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    Dog Licks Deep, Rimming


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    Family dog gave me the best feeling in my life today. Licking deep, Bites at least once. I can still feel the ecstasy of the bite!

    Uploaded by h2o1 · Rating: 4.2 (64 votes) · 17671 views


    i wish it was me...teen boy here, msg me..

    youngboiii, posted

    I love hearing him slurp his ass crack, it's hot how he spreads his cheeks apart.

    gaydan1988, posted


    Cawblen, posted

    buddy, yours is one of the hottest butt licking vid's ever...we wanna see more man. PLEASE! :)

    austxbuttlicker, posted

    Mmm I know the feeling, love getting rimmed by a dog, been a long time since I last was.

    beastlvr25, posted

    So horny right now, msg me please, im a horny 15 year old <3

    Young_one_64, posted

    I have had many exceptional asseaters (guys) munching my ass lips but they don't hold a candle to a dog's tongue working over my asshole. yes, I have had my ass lips nipped a few times..... but it is a pleasurable pain that excites me.

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    I wanna see more videos of you and this dog please! more of him licking your hot asshole, I can tell he loves eating you out.

    austxbuttlicker, posted

    This vid makes me wana rim someone and fuck them and rim them again when they are dripping with my cum! 16yr Message me if yue wanz ;p

    spiral212, posted

    very hot,even tho video was short

    goldengirl24, posted

    I'm 15 years old living in Henderson NV. Looking for a male dog inside me! Sound interested? Message me. :)

    Arch15, posted

    Man that is hot! I would love to see more of your dog licking your butthole out. too bad this video was so short, it was so hot, and you've got such a tasty lookin asshole.

    austxbuttlicker, posted

    God my pussy is throbbing right now! I'd love to lick your ass while the dog licks my pussy!!

    elhana69, posted

    oh yea good doggie!! <3

    suppehans, posted

    id ove to have that tongue lapping at my pussy fuck that made me so wet

    gillett, posted

    •Aluzky• Beautiful video, nice licking skills your dog has.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I wonder if your dog licked your face afterwards :)

    laughinghard, posted

    BRAVO! Igive you a 10 on this.

    Wally_In_It, posted

    I bet your dog gave you a lot of pleasure. The dog's loud slurping of your ass-hole turned me on. I would love to watch you shit on the floor after you're rimmed by your dog!

    fatmenbeasts, posted

    i bet your cock is rock hard from all that licking

    asc3asc, posted

    by far one of the hottest butt licking video's I've seen. the angle is perfect, and the guys butt is hot. Love hearing and seeing his dog slurp at his crack and then seeing the man spread his ass apart. you hear his dog desperately sniffing into his crack trying to really get at that hole, and then he starts slurping hard. this never fails to get me off. best free vid EVER! you can imagine how hot this guy smells in his ass, cause the dog is just licking his hole hard...you can tell he can't get enough of the mans ass. I only wish this were a longer vid, or that this guy would hopefully post more.

    austxbuttlicker, posted
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