortable, just my good big, always afraid it can't stand.

    sxiren, posted

    Oh dear. . .!:o

    Nasu_Grave, posted


    D4g0nS0ul, posted

    Yea, i think the same, its dead, but some other ways to fuck withe a male deer?!

    soldier90, posted

    deer do have very beautiful rumps.i still think this buck is almost dead

    zaphod, posted

    wow fuckn hot , not into bears ,but i always wanted to fuck a anthromorphic deer, but a real one wow never crossed my mine! post more plz!!!!!!

    Nighthowler6996, posted

    D-E-A-D is not hot in my book. Ick.

    deepsix, posted


    bmteeter72, posted

    Wonderfully hairy guy with a nice dick!

    balloonguyaz, posted

    ¡Its hot!

    oroblanco, posted


    lfdv, posted


    ketankumar, posted

    i dont think this deer is alive. if you look at the second movie, one of the front legs is in such a position, it would cause the deer a lot of pain.

    mikitan, posted

    wow...how in the world did he manage that? THATS HOT

    hiiiii, posted

    That's the most unusual video at Gay Bestiality: a guy does a stag deer in a hot anal scene, literally taking the animal's temperature; also and not surprisingly, the animal seems to be enjoying the rectal massage - enormously. The scene was too short, but the anal penetration was amazing – absolutely –, and the deer really took a big one up the ass; additionally, the anal penetration was a nice balls-deep. That deer simply loved being probed by his owner’s dick – as the video demonstrates noticeably –, and the penetration was unusually deep – greater than normal. I’m anxiously waiting for a full video.

    Swordsdragon, posted

    Never thought about doing a Deer. The video was a good close up the jacket gets in the way a little bit. Also would like to see a cum shot and a full shot of you and deer some moning would be good as well. This is also so picture distortion probley done during downloading. The cock and ass with the deer has giving me a full hard on would love to be in your shoes. Need a longer version of this video to see the cum and add the full view just onece and som moning an this video would be great maybe have someone else recorde it for you. I would give it a 6 out of 10.

    coolboy0715, posted

    This movie where he was ducking the dear you can hear a lot of his heavy breathing like he was really horny and had to have it. The more he pump in out the more excited he got . It makes you want to say where is me a dear and it makes the seat of your panties wet. I wanted to come in the screen and be a deer at that time and his coco looked so great. If he would have cumulative in that dear . Oh man how great it would have been. Man. Umm umm umm I need that dear

    cupcake37, posted

    The film was not great because it keeps breaking up during the replay but still how often does someone get to see a dude do a doe. He sticks his hard cock into the deer and the deer does not seem to mind. The guy pumps the whitetail deer slow and deep. I would imagine what this guys says when he gets back from his hunting trip and his buddy’s ask how he did on his trip and he replies to them yea man I saw a doe and I really nailed her! Hope his friends don’t want some of the meat for themselves.

    nmdolphan, posted

    Man gets a hot deer from behind and gets his dick in deep. Camera is a little unsteady but it doesnt take away from the hot action. Deer is obviously enjoying themselves, pushing back on the hot cock in their hole. Mans cock is very hard. Personally wish he had someone there to film so we could have seen the sexy deer, but the mans breathing is enough to let us know they are both enjoying themselves. Could have been a little longer, but there are additional parts (which I suggest checking out as they are also very hot). Hopefully this man can get a female deer for next time.

    k9cuntphil, posted
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