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    Lab Lovin'


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    man fucks dog 7.05kb

    Uploaded by pigfarmer953 · Rating: 3.2 (117 votes) · 47048 views


    I wish you would fuck me like that.

    sweetthing, posted

    anyone in vancouver wa with female dog that will let me fuck for the first time email me at davischris21@yahoo.com

    chris360693, posted


    konjipsitipovi, posted

    She seems pretty happy taking it :)

    f4e152, posted


    zndxxx, posted

    Nice video!

    oroblanco, posted

    terrible quality

    crisom, posted

    love good

    animal_amor, posted

    why does the movie starts then stops buffers then never start again ?

    luvsbitch, posted

    what do horse pussy feel like?

    malikharvey, posted


    noobpower, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    how does it feel to fuck a animal

    wetpussy100, posted

    great sexing, but this guys hairier than his bitch! why i cant find most dudes attractive, grose.

    browneyedog, posted

    o angulo da camera estragou!

    mafagafo, posted

    poor! very bad angle!

    babypet3, posted

    It was good, really good. Nice hairy buttock

    elpezal, posted

    wow! i must cumm.. lecker!

    hundefuehrerin, posted


    tongpetlust, posted

    Yeah... really bad Q settings on that one...

    MrsAnonymous, posted

    fucked up quality

    g-unit_666, posted

    absolute pish what a fuckin dick you are,the bitch is just using you for some video credits you are a mug seen this lots of times you think the dog is loving having you fuck her you thin to your self ,hey she's pushing back she must be lovin this and ready to come along with me.wrong the black lab bitch just wants this over with and fast so she can trot of down the park for a shite and a bit sniff at some other dogs ass.now you know the truth you've been had used for food thank fuck her face was'nt seen or all her pal dogs would have disowned her for letting a lame hairy fucking arab stick his lip stick up her ass

    cockburn, posted
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