• a man fingers a doe goat this is a sort video but it is a good one the star is a very sexy doe goat heidi

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    Love to see you actually fuck her!!!

    minniecat, posted

    Question. What's tighter a goat or a female dog. It would be nice to get a response.

    dogfucker545, posted

    m 14 bi ist auf der suche nach einen netten boy oder auch rĂ¼den ;) meldet euch mal ^^

    splicer1234, posted

    Anyone willing for me to play with their animals holes? UK...Please...

    mgm1, posted

    wow actually looks pretty good. never thought a goat would look this good

    MaxaM, posted

    any farmers in middle to east tennessee who will let me play with their animals ?

    capuanosteven, posted

    any farmers in n.w. ohio who will let me play with their animals ?

    xxjimxx, posted

    i wish i were with you, you're so horny.

    plentze, posted

    This video make me want a goat ... which race of goat is it ?

    bobococo, posted

    i would love to fuck a goat, anyone in s. ca.will travel.

    gattoman, posted


    madirish, posted


    fleming, posted


    lazycat2008, posted

    wow i would love to feel my cock deep inside her. wish i knew someone in north dakota with a goat like her that would share her with me.

    dicreet701, posted

    good looking goat pussy! i wanna cumm inside that

    aihio, posted

    man what you wait did you her his voice she like it ......... jast push your dick in and fuck here 2 or 3 time she will like it .... ;) im guy form dubai and fuck many female goat in pussy and anal thay like it every mouth i fuck one its sOo hot and warm ........... and this my mail if you want come here we will share a female goat zoofarm2011@hotmail.com

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    madirish, posted

    Oh PLEASE fist and fuck her! PLEASE!!!! :)

    YoungZoofan, posted

    Oh man, touch his balls ! :)

    bide777, posted

    What you waiting for to fist the goat ?

    Rabbitfucker, posted

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    this is a very nice movie you just see that the goat loves it and wants more listen to hear voice thats something that makes every man horny i really want to see more of this sort of movies and he must fuck the goat she wants just look at her pussy. he must be good at fingering goats because he fingers her like a pro. He also stretched that pussy very well i repeat fuck her i'm sure everyone wants to see that . one of the best movies out here and i am sure that more movies of this kind can't harm us and only makes us hornier.

    bas1313, posted

    I enjoyed the video, but I feel that perhaps if you were at a lower angle so we could see more of the genitalia. I am slightly disappointed that I could not have made out if it was a male or female. It may also be a possibility that you could have zoomed out some more so we could see more of the goat, but not too far that we could not see it at all. I am quite certain you could do a little more with your fingers such as; using more fingers, but still making sure not to hurt him or her. All in all I did enjoy this. There is not too much for me to say about the content of it beside he was fingering a goat that was seemingly androgynous since I and some others said it was male and another said it was female. I do hope to see more videos from you though.

    blooog, posted
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