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    My Dog And Me 5


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    continuando con los videos de mi amante canino, y en espera de que les agrado pronto subire otros nuevos con diferentes amantes jeje, espero lo disfruten

    Uploaded by hardsexthree · Rating: 3.3 (125 votes) · 53877 views


    17, kik at andrewscruff and say "zoo" if you want to trade pics ;)

    terminator0996, posted

    looking to be fucked by a dog in toronto canada

    artac1, posted

    Tienes un corpo riquissimo. Me gustas mucho. Que bueno eres.

    nanetas, posted

    15 m cali chubby if anyone wants to watch me with my dog message me and ill send you my skype id

    norcal15, posted

    i want to be your stepson..@dman63 SKYPE guy_you11

    PlutosHole, posted

    haha looks like my stepson

    dman63, posted

    may just be how the video was done... but something about slow motion makes anything so hot. I want that dog.

    horny4dog, posted

    Alquien en españa???

    manncius, posted

    lucky sow, what

    shoujiaosjoasq, posted

    NJ boi that has never been with an K9 before looking to meet someone that can maybe help me out. I have always fantasized about being knotted by a big K9 and maybe playing with his master. send me a PM if you think you can help

    bottomboy2012, posted


    Nickstfelicien, posted

    when i was 12-13 our ridgeback would get under the dining table and push his face into my shorts and lick my balls. I started to wear loose shorts so he could get right in. One night he jumped on my bed. That was it, no clothes on I let him take my ass.every night after that he demanded my ass and knot on me.

    Johboy, posted

    se ve ricoooo

    erikx, posted

    FUCKING HOT!!! Filthy cute 28yo white lad in Wales, UK, up for anything. Skype's nick_jenkins_dirty, email's michael.zheng.inform-tech@gmail.com Get in touch lads, am proper up for stuff.

    nick_jenkins, posted

    Anyone living near the Henderson NV area with a female or male dog I could do or get fucked by, message me or email me at cujolucas@yahoo.com for details.

    Arch15, posted

    •Aluzky• You need a better camera, nesesitas una mejor camara.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    bonjour j'aimerais trouver un copain pour partager cette relation animaliere c'est telement affecteux je suis en region parissienne

    ligny, posted

    So clear you both enjoy it, great vid. Hope that I will have the chance one day too. Would love the feeling of a big k9 cumming inside me

    loversecret, posted

    they could both take turns on my ass and i will travel to mexico for them!!!!!! hot man and hotter dogger if you got him going he could really do it for u!!!!

    gov645, posted

    der braucht hilfe von einem k9 erfahrenen daddy wie mir. ich lerne gerne jungs an....

    GDOGFAN, posted

    the sound was bad and the guy looked like he was having trouble with the dog.

    jakemoore020, posted

    someone in sweden/stockholm with a male dog?

    robban, posted

    can someone help do it all in london zzuke@hotmail.com so grave for hot action

    ianmax, posted

    Never thought dog could fuck man.. that's very hot in fact!

    mowang, posted

    add me ! Colaboy22@hotmail.no no bullshit !

    Himpblack, posted

    18, horny, and a dog virgin in denver. If anyone wants to volunteer their dog, email me at tscanthony@yahoo.com.

    AntNight, posted

    You need to get a rug or carpet on that floor so he can do the job right ;) ;) and drive his knot deep up that ass where it belongs ;) ;) I am always willing to show you what i mean live and in person if you want? ;) ;) Rob aka petloverhere or robgod92005 via ya hooooo ;) ;)

    petloverhere, posted


    heema, posted

    Ezt kipróbálnám! Élvezném, ahogy belém spricceli a forró spermáját, amit utána kilefetyel.

    bagira61, posted

    sehr gut

    schwanzimarsch, posted

    i was often down on my knees and takin liek that, but i was held down and had no choice, but it was strangely hottt

    bootedskinhead, posted

    excelente video! yo quiciera un amante así

    leonsote, posted

    yo hacia eso con mi perro k rico alguien en bogota con perro?

    hummerdog, posted

    20/m/ks willing to pay 100 dollars for a male dog to mount and knott me. please send me a message

    winterdreams, posted

    too dark. nice looking guy, but he should have turned loose of the cock and let the dog really fuck him. i would love to fuck the guy!!

    jayshaw, posted

    mhhh real hot. i love latin boys...

    ciggy, posted

    Hi lovely man. Do you suck him, too?

    lukacurious, posted

    q buen macho

    lukas16, posted

    you are hot man. love big dogs.Did he cum in your hot ass? I would have ate his load out of you

    1968886, posted

    The sound quality and the picture quality were fairly poor - the sound much worse than the picture, although the picture was almost blurry at times. A better camera would improve the video very much. Having said that, the light was good, I could see the action fairly well. Hot hot action, and a nice view of the dog's hard knot at the end. I love seeing a big dog fuck a man's ass hard, the longer the show the better. It's too bad that the dog didn't knot him, though. I always prefer seeing them tied.

