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    Guy Fuck A Pig


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    this boy are a big cock he fuck a pig at work.a friend filmed a scene whit a cellular.this boy fuck a pig in the morning and in the nigt

    Uploaded by pastore · Rating: 3.8 (253 votes) · 75174 views


    Not the first time this dude fuked pig pussy. My dick was hard like that when I was going to breed a sow. Damn... I could use some pig pussy right now

    Sowfuker, posted

    Any UK farmers here have some pigs animals to share

    gayfarmerbooted, posted


    zndxxx, posted

    wish there was better lighting , wouldn't mine trying to fuck a pig looks good

    hotrod46901, posted

    I want that pig.

    assman690000, posted

    love the cock would let you fuck me any day, anyone want some fun?

    marti17, posted

    mmmm would love to fuck that pig and pump her full of my cum

    uk_simpson, posted

    i would let you fuck me day and night :)

    kittyxwolfy, posted

    Fuck, I'd jump on that dick anytime.

    Dobman, posted


    lapiedad, posted

    fuk that must b so hot

    huanhuwan, posted

    manchmal wünscht ich mir ich wäre ein Mann Geilste grü´ße

    SexyDogGirl1992, posted

    fuk that must b so hot

    kbond, posted

    da hat der Scwanz es gut-- google mal -tietreficker-- geilste grüße

    klettke, posted

    Supergeil ! Da wird man spitz :>)

    capricornus, posted

    geil, nur die vorstellung an so einen schweinefick lässt mich schon abspritzen

    dog9898horse, posted

    damn his cock is so beautiful. i want him to cum in my ass

    Cartli, posted

    wish i work there talk about lovin you job

    ABCDE06, posted

    I have a cock for all you horny women . nice video if you could see it better.

    pphigh, posted

    ooooo my gawd. i love your cock.

    hellah, posted

    Damn what a nice cock. When he gets done with that pig he can have some of me too. Just fill me and let it drip out.

    jamieboxer, posted

    shit forget the sow thats a nice fuckin cock. would love to have that shoved inside me shoo.

    sohoplue, posted

    any1 in Az ? looking 4 locals to help, i want to try animal sex, any1 local with any to share ?

    camarodude502, posted

    i want a sow mmmm

    caru, posted

    hmmmmmm that's a nice pigspussy!

    belgianbutch, posted

    eine tolle schweinevotze :-)

    opa-klaus, posted

    Damn i wish i was that pig nice cock

    jefde2, posted

    DAMN what a nice lookin twat!

    farmgirlslut, posted

    good sow pussy to enter.

    flying1971, posted

    best fuck I ever had was a pig

    oriole, posted

    please send me this video or a simular videos man and pig fucking i would also like to join in sex with animals in dk. mail to job30@live.dk

    hotrod740, posted

    I fucked many sows on the farm and there is nothing better than slipping your throbbing cock into a nice tight sow cunt. I used to lick and suck on them to get them good and slimy then i would fuck till i squirted a big load inside ! Great video but the light could have been better so we could see her plump cunt lips as his cock spread them open !

    new_dist, posted

    Nice video!

    oroblanco, posted

    •Aluzky• Good video, but is a bit dark, is that a male or a female?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    !!! GOO

    whatinto, posted

    Nice video.

    oroblanco, posted

    love to see men fucking the pigs baby pigs be better and black cocks even better

    nomind57, posted

    O que não o deixou perfeito foi o escuro!8/10.

    mafagafo, posted

    Gives new meaning to makin bacon.

    elbartII, posted

    It is so good. The pussy of a pig is wonderful. I like it

    rolfisak, posted

    me gustaria follar un cerdo asi

    nazarenito, posted

    bella cosa avere tutte quelle troiette mi piacerebbe molto ...complimenti per il cazzo

    maremmano, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Hubiera estado mejor con mas iluminacion! nasty

    fidelrueda, posted

    my mouth was watering when i saw the dick pop out

    midori22, posted

    Must be very tight. :) Fun at work every day.

    hvaerdette, posted

    wow the boy fuck pussy of a sow with big cock ! excited ah ...enjoy it ...

    panllei, posted

    dam wish i was fuckn the hell out that pig pussy deep n hard nut all in it n keep fuckn it with my hot thick cum all in it dam bet that feels good

    jt78am, posted

    nice i would like to see more of that that was a pretty good video , that pig looked like she liked it and i did too , i hope to see more of this kind of videos and to see a lot more shit like this shit and shit and shit and shit and shit and more pussy and more pussy and some more sex and dicks and asses and more anal sex and dick and anal booty wholes and good cow pussy and anal sex with pigs and donkeys and that pig had a nice pussy it looked so wet on that guys penis it was very large and satisfying

    hoho1014, posted

    I am new to Gay bestiality, but this video was a complete turn on. I had no idea that it were even possible, nor that the sight of the man's penis going in and out of what appears more - even better - than a woman's vagina would look so compellingly lascivious. When he pulls out, the sheath comes out with him wrapped tightly around his penis.Then he pushes all the way in and looks like he hits bottom. Wow ! I can't imagine how anything could feel better than that. That to me made me almost dizzy with fascination and created such a feeling of absolute eroticism. Even the squealing of the pig sounded like she was enjoying his testosterone fueled ministrations.

    BobGordon, posted

    ok this is vid is good. the man in the video has a very large yummy looking cock. and the sows cunt is nice and tight and wet looking. though the lightening is dark and its kinda hard to see, you can still get enough detail to see and know whats going on. i think the only changes that could be made are as follows, 1) better lighting, 2) perhaps have videoed for a another minute or so. becasue the cock and pussy in this video are so fine, that you cant get enough in the few seconds there are. (more videos of this gorgeous cock would be nice too)

    sohoplue, posted

    This is a nice upload simply because the normal beastiality is just dogs or horses.we need to see more like this the pigs vagina looks gorgeous, watching this makes you want to visit your nearest barn. although a creampie or cumshot at the end would of been nice, and the quality of picture wasn't amasing , but that doesn't matter when you have a rare animal being fucked. overall if you want a rare video then watch this ! if you want a decent quality video , visit your nearest barn and make one yourself because we definately need more of these rare animals filmed in exotic ways such as this one. Also nice to see no harm or force was used in the making. just a bit of fun.

    Anthony11lewis, posted

    I love this vid. First we saw a young boy pop his yummy penis out of his trunk. i love to see his cock and like to be fucked by it like that pig. that pig is really lucky. well, he is also lucky with the pig, as i see it she is tight so as to grip that mammoth inside her. i remember those days when i was still living in our province. i used to fuck a pig, and its damn hot inside her. i cum inside her for i think over a weeks load. this vid doesnt have any cumshot, but may be the boy breed it inside the lady. i think his too young to be a father, so next time just spray it outside and show it to use.

    ryeja, posted

    The movie starts out with the man in some tight fitting yellow underwear, showing off his large package to the audience. He then strips them off, letting his uncut cock spring out before he starts to get himself harder for a moment. Finally he kneels down behind the lucky pig and lifts it's tail, pushing his juicy cock in and starting to pump in and out. It's difficult to hear the sounds of their love making over the sounds of the other pigs that must have been nearby, but it is obvious that it must have felt wonderful. Near the end of the video his cock slips out of that sexy looking ass, but he quickly pushes back in just as the video ends. There is no cum shot unfortunately, but it is easy to overlook that from the rest of the beautiful video.

    FoxxZenovka, posted
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