• Wanted to try some thing differt other fucking her nice pussy so i fucked my hot black mare in the ass. Recorded it with my phone so enjoy.

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    In WA state. Looking to meet others near me :)

    Thomas1290, posted

    geil, hätte gerne so eine stute

    horsefrank, posted

    17 male in bellefontaine, ohio. i wanna find someone with a big cock to stuff my ass or a girl to let me play with their pussy . gender doesnt matter. Willing to trade pics and skype chat. im 275 pounds so yeah i am fat. message me if you want to fuck. ill do anything. age (older the better in my opinion) and size dont matter. fat or skinny im all good. my dick is 5 inches long but not very thick. if you want to fuck me or if you want me to fuck you then send me a message. im open to anything other than poop play.

    SilentFreak, posted

    There's seriously not enough videos of mares taking it up the butt out there. Nnngh, and that sound. <3

    Appledash, posted

    Straight couple in our 20s, NJ area. She wants to watch me have my first REAL time with an animal. Can you help make our fantasy come true? :)

    topshelf, posted

    Can mares consent to assfucking?

    trollight, posted

    Anyone in engald near manchester have a mare they wouldnt mind letting me fuck?message me :D

    ghyu3214, posted

    deutsch 16m um cottbus berlin :)

    junethebat, posted

    Look at my profile. Message me

    Thomas1290, posted

    Alle jungs und Mädels aus Bayern am besten unter 18 meldet euch bei mir in skype : poati.dream7

    EpicDoggy, posted

    que rico le suena el culito alguien de mexico?

    Cbastian28, posted

    i dont know why the hell i made a acount this is unholy forgive me god

    IPigfuck, posted

    20 seconds of footage....this was money well spent.>_>

    dn19, posted

    Mmmm made me so hard, im a bi 15 yr old looking to chat ;) Id love to take a big dick in my ass or give my dick to some one for as long as they need <3 msg me please as im very horny and VERY willing

    Young_one_64, posted

    This video is soo hot! This is my biggest fantasy! Fucking a big, hot horse in the ass! Ooh I'm so jealous! <3

    Inu-Kun, posted

    Love feeling that tight hole squessing my cock feels wonderful:)

    horselover192, posted

    nice shot, too short though... love to see more of that ass fucking... your cock looks sweet

    freerasta, posted

    yeah, how does it feel ? =)

    Marepussycock, posted


    wu1231235689, posted

    fucking amazing

    Mamantov, posted

    how does it feel

    dck101, posted

    add me if from the uk on msn johngraham88_@hotmail.co.uk

    thirdhand, posted

    i can help cuming !!

    sparky2011, posted

    how do ya get the horses to stay still?

    horselover243, posted


    boobs78, posted


    biankazzz, posted


    caonguyen, posted

    Geiles vid, nur feste rein in das enge arschloch einfach super

    andy9, posted

    That is definitely something different! Thanks for the video, I enjoyed the sounds as well. I have never tried anal with my dog, her

    subahan, posted

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    bitchperra, posted

    very good, I like!

    WSS001, posted

    That is definitely something different! Thanks for the video, I enjoyed the sounds as well. I have never tried anal with my dog, her pussy is amazing enough that I never really wanted to. You've inspired me though... hmmm might have to try it. :P Thanks again! I am insanely jealous, always wanted to be with a mare but haven't had the chance.

    nativestallion, posted

    those sounds are awesome only missing a cum shot. nice though.

    mickey303, posted

    u can fuck me in the ass

    mooed123, posted

    good good

    liujishi5555, posted


    kemo123, posted

    love your cock wish I saw some yummy cream though !! would suck you in an instant

    Jessbeastlove24, posted


    lovas, posted

    ich würde so gerne mal ein Hund oder Pferd ficken!! kann mir da vielleicht einer helfen? animal1910@hotmail.de

    sascha1910, posted


    sfhehash, posted

    dude,,,burry that mother if your going to fuck,,,FUCK,,,lol

    crambone, posted

    this is hot i wish i could fuck that mare

    Nightide, posted

    @attipton: if you would never fuck an animal, then what the hell are you doing here? See the little button labeled 'Log out'? Use it! I love this 'sick shit'. Makes me completely horny!

    maxguevarra, posted

    @ attipton, I feel the same way. I could never do that to an animal. But, I don't know, these type of movies are such a big turn on for me. I love seeing men get themselves off in the most perveted ways, such as fucking a fruit, stuffed animal, or a real animal!

    spacealien22, posted

    that looks like it feels nice ^T^

    Dr.Eel, posted

    This is some sick shit. I could never fuck an animal. Never!!!!!!

    attipton, posted

    can someone teach me how to fuck my dog

    pornman0536, posted

    i think a mare is a horse?

