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    Man And Cow


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    man fucks his cow in a barn and has a good time. this is part 1 of the series i have to dig uop the rest to post em but will when i can

    Uploaded by loopgarou · Rating: 4.2 (303 votes) · 67850 views


    Great video. Cow was well behaved so must have enjoyed it too.

    mcbau10, posted

    Lovely cow pussy, I love it! Hope I get to fuck a cow one day. Is there anyone in Denmark that will let me fuck his cow, pig or horse. I've tried it with pigs and cows too long ago, but miss it much today. (Goats, cows, horses are also a big wish!) ... Cow pussy is fantastic

    BFJ, posted

    Dejlig ko fisse, jeg elsker det! håber, jeg kan kneppe en ko dag. That would wish that could find the any i Danmark, der ville Lade MIG kneppe sin ko, has Provet it for long ago, mænd savner it much. (Geder, Svin, heste or Hunde would be very welcome, also!) ... Cow fisse is fantastic

    BFJ, posted

    Get me that overall and the same cow NOW! I want to ride on her like that!

    JerryGiesler, posted

    18 male upstate south carolina wanting to fuck a animal, also if you let me creampie it i might let you suck my rock hard cock clean.

    fordkid302, posted

    Geiler Film. Steh total auf Kuhstallgeficke. Welcher Bauer will seine Kuhe und Schweine gemeinsam mit mir besamen? Bitte melden!

    blindcow, posted

    what a beautiful video and sound thanks for sharing, alguien de mexico?

    Cbastian28, posted

    He's fucking a manure pile. Gross.

    22kbl, posted

    Din pik er virkelig lækker!

    goodess100, posted

    Heb je geen stalknecht nodig ? Do you need some help on the farm ? Brauchen sie keine Hilfe im Kuhstall ?

    beastlover65, posted

    I would love to be a cow in the same stall as he is.

    bredmare, posted

    wow i want that

    fuck.shit, posted

    putain trop bo si qulq un a une chienne de toute race a me passer sur paris ou rp n hesitez ps blackteub@hotmail.com black en rut annonce serieuse

    blackteub, posted

    Great cock but shit couldn't you find a cleaner cow!!

    minniecat, posted

    look so much fun i wanna go sumday

    ABCDE06, posted

    fukkn hot!

    skinfucker, posted

    btw - sorry 'bout the camera drop - would love to find a cameraman so I don't have to concentrate on holding the camera... cheers mates

    rubbertaz, posted

    Hi guys, Just joined this website yesterday and found myself in this video, that i uploaded i while ago on another website. I am not at all mad about this being uploaded here. I had a the best time making this vid at dads farm and I really appreciate all the nice comments you wrote for it, thanks, mates :-) (would love to get in touch with some young cattle farmers from Denmark) cheers, R'Taz

    rubbertaz, posted

    hot, nice cock

    jerkme2005, posted

    Man måste ju ha en fru eller fästmö som håller i videokameran, det går ju INTE att filma själv när man är så "djuriskt kåt" Förlåt vitsen.......

    katman69, posted

    excellent video, exciting at 100%, I watch it often continues to make videos of the same style rubber boots and work clothing overalls, this is even more exciting, congratulations. Do you have horses? or Pony? Or chickens? If you want you can write to this address: cuissardo@hotmail.com

    cuissardo, posted

    Fy satan vad gött det är att "sätta på" en kviga. Trång och skön och säkert villig till tusen.

    katman69, posted


    partyanimal85, posted

    hot vid great fuck and cum - dirtier the better

    smokinjockdude, posted


    tetlo80, posted

    Poor poor qualiity , But else pretty cool .

    aros_eros, posted


    ciombe, posted

    geiler schwanz

    lusti, posted

    Am in a naughty mood tonite with my female(bitch) pitbull,if u wana share my moment add me plz i prefer u have webcam too seamen_of_d_c@hotmail.com

    rolrex, posted

    hey super, kommst aus bayern?

    michi86, posted

    hey where you from? bayern?

    michi86, posted

    Hi lets his load go deep in her pussy,makes me horny thanks

    mancozz1, posted

    Mhmmm you can cum in me now!!

    haavatra, posted

    Very Hot fucking and sount of wet pussy is very very supper. Did u have any video like that please mail me to id guruomer@yahoo.com

    guruomer, posted

    wow megagoil..

    skinfucker, posted

    wish i could download this and if the cow was shitting on ur sexy cock

    cowlover35, posted

    loved the sound and his cock was yummy........... makes me wish i was a guy.. you guys get to go around and fuck any pussy on the farm.. now dont get me wrong.. all i had to do is bend over and any cock around got hard for me and fucked me..lol not sure who has it the best ;-)

    slipandslide, posted

    wow that cow must feel so good inside made my 10 inch cock get very hard

    loverlanedude, posted

    fantastic film. i wish to be with him there! Fantastic moment when is taking cock out and sperm is droping - fantastic!!!

    bfilec, posted

    Sehr geil muß ich sagen das gibt sicherlich ein nettes Kälbchen hoffe man bekommt mehr davon zu sehen einfach supper..

