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    My Girl Licking My Cock Pt. 1


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    Male with female lab licking and nibbling my cock. I love it and so does she! she get's to licking and biting my cock head sometimes, but it still feels good!

    Uploaded by bitchboi52 · Rating: 3.7 (32 votes) · 17522 views


    You have a great cock. I would love to feel it in my tight pussy and my ass. You love to see her lick your cock in person. Have you ever fucked her?

    soul0f1977, posted

    yup, i've got a little dick, AND a bitch that loves to lick it! what do you have??

    bitchboi52, posted

    Would do anything to have a dick that small!!!! Mine is small but not that small!:/ I want a REALLY small dick!!

    hhgnvbnasgdf, posted

    sad you dick is so small no wonder only dogs want it and they dontt even know what it is

    matthottiekid, posted

    awe i know this is very sick and disturbing, but i find this cute and romantic :)

    smk1990, posted

    I really hope you return the favour ;) lucky bastard lol (she's quite beautiful)

    Roystoy, posted

    •Aluzky• Love it.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Damn this is hot. This lab LOVES licking him. How lucky he is.

    clitorliscious, posted

    wanna fuck you

    ketolar, posted

    [10.05.2011-02:40] Geile Leckerin... Jam-Jam..

    PetOlli, posted

    i felt this movie lacked in storyline poor. i might be wrong its just not to my personal tastes, but i admire you and your bravery for posting this online. i wish you and your dog the best for any future 'adventures' you embark upon but i assure you i will not be tuning in again. i think maybe if you put more charisma into your efforts the next movie you make could be much more enjoyable for those watching as you seem to focus to hard on yourself on not pleasing the audience. i think the quality of video could also be improved as it is very low and so means that it is less reachable by an audience as in this day and age the higher the picture quality of the video the higher the view count.

    dabombz4momz, posted
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