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    Man Gets Unrestricted Stallion Cock Up His Ass


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    This guy gets mounted by a horse and grants him to insert his dick without holding it back with his hands! Almost made me cum without doing anything. Really hot!

    Uploaded by saftschubse · Rating: 4.0 (823 votes) · 107759 views


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    Fucking hell. Thought not a lot was going to happen and then suddenly you're impaled on a massive horse cock and nearly lifted off your feet by it. Then all that spunk running out of your arse when it's finished with you. Fantastic!

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    There is NOTHING I love more than guys getting banged by stallions. There is just something exciting in seeing the horse cock go into the ass and the man taking it bravely.

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    a lot of nothing, but the end is worth the wait!

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    2 and a half minutes of this video could've been cut out.

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    I dont know what was up there..on that red thing but he seemed more interested in that than you.Though it's still a good vid :p just the 2+ minutes of nothing was a slight issue, still I'd give it a 4.4/5

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    The first 2 and 1/2 min's were nothing to see, but the ending was well worth the wait.

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    Was pretty hot, but you should really cut off the first 2:30 of the video... The horse (nor guy) didn't do anything until the last 30 seconds :/

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    This video starts out very slow but ends up being pretty hot. We don't see the horse cock until 2:35 and the video is only 3:00. Having said that, when the horse cock does appear, it is huge and rock hard. It is amazing how the guy takes that hard cock being rammed straight up his ass! It actually goes almost all the way in as the horse gives him a furious banging for about 20 seconds. The horse shoots his huge load in the mans ass and we get to see it spill out onto the ground. Very hot. I only wish the man pulled his pants all the way down so we could see his cock too.

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    first of all great video i absolutly loved it, great quality my favorite part of all of it was the part where the stallion stuck his huge penis in there and just watching it go in and him pumping it just great and at the end when the stallion came inside of him and it dripped out then he pushed the rest out infront of the camera just made me quiver like i can just watch it over and over again and just wished i had a horse hat would do that to me aswell but i only have a dog who dosnt really care for sex and is basicly useless for that kind of thing anyways great vid LOVED IT!!

    likethater, posted

    First 2 minutes are nothing but time filler. There is a man standing with his pants pulled half way down, and a horse standing beside / behind him. At about two minutes twenty that is when things take off. The horse mounts his partner quickly and proceeds to shove it's entire cock deep into the guy's guts in one fell swoop. HOT HOT HOT! After a few lovely moments of horse cock stroking in and out, the horse dismounts. As proof that he just got the best fuck of his life, he turns his ass to the camera and lets gooey horse cum squirt and dribble out. WOW!

    wyrnikh, posted

    wish it woulda lasted longer >.< other than that i loved it. hoped the horse would have came more, and maybe a better angle. plus the first two minutes was not necesary in the least :( but it was almost worth the few pumps of action we got. all in all maybe a 2.5/5 just because of the length of the actual action going on. definate turn on though, loved watching that lovely horse cock glide in and out of your ass, almost effortlessly. it looked like you walked away a little shaken though, and its funny how the horse didnt use its full length, very suprising, he trained?

    NYkilla69, posted

    It starts slow but once it get into it it is good love to see him take that big cock up his ass. Only thing i wish that it was me taking it instade. We need more videos like it on here. Love it when an animal takes the powere away from man. Most men would not know how to take a cock like that. But it is like every thing else you just have to get use too it. I don't think there is any as nice to see a cock of a horse. My dream is to do a video with a cock like this horse up my ass or trying to see how much i can take down my throat. Would love to taste horse cum. I would like to see more of the horse fucking men on here it is really a turn on for me.

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    Firstly, skip to at least two minutes in to really enjoy this vid- why? Because we don't see very much happening in those two minutes which is a real shame because the rest of the video is very hot indeed. We see a guy taking it from a well-endowed stallion whose thick cock really pounds his ass. The angle is good too, letting us see just how long that horse is and how much the guy is getting inside him. Best of all is once the horse is finished unloading all he’s got, the guy even pushes all the cum back out right in front of the camera and damn there's a lot. Lucky guy, hot horse, thick cock.. shame about the first two minutes. 4/5

    jb12345, posted

    All I can say is WOW! This was one of the best Man/Horse clips that I have ever viewed! The guy took that horse cock very well with no hesitation whatsoever,and took every inch of that cock without stopping the horse from going too deep! Seeing the horse mount the guy and the all of a sudden the horse cock fully erect and pushing inside and humping the guy was really HOT!When the guy squirted the cum out of his asshole was a really big turn on for me!Would have really been nice to have been able to hear the guy as he was getting fucked! I would love to see more movies like this!