    RenaldoSH, posted

    wow voll geil....

    landjunge, posted

    that was cool....I want to do sloppy seconds and eat cum out of that cows cunt...yum

    nitehawk100100, posted

    the most beautiful vid i saw, especially these nice cock when he pulled out with the remains of sperm dropping out. I really like his cock, it make me hot. I would like to meet this guy for gay sex

    9705426784, posted

    www.bestiality-gay.blogspot.com (free gay zoo movies)

    bitchperra, posted

    the most beautiful vid i saw, especially these nice cock when he pulled out with the remains of sperm dropping out. I really like his cock, it make me hot. I would like to meet this guy for gay sex

    cowfun, posted

    würde sie gerne in den arsch ficken, geiles video !

    andy9, posted

    hot, real farmer in a real barn, I work in a barn everyday and do that anytime I can-best are the cows in standing heat!

    cowbreedein, posted

    wow nice video

    maremmano, posted

    Best vid ever, a real fuck movie not staged. I would love to suck his cock clean after that hot fuck.

    barnboys, posted


    ciruz, posted

    That would look so hot if she'd shit on him when he was fucking her

    xbgold, posted

    this is a true farm film. the man is hot the sound is wonderful. and it ends the way a film should show the farmer load running out of his cock. i would love to meet someone like that.

    neil1957, posted

    I think id at least wash the cows legs before ramming my 9 incher in there

    justinaadu, posted

    I have since moved on to horses because we have no cows, but damn i had fun when I was growing up. I would take half a bale of hay with me to the field.. one half for the cow and the other to stand on. Had the best cums of my life. Got so good at it that I could walk up to at least 10 cows and have my way. I miss it. Got laid everyday during feeding season.

    wannatradebjs, posted

    yes this is a good one, loved the sound of his cock sucking in and out, plus seeing the cum on the end of his dick. Would love to join him!

    HOGFarmer, posted

    Excellent. Finally, a REAL farmer, barn clothes on, dumping the load where it belongs. More, please.

    MNfarmer, posted

    excellente vidéo et quelle belle queue

    mans29000, posted


    Baka212, posted

    this real you can see he cum inside her. Beautiful cock

    horsesperm, posted


    petag2, posted

    This the best video i have seen in a while...

    piff-dude, posted

    doing very well even if only I could see myself in a nice little movie

    inseminationboy, posted

    hmm, very hot. but it will be more interesting if the guy was naked. wish to see him naked.

    ginforgay, posted

    hot love to see more

    littlemebx, posted

    let me see ur balls and ass clench while u fuck her. Take off the pants man. Nice cock btw.

    SailorTool, posted

    I love it, especially hearing the sounds when his dick is going into the pussy.. ;)

    sparedusj, posted


    sant81, posted

    Vet hur skönt det är men en varm kovagina.....

    katman69, posted

    very good, sound made me horny.

    germandad61, posted

    The sound is awesome!!! Thank for sharing!!!!!

    KnotBlkTemptres, posted

    Very nice,I like the sound I'd would like to see him fucking a cow naked

    analperv, posted

    realy hottt more video plzz i just love it

    rimkoscar, posted

    FUUU VERY GOOD FILM BUT WHO IS you try it I envy you .... VERY

    georgey82, posted

    Really nice video!!!

    Centauris, posted


    qwop123, posted

    Wow is very hot!!Nice movie,i like it!

    mafagafo, posted

    hot! The cow looks dirty ;)

    sandra23perv, posted

    realy hot vid and cock too! yummy

    cumsucker33, posted

    For some reason I think this movie is great and something keeps me returning to it. Perhaps it reminds me of my own experiences. The sound quality of the action is great and I love the way the guy's cock hangs out of his overalls, like he is finishing his work on the farm but not before he has some fun. The cum shot is also great and although the movie is not very long it is very good. I love the way he steps away from his conquest when he has shot his load and you can see his cock throbbing and dripping onto his wellie boots.

