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    Aluzky (Me) Being Mounted By His Boyfriend 2


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    Me again being mounted and knotted by my boyfriend from down to up point of view in the same bathroom. He was very eager that day and hit me very hard, sadly he unknotted by mistake during the turn.

    Uploaded by Yesilovedogs · Rating: 4.7 (1245 votes) · 216371 views


    Over rated. :/

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    nice angle. Your cock and balls and your friend make me horny! thx for sharing!

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    Love this video, I only wish there was one with an English Mastiff with the same camera angle. I would do the honors of making the video but I don't have a Mastiff available. The few I have been with make this dog look gentle by comparison, no contest, they would shake this guy around like a ragdoll and tear his ass apart. They were rough boys but they were certainly worth it all and more.

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    •Aluzky• Thanks for all the compliments for my dog or me. :)

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    •Aluzky• @RoknHorse, Good advice, I MAY try to buy a new camera (one with slow-mo) and if I do, I could do dual filming from different angles.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Aluzky, you are the best!

    Katarrome, posted

    You should get an extra camera for experimenting with split camera angles in single shot view perspective. Like this video showing the bottom view with a pop up window view of the side angle from another camera. I'd do it myself but I lack the dogs now, it's a shame I know.

    RoknHorse, posted

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    raduradu98, posted

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    jihade, posted

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    badwolf_bay, posted

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