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    Fucked By Shepherd


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    Some guy decided to play a little with him pet - Ben. Ben was not opposed. Excellent video without staging and unsuccessful shots. Towards the end we see that the guy calmly accepts fuul member of shepherd.

    Uploaded by minnis · Rating: 3.3 (135 votes) · 75053 views


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    A man and his horny pup having and quicky. At first you can tell the man is a little hesitant about full penetration, but you see later that he's pushing himself closer to the eager Ben's manhood. Rather sexy. I guess you don't know what you've been missing until you have it. :) I think I'd like to see more from this person. Video quality wasn't bad though I think it would have been nice to see the dog's face.I think your definately likely to get a stiffy, I'd give this video a 6 out of 10.

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    This video is a bit blurry at first, but then it is worth the wait to see it clear! The long then short fast strokes of the dog are so orgasmic. The man takes his big shepard’s cock without hesitation or any note of pain. The dog of course is absolutely enjoying it . Although there is a little slip at the end, it is clear this big boy is only ready to go in for seconds, even though it is not shown. The slip also shows a glimpse of his big red dog cock. I would have appreciated better quality but other than that I rate this 3.8/5.

    nammyknock, posted

    A decent free video. The picture quality is average, but the audio is disappointing. You can hear what's going on, which is hot, but there is an annoying, low-toned buzzing that distracts from the action. I did, however, appreciate the wide angle of the video, allowing the viewer to get a full view of the mounting canine -- something that at least makes me a very horny boy. Overall, I'd say watch this video to get a little hornier, but definitely save your load on something better -- either in the free section or the premium one. You won't lose your boner just by watching.

    moomanmitch, posted

    Wow really nice, enjoyed the entire small scene, though it was short. Really liked it. I tend to enjoy amateur clips like these, and I really liked this once since German Shepards are my favorite breed of dog, Used to have a Shepard of my own awhile back, he was a great partner. The lighting was alright, could have been a tad brighter but nonetheless alright. Also, after watching it a second time through it looks as if he had his jacket on. I also tend to like videos or clips where the men are half clothed, its almost as if theyre in a hurry. Anyways, great video :), really enjoyed it. -Cheers!

    neverendingdawn, posted

    In this short video, it starts right off with the shepard trying to mount his owner (I suppose its the owner). The dog is beautiful and is tryings its all to knot its owner and finish its process. The owner starts off in the kneeled position ready to take its' dog every inch it can. Although the dog gives up on the mounting, this video is still a good watch and good to see if you like dog on guy action. It would have been better if the dog got to finish, but it was a good video none the less.

    crazylegs2009, posted

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