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    omg...did that guy have any problems after that?...there's no way a guy could take such a huge magnificent stallion cock in his ass and not have any problems...i kind of wish i was there because i like horse cum...its so delicious...i cant get enough of it...i like to also take dog knots up the ass and i like to give it back to them!!!!!...i need to get a new camera so i can get some sweet videos of me fucking my dogs...all 9 of them...they are alll part wolf and they all are so tight and delicious and they also like to suck on my cock.they literally suck your cock...i cum in within like 5-10 minutes...way faster than my old dogs when i was younger

    insaneclwn, posted

    Okay, The first few minutes were bare...barron nothing happening, Just a guy with his pants down...The horse was obviously thinking "Wtf is this guy doing!" But the last half a minute made the whole thing worth while when the horse began to mount, You have a good angle where the horse thrusts his penis inside, (One note is that the horses penis is quite nicely sized,) and you literally feel the tension in the mans ass as the penis pushes through the muscle, The penetration is shot from a good angle, you see every thrust the horse makes, and the stallion is obviously enjoying it. He doesnt last long and as the stallion cums you see his cock pulsing, very beautiful. Once the hunk pulls out you get a gratious shot of the man squeezing the horses semen out, most likely the hottest part of the entire video. I hereby rate this video 7 out of 10, If not for the blank spot at the start with no action this would have got a perfect 10, but other than that, it reminds me of the time i lost my virginity to my stallion.

    boobiecock2, posted

    this vidio is lame.!dude needs to be but nakeed and dont have a 400 pound horse on you. you get naked and back up on his cock!hang on let him fuck you vilently. then turn around and clean his cock up with my mouth !if he starts again i guess im gonna swaLLOW A LOT OF CUM THANK YOU .IF IT WERE ME I WOULDENT RUN OF CAMERIA LIKE IM IN TROBBLE.LIKE YOUR MOMMA CAUGHT YA JACKIN OFF.WHEN THE HORSE FINALLY GOT HIS COCK UP IN THE DUDE I WAS CHEARRING FOR THE HOURSE COCK .I WANT TO TRY A HOURSE. HE CAME IN 5 SECONDS IF I HAd that mutch cock in me at one time you have to let him finish.hes to big and to strong you cant make hime stop.he will finish or get out when he wants too,i would love for him to rape my ass please,

    x2g5o914, posted

    The first two minutes are little bit of a drag... you can see the guy bent over, just waiting for the stallion to mount him. Out of the whole 3 minutes, the last 30 seconds are where you see the stallion slam his huge cock into the guy's ass. You can clearly see the stallion thrusting inside him. At the end, the guy turns and you can see the cum drip from his ass. The picture cuts in and out a little bit in some parts. Not a overly great video, but its okay.. who doesn't like to see a man mounted and fucked with a big thick cock :)

    misschiff, posted

    hot only at the end. big load in his ass. messy hole and lots of cum pouring out. nice load. i like seeing the huge cock going in, and the humping. his hole was so stretched at the end, and it spurted the cream load all over the place once the stallion dismounted. would be hotter if another guy ate the hole and you saw him lick and swallow all the stallion cum. the first two minutes are boring, and should be cut out. it got me hot tho, and i could feel my precum oozing and my hole aching for that stallion cock. SO BIG.

    pntiemant, posted

    ok so im not sure why this video was on for such a long time it had a whole two minutes of just the guys arse. And plus he had his trousers on the whole time kinda a put off. The horse had a nice big cock though and was a good turn on watching all the horses cum dripping out of the guys newly stretched arsehole would have been better with some moaning from the guy with his trousers completely off and if it didnt take so long to start. But did give me a nice hard on thinking about them going at it in that barn

    sambo6969, posted

    This is a great video! It could be improved if the guy receiving the horse cock had someone filming it, so we can see the penetration up close. It is not until about two minutes into the movie that the horse mounts the guy and the penetration occurs. That guy can really take the horse well! Unlike most videos, he remained quite during a majority of the penetration. The horse came pretty quickly after the penetration. It was great how the man moved towards the camera so that he could show the horses cum as it squirted out of his ass. The guy taking the cock has a great ass! This video could only be improved a few ways, and is one of the better videos of a guy getting penetrated by a horse.

    darknescoverme, posted

    i love how he patiently waits for his stallion to take his pleasure. its almost like the stallion was whispering to him asking him if he was ready to recieve what the stallion was ready to give!!! and it was awesome when he turned to face the camera and let us see the large gift that he was given!!! i wish i was there to see this first hand! great job all around from both of you!!! Very brave to take the stallions full strokes and not run from him. i cant tell which part i liked more, the "silent courtship" or the exciting and powerful thrusts that the stallion delivered before his climax.

    milspec197, posted

    Not a bad movie, it took a while to get going but in the end it came through, so did i. Can belive that he let a big horse like that mount him without the guy or anybody else for that matter controlling how far his cock went into his ass, and what a cock it is, but atleast the horse cum inside him (not much cum for my liking). Pity all the action was at the end, it started off promising then got a bit boring in the middle but the last 20 seconds had the best bits. Certanly enjoyed it.