    userryder, posted

    besides the filthy cow this dude made this a really nice one sliding in and out of that cow's yummy cunt made me hard as hell!!!!!!!! ands eeing him those overalls made the video even sexier not to mention when he took his delicious cock for a nice cumshot and close up of his nice uncut dick i wish i could fuck him besides the filthy cow this dude made this a really nice one sliding in and out of that cow's yummy cunt made me hard as hell!!!!!!!! ands eeing him those overalls made the video even sexier not to mention when he took his delicious cock for a nice cumshot and close up of his nice uncut dick i wish i could fuck him

    jsan95, posted

    This is one of the most attracting videos I ever saw. Especially because you wear those blue trousers and your boots. The sound ist also ..well...special? I never heard something like that before. Becuase I would never be brave enough to fuck a cow. I wonder who took the video, or did you hold the camera by yourself? At the beginning the movie turns upside down and I wish we could see more of your body including your boots and your shirt. However there is nothing great like this on gaybeast.com and I hope there will be more videos of you in future. Thanks for this vid!

    musclecock, posted

    Ihm überkommt wohl die geilheit im Stall,er steht hinter der Kuh steckt seinen geilen Schwanz in ihre nasse Scheide und fängt an sie genüsslich zu stossen immer wieder stößt er genüsslich tief in ihre Möse bis er mit einem leisem stöhnen seinen Samen tief in sie hinein spritzt noch einmal tief in ihre Muschi dann zieht er seinen steifen Schwanz aus ihr raus und der rest von seinem Sperma läuf aus seinem Schwanz auf den Boden,er zeigt noch mal sie Möse die er mit seinem Samen gefüllt hat einfach sehr geil an zu schauen da kann man nur hoffen das noch mehr von ihm kommt und er uns daran teil haben läst...

    RenaldoSH, posted

    Sono un vero appassionato di vagina di vacca, da quando avevo 15 anni infilo il cazzo nelle vacche e la cosa migliore è arrivare dentro. Posso solo dire che questo video è molto spettaccolare. Se fosse iniziato con la penetrazione della vagina sarebbe stato veramente super. In ogni caso è bello vedere il cazzo che entra ed esce, in alcune scene si vede il cazzo sporto con dei pezzettini di merda, tipico quando si scopa una vitella. Poi l'audio del video da un'impronta ancora migliore al tutto soppratutto il rumore del muco che fa da ventosa sul stantufare del cazzo, per finire esemplare lo sperma che cola della capella e il primo piamo della vitella con la coda alta come dire mettimelo ancora. Per finire stupendi gli stivali che pestano il letame sul pavimento. Complimenti veri al ragazzo...

    cowfriends, posted

    Wow, this video is so authenic; a real farmer fucking his real cow. It brings back so many good memories to me of my days fucking the dairy cows when I was 14. Very refreshing; just a guy having a fuck with his cow before milking time or haying time. Its a real farmer, in a real barn, complete with hay, feed, cow shit and a farmer in coveralls that are not clean; everything has very lived in, loved in, comfortable fucked in feeling about it; very natural and normal. The sound quality is great; from the moans of the guy to the sounds of the barn. And the cow shit on the cow; not a nice clean pussy or back to hold on to; this is the real McCoy. Just an overall very good feeling to this vid. Hope for more of the same. This is really a 5+ as far as I'm concerned. See it today; happy jacking and happy wet pussy dripping and precum for all you guys and gals.

    Mareguy, posted

    OMG, pretty nice video, this is a lucky cow, i liked so much this video, i watch the videos of this site ever and this even better ever, this site is pretty good and this is one of the awesome videos of this site, I recommend this site, especially this video for everyone, thanks for the attention and I will return later, i really liked this video and I will ever watch the videos of this site, thanks again for everything, even more, see you later at this site, probably I will watch this video again, goodbie my friends, see ya x)

    bimega, posted

    Nothing like a good cow-poke to get the juices flowing! A pretty good amateur video with a clear picture and natual sound. The camera angle is a bit wonky at times, expecially when they move the camera from one angle to the next. I wish the people behind the camera would practice on a few things first, then they wouldn't waste valuable camera time. The opening shot is sideways but you get a good view of his penis liding in and out. In addition to a clear picture and great sound is the nice cum shot at the end. Definitely worth watching.

    febfantasia, posted

    pull up the boots in the morning I get up in the morning I walk into the barn you'll feel like a fucking a cow or horse, this is a good life on the farm because he loves animals and sex lives of farm animals and treat yourself to a good tight pussy cow. best when you go forth strokes of the cow's tail and is looking forward to when wet punciját penetrates into the big sloppy cunt who can make the best of mine to try not only to add a cow to me is more than thirty

    georgey82, posted

    This clip is of a nicely hung man giving a nice pounding this this cow patiently holding still, enjoying his thrusts. They're in what seams to be a nice, open, airy barn, and you can see a couple other cows hanging out in the background. It's nice to hear her taking him, her wet pussy eager for more. At the end, we can hear the man moan as he cums inside her, and as he pulls out we can see his hot cum mixed with her juices dripping off his large dick. This is supposed to be an installment, I can't wait to see more. Hopefully a cumshot next time!

    kulispel, posted
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