    BetrayerMF, posted

    Whats a mare?

    TopicThunder, posted

    that´s cool!, Plesae tell me you´ll upload more anal sex with that mare, I love her ass, would be nice see the full mare too

    freefox, posted

    ai...it's so hot..

    CD-9, posted

    i cant see

    latinhorse, posted

    so hot! id love to try that

    marelover7354, posted

    Oh!!! Me next plz!!!

    haavatra, posted

    Stunning! It's hard to thrust deep anally while trying to get as good shot.

    undaman86, posted

    why didn't you use a condom??? :D

    tercel, posted

    sieht nach nem schwierigen ritt aus ;)

    ColdestBlood, posted

    There should be more of mares being fucked in the ass. brilliant!

    FoXdaRock, posted

    i want more of those!

    noodl2, posted

    nice movie , plz tell me how to download thats videos??

    khan89, posted

    That's some shitkickin music right there.

    deepsix, posted

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    This video is great! Sadly, it's rather short, only a few seconds, but those few seconds are full of some gorgeous anal sex. The video isn't very choppy and the lighting is perfect! The angle the video was shot from is very flattering and gives a very clear view of the mare's anus and the man's penis. The mare's anus looks clean and the squishy sounds made as that penis enters her rear is just fantastic. He doesn't go much deeper than the head of his penis, but it's a wonderful teaser. Sound quality is nice. It certainly doesn't look or sound like it was recorded with a toaster. This video very easily will make it into the favorites of any horse lover, especially those with a fancy for horse anal!

    Inu-Kun, posted

    This video has several good and bad things about it, while it is erotic to the right people and is clearer than most videos I've seen that have been captured by cell phone cameras, the video is short, being about only twenty seconds long, likely due to the fact that it was recorded by cell phone camera, as well as the fact that nitpickers like myself may point out that, excluding the first few seconds of the video, there is little to no actual penetration of the mare's ass, as well as the obvious lack of a grande finale.

    unknownperson21, posted

    The idea is there. However I believe more people would like to have seen deepeer penetration. The camera seemed too close too, would have been nicer to see it from a wider angle. The fact that you had audio is always a turn on. Everyone likes to hear what is happening too. Like to use all our sences. I would also like to see it made into a longer wideo. A cum shot is always nice. I would also like to see penetration in ass and in pussy. Mare fucking is always nice in my personal opinion. Not a bad sized cock either. Keep up the good work.

    stephanieshaw, posted

    Not bad the close up was nice and wow that mares star pucker looked pretty good. I would of put my cock in that ass hole for sure.The picture itself was not bad but it got a little pixely around the middle.Other than that it was a great shot video in general. Althought it would have been better if you stuck it in at least half way inside or to the base of the shaft that would have been perfect. The sound was also excellent video wise most of the videos that I've previously tried to view there was no sound but the video was good. Even though it was really short I rate this 4 out of 5 it was surprisingly good I enjoied it very much.

    froku, posted

    It is really good mare fucking video. My cock started to stand by the end of the video. I wished to be at that mens place. After this movie I wanted to see a many more movies. I was so horny. My body was in heaven. While he went to ass I just jumped on the chair, it was so exciting. I was so agitated. And then I watched this video 12 times more. I added this vid to my favourities. I definitely watch this vid many times more. I will want to return to this experiences which mate me while I was watching. I just felt this video.

    Mrhorsefuck, posted

    i like win people play with horse butt and fucking thim in the ass thay butt is so big to play with you can do so much with it but it look real hard to do i like horse a lot thay are fun to have around one day i let a horse poop all over my body and i put my hand all the away up he butt and pull out about five poop in he butt and i like win horse go to the bathroom it is so funnies win the tail go up ilove this video man

    jason38, posted

    Wow that was amazing. I like the fact that the horse doesn't do anything (as in kick you or go crazy, etc..) Do you have to train it to be calm like that, or know you? Oh well, great video and I loved the noises, made me extra horny LOL! P.S. Mare's asses/pussies are hotter than anything else, even pigs pussies. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    dudeman14, posted

