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    Black Mare


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    My black mare is ready and waiting to get fucked. Took this video with my phone and first time of tring it with a phone. Hope you enjoy the show.

    Uploaded by hor69 · Rating: 3.7 (203 votes) · 113753 views


    In WA state. Looking to meet others near me :)

    Thomas1290, posted

    she needs cleaning. he needs a bigger dick. still, nice outcome.

    piercem29, posted

    Look at my profile. Message me

    Thomas1290, posted

    You´re so lucky, my friend...

    vithe_2011, posted


    trains, posted

    that was a hot fuck man, love to see her cum dripping pussy, looks like she enjoyed you too, I am sure you did with all that cum....

    Maikol, posted

    I want sloopy 2nds

    pdboy, posted

    any one who has a pony and is alone with her is going to fuck her pussy every chance he gets after he fucks her the first time she getting fucked all day and night

    getdownonit, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmm hot i want to fuck

    herif11, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Great video buddy. Love that nice thick cock too. I also love the country song.BTW who sings that song? I want to but that CD. Please let me know. Thanks and please post some more hot videos.

    chase57, posted

    muy bueno!

    hg19902011, posted

    turn the tv off dumbshit

    papi_papi, posted

    Isn't funny how the majority of the farmers in the U.S wouldn't have anything to do with women of color due to racial prejudices yet they would rather fuck a black horse like the man in this video? Not that the man in this video is racist 'cause I don't know him, but kinda makes you think about all the white farmers that are bigots....

    spacealien22, posted

    any farmers or mare owner in nevada usa want to share this kind of action with another man? never done it and I have a very large cock, helluva turn on,ecw5061@aol.com serious and very discrete only please

    ecw5061, posted

    Thats some good juicy black pussy there.

    ZzSleepinBearzZ, posted


    lekchangmai, posted

    great video remides me of my mare when i was a teen miss that gal

    thepoat, posted


    kemo123, posted

    Great video thanks for sharing!!!! Any minnesota farmers with mares or heifers to share please contact me. conanthecinnimonroll at g mail

    bbdog999, posted

    würde dir gerne helfen, wenn ich sie dan auch mal ficken kann

    leidenschaft, posted

    yeah ! small dick not for mare!

    dooogie, posted

    Look at the pussy at the end drippin cum. Nice vid but small dick bro

    iloveyou12321, posted

    any farmers in georgia usa want to share this kind of action with another man? never done it, helluva turn on, horndawgnga@yahoo.com ... serious and very discrete only please

    HornedUpDawg, posted


    capbrando, posted

    lol mood music

    DlRUS, posted

    where do you live maybe i can cum

    bigdaddy7, posted

    I would go in right after you!

    zoophillialover, posted

    Server not found: rtmpte://streaming.oxygen.net/protected-streams what can i do if i have this video problem ?

    senderos11, posted

    shane mosley vs mayweather

    william55, posted

    shane mosley vs mayweather

    william55, posted

    This is a good video on a man fucking a black mare its so hot. I am sure it can make people that are into this so hot and wet. Makes a person wish that they were the man penetrating that mares wet pussy. There should be more videos like this one out there. That black mare is so fucking hot you will love this video. Definitely would be nice to see him cum in the mare but still a very good video! You can see this man fucking that mare good and the pussy tightening up. Doesn't it sound hot just by reading this?

    markofages, posted

    We get a man with a medium sized cock first teasing a black female equine, the video quality is fine and the audio could be somewhat better but in all the overall quality docent hamper the viewing experience. Our man penetrates the mare beautiful cunt, we see the animal nice inviting tail hole as well. Some minor camera work issues but nothing distraction us from the mating action between the pair. Equine docent seem to be in heat, at least no winking vulva but the animal stays calm during the breeding. The absolute high light of this movie is plentiful shots of the cum smeared mare cunt. A good clip with all the right parts shown and generous displaying of both genitals involved.

    allpurposetest, posted

    This is a short, but sweet, vid of man fucking a lovely looking black mare. The quality is so-so, but considering that the user stated it was from a cell phone camera, it did come out pretty good. There are a few nice point of view shots, like under the mare’s tail and then the end picture of her wet pussy. There’s a nice long view of her cute puckered ass which looks like it needs some attention as well. Though the sound is mono, you are able to hear a few lovely sounds from him pounding into the mare’s wet pussy. All in all, for a free movie, it was good.

    rabidscience, posted

    wow he rub his dick up and down twice gets it hard then slowly push in as it slids in you can see that the black mare gets wet then he gose in and out for about 2 or 3 sec and blows a load in side of the black mare as he pulls out you can see it start to ooz out of the black pussy sliding down then he opens the pussy up so you can see the inside is so wet so warm as if he wanted me to go nexed it got me throbing just like he was

    flippmydick, posted

    The first thing we see is a guy rubbing his fat semi hard cock up and down a black mares pussy. The camera work is rather jerky, I guess he tried to film this with his phone, the camera work gets better once our guy is finally inside the balck mare and rocking his cock deep inside. The video starts and stops a couple of time but the action keeps going, finally the video cuts out then back to see the black mares pussy all shiney and wet with our guys load, he spreads her lips to show off some of his deposit. The sound in the background is rather annoying as its a radio and we don't hear any noise from the guy. All in all the video is OK.

    ld572000, posted

    Daayum is you're lookin for a hot video of a mare being pounded by a thick dick, you've come to the right place. This video starts off a little clumbsy, but as the guy slides his throbbing cock in the mare's pussy, you can see the juices flowing around that(did I mention thick already?) cock. As for the lighting, it wasn't bad, but could have been a little brighter. Then again, dark videos give off a mysterious vibe that reminds you of trying to not get caught, which adds exciting to the whole experience. For a shorty, this one hit the spot.

    g-unit_666, posted

    this is a great video you can see whats happing unlike some videos. It really makes you want to watch it in person. I enjoy how he finishes inside and how he pulls out so you can see it drip out of the horse.If it was me i wouldn't have done it differently.this one is also good because there is no struggle between the man and the horse some people are not the smartest and go for a animal that doesn't appreciate it. When the animal doesn't like it its less of a turn on .Theres one downer of this video is its dark on my screen i dont know if anyone else is having this problem but still two thumbs up.

    moonmangun8969, posted
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