    dogboymonty, posted

    Wow this is very slow going at first then two minutes in to it when you don't think anything is going to happen, it happens. It was surprising. Then there are a few pumps and I was just sitting here like oh my gosh wow how long is this going to go on for? And you can see the guys ass muscles clench up. Then before you know it, it's over, then the guy turns to face the camera and creampies on the ground. It was interesting but it could use some editing. I was amazed. Two girls one cup eat your heart out!

    nobitchin, posted

    This was a very good movie. The only thing i really wish it whould have had was sound because i know he seems to be all prep'ed and ready to go for this horse but if there was sound it would inhance the intensity of it all. I like when he turns towards the cam after the horse is done and pushes the cum out of his sweet horse ridden ass. He needs to have more time with the horse itself cause that would have made it better too. I do like though that he lubes up his ass with spit before the horse comes around for his second time to take the guys ass.

    swimdude20, posted

    It took a bit long (no pun intended) to get the sexing going. The guy was very patient to wait so long to get the horse to mount him. Very nice! Makes me wish I had horses myself close by that I could visit and play with. And what a finish! Getting to see the guy take the unrestricted horse cock up his ass! Wish there was a close up of the pullout, but the end shot of him squirting the horse cum out of his ass well made up for it! I think I need to go take a cold shower after seeing this!

    evila33, posted

    the anticipation of watching this had me hard already, I have never seen a guy take so much horse cock in my life in his ass, makes me so fucking horny and wanting to try myself. when the horse mounts him and eventually gets his cock inside my guts churned, but man it made me so hard just to watch, imagine what it would do to me if I was in his place. AWESOME. this is the best one I have seen yet. we could do more of this guy putting even more clips on the site, I am sure he would have a huge following.

    slipperydick69, posted

    This movie starts off slow, with the man trying to get the stallion to mount. After a failed attempt the man finally gets the stallion to mount and enter his waiting hole. The man takes the entire horse cock and after a few strong thrusts the horse pulls out. The best part of the movie is when the man turns to show his hole and squeeze out the big load of horse cum. The cum gushes out and you see the mans tight hole quiver. Very hot. I wish there was sound and a view of the mans cock and balls.

    pineappleluffah, posted

    The movie should have been cut down to 30 seconds. For the first 2:30 second NOTHING happens your just watching a man bent over with a horse standing behind him. Everything was in the last 30 seconds and don't blink because you just might miss it. There is no sound and the angle is poor so you really can't see the horse entering him. The horse was inside him for about 10 seconds then pulls out. The man turns and shits out the horses cum and it's over.This movie was nothing special I have seen far better movies on the site in the past.

    xrate, posted

    A few things you should know about this movie: despite reading as 3 minutes long, nothing really happens until about 2 and a half minutes in. Also, there is no sound. But that doesn't change the fact that the last 30 or so seconds of the movie are amazing. Without any guidance at all from the man, the horse thrusts its massive cock straight up the man's ass, and fucks him hard, eventually cumming inside his ass. I love the bit at the end when the man turns his ass to the camera and all of the horse's cum dribbles out of his ass. Great movie.

    bol14, posted

    The movie starts with a guy with his pants down, bending over in front of a black stallion. The stallion jumps up on the guy's back, but isn't quite ready and dismounts. Then there is a long wait while stallion paces back and forth, but finally the stallion gets aroused, mounts the guy, finds the guys ass with his thick rod, and rams that massive cock in deep with several strong vigorous excited thrusts - and the guy takes it deep and unrestrained. Well worth the long wait for the short but vigorous full bore ass breeding at the end.

    maletom, posted

    Bestial, se hace un poco pesada al principio, pero es muy morboso cuando se monta y le mete la polla por el culo. Yo aun no tengo experiencia en este campo, pero estoy desando experimentar, en especial con perros, me gustan los perros grandes o muy grandes, pero también los equinos, me gustaría mucho mamar la polla de un caballo o de un burro y ser grabado mientras lo hago. También me gustaría ser grabado y participar en una orgía de sexo con animales, varios tíos pasivos siendo montado por perros y varios amos viendo y disfrutando cómo nos montan los perros.

    pardes, posted

    this is a very hot video indeed... although it could be 2 mins shorter as nothing much happens in the first 2/3s... cutting this down would also allow it to become a free movie so that more guys could watch it and enjoy the show. the best part is definitely the end... nothing hornier than watching him let the horse cum drip out of his freshly fucked hole. we need more videos like this on here! and more horse cum from this man and his stallion... more sound would be hot too, would love to hear him grunt and he gets that monster size dick shoved deep. lick lick!

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    bobbyc1995, posted

    Incredibly hot and high quality video It starts of with a tease but the end makes it well worth it! You can see the stallion trying to mount and checking the guy out before plunging his hot dick into him The guy lets the stallion enter him without holding him back with his hands love to see the horse cock sink deep into his ass and with powerfull thrusts. You can see the cum running out of his hole as a bonus this guy sure knows how to take a horse and is being 'bred' rather than fucked. The only thing this video could use is some great sound but all in all I give it a 10/10

    zinna, posted
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