    69hellbound, posted

    Although the beginning of the clip is a little shoddy in terms of quality (sound is unintelligible, video quality as if it was rerecorded from VHS, etc.), the rest of the clip is relatively great! You can hear some wonderful sounds from both subjects of the video. Clearly, both the man and his partner are enjoying themselves. My biggest complaint is the lighting. I wish it were a little brighter so I can see the pleasure in the man's face. The biggest positive of this video though is that the man and his partner are completely shown. Overall, good video content wise but points taken away from video quality.

    gottagetitnow, posted

    Very clear and fun to watch, A hot young boy lets his big black dog mount and fuck him. We watch as the boy willingly guides his beautiful animal inside his hot ass, and dosnt show any discomfort as his boy humps away. The boy holds steadfast until his dog is completely done breeding his boy... After he dismounts, we get a good look at the dog's hard cock...and he lovingly gives the boy a few playful licks on the ass. This vid made me wish I had a dog like that...or a boy like that ;) I would definately recommend this video to anyone who has a genuine love for animals

    Ottselfurr, posted

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    dorf183, posted

    Crappy audio and crappy video, but content wise, one of the best you can get dog wise out of a free video. The angle is great, getting both the man and his doggy pal in the shot, and even though both audio and video are subpar, you can definitely see and hear what is going on. Nothing more hot than a mounted, panting dog, that's for sure. If you're looking for a dog dominating a man though, you have come to the wrong video. The dog is very passive, and the man is rather leisurely resting against the couch. Not a problem for some, but as a boy who really likes it carnal, a bit of a dismantlement. Definitely worth a watch however, and definitely don't feel bad about busting a load with this one.

    moomanmitch, posted

    It was a bit short, but the way the dog was so eager was definitely a turn-on. He doesn't seem to get distracted so easily! He just jumps on and tries to get down to business! xD I'll have to check out the rest of these videos. Hopefully if you make more, they'll be a bit better quality. The quality itself wasn't so bad, but it could definitely use some improvement. And if you would actually get your dog inside of you and let him mount you during the short video, that'd be awesome as well. I wanna be able to see that thick knot bury deep inside someone's ass, not just some playing around xD Is that over a hundred words yet? x.x I hope so

    dirkwolf91, posted

    The only real problem with this video was that it sounded weird then the sound cut out entirely after the video stopped in the middle. It takes place in the guy's living room. The guy is leaning over the couch while the dog bangs him doggy style. After the first few seconds things started to heat up as the dog,wearing socks to keep from scratching his master, mounted the guy. The man guided the dog's dick into his ass, then allowed the dog to start humping him. The dog thrusts into the man a few times before stopping, the guy reaches back and jerks off the dog to get him going again. The dog fucks him for a few more seconds slows down again(he seems to cum in the guy's ass) before the video ends.

    Imthefox, posted

    Fifth in a series of short amateur videos,this again features a good looking Latino man and his big Black Dog.This guy has a beautiful smooth body and a hot round ass and he certainly knows what that ass likes! He and his dog are obviously very practiced at their bonding and the man wastes no time positioning his k9 lover onto his back.This dog may need a little guidance to find his target but once he does, it's ON!He grips his man around the waist and begins his long stabbing lunges.It's pretty obvious from the open mouthed expression on the mans face when his dog achieves penetration too!The dog gives a whimper at this point but it seems to be one of pleasure not pain because he certainly doesn't stop his thrusts for a second.The clicking of his nails sliding on the hard floor accentuates the frantic effort he's putting into his effort and adds to the hot k9 atmosphere of the act. It's all over rather quickly and probably without a tie, but the man sure seems happy as his boy first cleans his ass up and then his own still engorged cock! The video definitely leaves us wanting more and for that reason as well as the good looking partners, I would give it a 4.5 out of 5!

    furontop, posted
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