    A short video, but also a very hot one. Man is clearly seen behind a mare whose sex is unknown, but has quite the beautiful asshole. Mare's are known for their amazing behinds, and that horse's owner takes full advantage of the mare's tight hole. He can be seen penetrating a few times before pulling out, letting us appreciate the mare's awesome behind, the mare no doubt loving the attention it is getting. After a bit, he goes back in, obviously couldn't resist the mare's lovely asshole calling back to him, needing and wanting full penetration. Mare's do enjoy sex, especially anal, which is why this horse is so willing, tail up and arse exposed, ready to be used as a cum dumpster for it's master. Male or female, both love anal, which is why this small vid is a treat for all equine lovers.

    doublenexus, posted

    20 seconds was that it only the helmet just in and no more i wanted to hear you shout squeel now bitch not even a cream pucker shot.smell of shit must have been to mutch that mare did not even know he was there it should have shat all over the cunt,why o why not just fuck the mare in the fanny after all thats what its there for and shoot your load all over its ass that would have been better use of your camera and time.next time lets see those big rubber pussy lips suck your dick right in up to the nuts draw out and blow your lot over its flanks

    cockburn, posted

    This vid was a little bit short for my taste, though seeing a man screwing such a lovely horse in the ass was quite a treat. I would have preferred a bit of fingering or showing off the horses ass, or perhaps even a cumshot onto the tight hole after it had been well used, but maybe we'll be able to see something like that in the future. The quality really isn't too bad considering it was taken with a phone, though I think we need more hot horsie anal and I'm hoping this is the start of quite a few more enjoyable shows.

    tiggybawls, posted

    In many jurisdictions, all forms of zoosexual acts are prohibited; others outlaw only the mistreatment of animals, without specific mention of sexual activity. In some countries, such as Denmark, bestiality is not outlawed. It is currently illegal in Canada, Netherlands, most of the United States, Australia (except for the ACT), and New Zealand. In the UK, Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 (also known as the Extreme Pornography Act) outlaws images of a person performing or appearing to perform an act of intercourse or oral sex with an animal (whether dead or alive).[17] Countries such as Belgium, Germany, and Russia are somewhere in between: they permit sexual activity with animals, but prohibit the promotion of animal-oriented pornography.[18] Laws on zoosexuality are often triggered by specific incidents.[19] While some laws are very specific, others employ vague terms such as "sodomy" or "bestiality," which lack legal precision and leave it unclear exactly which acts are covered. In the past, some bestiality laws may have been made in the belief that sex with an animal could result in monstrous offspring, as well as offending the community. Current anti-cruelty laws focus more specifically on animal welfare.[20] Notable legal views include Sweden, where a 2005 report by the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency for the government expressed concern over the increase in reports of horse-ripping incidents. The agency believed current animal cruelty legislation was not sufficient in protecting animals from abuse and needed updating, but concluded that on balance it was not appropriate to call for a ban.[21] In New Zealand, the 1989 Crimes Bill considered abolishing bestiality as a criminal offense, and instead viewing it as a mental health issue, but they did not, and people can still be prosecuted for it.[22] Some countries once had laws against single males living with female animals, such as Alpacas.[citation needed] Copulating with a female alpaca is still specifically against the law in Peru.[23] Until 2005, there was a farm near Enumclaw, Washington that was an “animal brothel”, where people paid to have sex with animals. After an incident on July 2, 2005, when a man was pronounced dead in the emergency room of the Enumclaw community hospital after having been sodomized by a horse, the state legislature of the State of Washington, which had been one of the few states in the United States without a law against bestiality, within six months passed a bill making bestiality illegal.[24][25]

    redyt, posted

    I liked this wow, I would cum as much as that lucky guy. Wished I could have licked his cock after what a dumbass everyone knows you dump inside!!wow hot young bodI'd let do that to me anytime. (insert comment begging for thumbs up here) (insert comment saying theres more? likes than views here) (insert comment saying go to 0:01? to skip ads here) (insert comment? quoting something from the video? here) (insert Chuck Norris joke here) (insert comment saying that something is different in Soviet Russia here) (insert comment saying that "X"people cant do something so they disliked it here) (insert comment about justin beiber being gay)

    jquindel, posted

    Now this was a very good short. I loved it! The sound of the mare whiny in the back ground as he slowly slides the tip of his fat hard cock into her hot throbbing loving ass hole, was for me a awesome show of how much she want it. But,then to see her willing take the stokes of his harden tip of his cock in tight asshole was so hot! And then, there is the sound of his cock going in and out of her warm tight asshole of hers. you can tell he loves that mare and she loves him back.

    txwild, posted
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