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    Man Has Sex With Male Deer 2


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    A guy fucks a Stag Deer in the Ass in his yard. This video has good shots of the action. This is the second of three parts.

    Uploaded by charliebarkin · Rating: 4.1 (254 votes) · 65022 views


    Now here's something unusual! I would prefer if it was a female, but whatever....

    plopok, posted

    Necrobeast is part of beastiality. If you don't like it, don't click on the videos with people fucking animals. if the animal is fucking the guy, it's obviously not dead. Better than abusing a live animal in my opinion, and I've seen a lot of those really fucked up too big cock for too little dog videos on this site where the dog is clearly alive and in severe pain. I don't see someone fucking a dead animal as worse than someone raping and abusing a live one. So STFU and fap or go to a "regular" porn site with only people.

    Espeon, posted

    so hot do you fuk guys

    iamonds, posted

    I need some help. Message me?

    Thomas1290, posted

    I know the deer is dead! He was still a wonderful fuck ;)

    Gatorvent, posted


    Uzimdn594, posted

    deer is dead

    Kikazuruu, posted

    Удалите это видео и смежные с ним пожалуйста. Траханье мёртвого животного неприемлемо и отвратительно. Это не зоофилия и не бестиализм - это настоящее безумие

    tunsertun, posted

    What state is this in? You seem to frequent road-deers.

    puddlepop, posted

    wow love this vid, nice looking cock, anyone near or in Ga im looking for anything like this message me or hit me up at Wolfenbane@hotmail.com

    hotbox13, posted

    Damn.... I'd enjoy bending over for you... love your hairy stomach. :)

    Dakooter-python, posted

    ....so, is it just me or does it seem like the buck isn't...well, alive? this isn't to bash your video, I've just never seen a wild buck do that unless its legs were tied.

    denma, posted


    wu814739465, posted

    I fucked him, I kissed him, I ate out his ass....he was so fun!!!

    Gatorvent, posted

    This is fucking nasty you don't go fucking wild animals dead or not. That thing probably has some disease or something.

    mypussyswet, posted

    Ah, I love my fans! ;)

    Gatorvent, posted

    You know, this really is DISGUSTING, but I have to say that if this monkey wants to screw a live light socket, who am I to stop 'em :-> In effect, that is what this dead deer is....an inanimate object. BUT if this asshole KILLED this deer....then he should be gutted ;-> It only disturbs me when I think of how many naked apes there are out there who will rape an animal WHILE IT IS ALIVE! THOSE are the people I worry about and who better NEVER cross paths with THIS wolf :->! As to the guy below who said, "All of you saying this is sick and you're repulsed by him fucking a dead deer need to get over it. ALL OF US ARE SICK FOR BEING ON A BEASTY SITE ANYWAY. HYPOCRITES!"....well speak for yourself, asshole. I HAPPEN to be here because I LOVE my bitches as well as SCREW them, and once in a great while there is a good video here where another who LOVES their dog shares that love with the ZOOPHILES who visit here!

    TZwolf, posted


    vamsi8709, posted

    Damn talk about rape LOL nice vid

    german2525, posted


    casperdubois, posted

    dead things cant complain :P

    k9-jay, posted

    someone messege me and tell me if its safe to fuck a deer in the ass if its only been dead a few minutes

    analfreaklyxxx, posted

    Interesting... =/

    Xannic, posted

    yeah I fucked that deer and yes he was dead. roadkill, I do not murder. still, damn tasty ass!

    Gatorvent, posted

    wow this man have a nice cock and beautiful deer hole

    rimkoscar, posted

    Ooh I'd hit that ass so hard!!!

    Gatorvent, posted

    This is wack, wouldn't hit it and neither should you.

    Donowan, posted

    Why does anyone care if some dude likes to fuck dead deers? I liked the video.

    azjamie1, posted

    he hunted and shit it,its dead,and he fucking a dead deer!!!...crazy!!

    crambone, posted

    Most likely, this is dead. If it is, it would take a lot of nerve to shove it in a cold hole. Since bodies cool quickly, and since he has on a lot of winter clothes, what would the temperature be in there? Why is that hole wide open, and why is it black? The only black ones I have ever seen were lying along the road. Is this a Whitetail? Not me.

    74539, posted


    yjk51734, posted

    kobori_69@hotmail.co-m... send to me to me message and pictuer.....i;m thaigay

    somporn, posted

    That's a dead or very sleepy deer. He must have been horny & waiting ALL day for that buck to come by... dead though? blech. I hope it was @ least warm,,, otherwards you may as well fuck a watermelon.

    breakitnow, posted

    mmm beautiful cock man

    caru, posted

    such a waste of a nice cock. but the action was still good.

    subgrl69, posted

    oh this is hot

    lust4petu, posted

    like it cause it's nasty and different he has a nice hairy cock and is very horny even if deer is shot and gonna be dinner like the fact he wants to fuck a warm hole.

    fastdraw, posted

    THE DEER IS DEAD. Fuck this shit.

    ilmhp, posted

    Gross is not universial what some cultures find gross..others find it normal same on individual level..someone might find it gross to have sex without showering first others dont find it gross, but sexy etc

    tigerbirdy456, posted

    What a necrofantasia?

    Negratus, posted

    It's not necessarily 'immoral', it's just gross to me. Like having anal sex with your grandma. Immorality is a bullshit term. But gross is universal.

    deepsix, posted

    Dude. He's giving anal to a male deer and you're complaining that it's immoral because it's dead? lol, classic.

    juhstou, posted

    yeah?and how can a dead deer stand on his feet?

    waffa, posted

    ¡Nice, good video!

    oroblanco, posted

    this is sick :( Its one thing with live animals, but dead ones =/ This should be removed.

    alveress, posted

    If this deer is dead then I am going to puke and then say "You are fucked up..."

    dragonsgirl, posted


    trevorlanch, posted

    Mm..There is no cum shot, but the man thick cock and the deep penetration into the deer ass makes this video amazing and worth the watch. He starts by slowly puts his juicy cock into the deer ass; inch by inch. Afterward, he keeps up his slow pace going deeper an deeper, in and out. The male deer is loving it because he stays calm while his ass is being invaded and penetrated by the man's cock. The man at some points grab onto it's back as he pushes his thick lovely cock deeper into the male deer's tight asshole.

    joejoe1960, posted

    The quality is amazing as is the fact you could get some with a friken deer! fucking hot as hell I am disappointed that the pants kept getting in the way :c but otherwise this is a grade A piece of sex! really I cant help but fap every time I see it and fap hard I do! hell I would share this with just about anyone I know its that good of a three parter. please make more of these videos or if your just finding them bring more of them to the site! deer sexing for the win woohoo!

    Jessica_Warhawk, posted

    Well this video is pretty good. The video starts with a good view of wide open stag ass. The guy then proceed to have some fun with it. Though you never see the stag you can tell its probably decieced, but if you can ignore that the video isn't half bad. The camera is moved around alot making for a lot of good and bad angles but all and all you still see a good amount of action. Also there is sound so you can hear but it is mostly the rattlng of the camera movement. All and all i say its a good video of an animal you don't see alot if your into hunting might wana check this baby out.

    catorce1414, posted
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