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    Aluzky (Me) French Kissing My Boyfriend


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    Me and my sexy boyfriend on a kissing session. He loves to kiss and he is an awesome kisser, I have kissed a human once to see how it is like and I can say that dogs are 100 times better than a human.

    Uploaded by Yesilovedogs · Rating: 4.4 (253 votes) · 27631 views


    just lovely! true love between Aluzky and his boyfriend. Beautiful clip! Aluzky is an exceptional human being and his boyfriend is handsome and make the perfect couple!

    spicycum, posted

    siete fuori come delle merde

    newintown, posted

    aluzky i love u

    achcha, posted

    •Aluzky• @Ilodo, yes and yes, watch my other videos where you can see better.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    you can hardly see a thing , is your mouth open ? does the tongue go in....?

    Ilodo, posted

    you are really in love with that dog...it is so beautiful

    zocurioso, posted

    absolutely beautiful! i just wish i had a bf too. your videos are really hot, can't wait to watch more :)

    dlanubis, posted

    I see the passion and it's awesome!

    dickeater, posted

    so lieb mit ihm und die heißen Küsse....mmmm

    wuddy, posted

    I agree totally that dogs are WAY better kissers than humans. I've only made out with a few men, and I am always grossed out. Dogs kiss way better and get me off that way. They are amazing lovers as well as incredible fuckers! please contact me to breed me or to discuss k9bottom@husmail.com

    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

    you and your lover are so beautiful and passionate id like to to 3way kisses w u both

    tonguekid, posted

    Ur vids r the best anywhere..u r my hero..keep em cummin..U ROCK BUDDY!

    mikeycantor, posted


    eroticbeast, posted

    siempre caliente... me gustaria ser el perro...saludos desde Brasil.

    azulao, posted


    erikaxxx, posted

    Awww I love the way you call him your boyfriend, that's so sweet ^^

    DogNHorseLover, posted

    That dog tongue can reach deep inside the mouth and lick every inch. Its a great feeling.

    hardflare, posted


    saveourbluths, posted

    •Aluzky• Kissing is great foreplay for me before, during and after sex. :)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    when I french kiss my lab, it always leads to a hot fucking session with her. kissing really gets me wild with desire for her.

    elliesman, posted

    Hardflare, you and I have that in common. It is so hot to be mouth to mouth with a dog. It ignites the passion in me.

    boxsniffer, posted

    mooi man gewoon geil nog meer van dat

    kangeroe, posted

    Frenching a dog is the best. The feeling of that big tongue in the back of my mouth and then going mouth to mouth, putting my whole face inside his mouth to lick him is a wonderful feeling.

    hardflare, posted

    hum..super aluzky....je cherche gars avec chien au saguenay lac st-jean..écrivez moi.nickstfelicien@hotmail.com

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    Aluzky, you always make to cum. I could swap spit with a dog all day and everyday. I,m beginning to think that you're my idol!

    boxsniffer, posted

    Amazing, must be love.

    Doglover2010, posted

    Amazing ...looks like he really enjoys kissing you ..just beautidful..your vids are all amazing!!

    curious4beast2, posted

    very hot to watch, you can really see the love between the two of you

    loversecret, posted

    Damn your videos are truly hot! You must be a very hot and lovable guy to be with. Nice ass and great cock! Awesome!!!!!

    kokassluver, posted

    You're both a totally hot couple! Would have loved to see more of your face mate. But, very hot regardless.

    thataboy, posted

    so hot both of you!

    spicycum, posted

    so beautiful and hot the both of you!

    spicycum, posted

    That is so heartfelt and, because of that, so hot...Thanks for sharing an intimate moment with your dog! (And yeah, Jay...NEVER enough kissing in vids!) ;P

    astoriaguy23, posted

    never enough kissing in vids...... love your work

    Jay_wolfe, posted

    This is just amazing- thank you so much for this beautiful and intimate vid...I LOVE it....one of my favorite things to do!

    Bostondog, posted

    vid is great i love making out with my dog to

    ilovedogs24, posted

    hot hit me up

    isrealpaints, posted

    man, that was so hot. would love to frech kiss a dog, totally make out for a good long time.

    guy4horses, posted

    100% agree with beast219

    zoo124, posted

    wow amazing

    beast219, posted

    verry beautiful if you could do more with your dog like suck or fuck him that would really make your video premium beautiful dog though i would love to join in lol but this is a verry good video try to show more close up and more saliva maybe let him lick you but we really couldnt see the action try to get the cam closer to the mouth make it a little bit longer as well do you have any other videos or do you do anything els with this dog i like how you pet him and he really enjoys kissing you and the dog really licks non stop and you as well maybe you can make a little bit more noise it would make it like ten times hotter

    jamescamble, posted

    This is one of the cuter videos I've seen on here. It shows not everyone is in it for just the sexual pleasure and satisaction -- some of us really do love our pets as if they were human beings - and to see the kissing really brings out the warm, fuzzy emotions in me every time I see these two kissing each other like they mean it. A cute couple and a cute series of videos just goes to show how much these two lovers each other together. Aluzky is lucky to have such an adorable little boyfriend to live with <3

    dragon-labs, posted

    Aluzky is legendary or at least he should be. This very cute boy not only loves his dogs but calls them his boyfriends. It's clearly a genuine relationship as it's evident that the dogs love him too. The kissing between them is tender and enthusiastic and from that I am sure many guys on here are envious that they don't have such a bond with their dogs. It's a shame he doesn't show his whole cute face, which is understandable due to society's taboos but it would make the videos a hundred times hornier to watch. I congratulate him on his amazing movies and hope there are many more to come.

    temprg, posted

    Obviously the video is hot. Lust and fantasy come to life. While the video itself is as ateamy and hot as any kissing clip can get, there's something deeper lying under the lust filled reations. With the soft and gentle caresses of the dog's neck and muzzle, it is clear that Aluzky sees the dog as more than a pet. As he proclaims, the dog is his boyfriend and I don't think he says that just to make everything seem hotter. It is him being so gentle and loving towards his companion that leads me to believe that that is exactly it...it's love. Anyone can french kiss a dog and upload it to a site, but who actually takes the time to treat the dog as if it were a human? I mean most just grab the dog's face and stick their tongue right inside the dog's mouth and get them to french them. Aside from the lusty hormones and exploration of inner fantasy, love is apparent and Aluzky and his k-9 lover are pretty much the definition of inter-specie love.

    polkadotclash, posted

    This sweet movie starts with a guy and his dog entering the screen. For obvious reasons, the man cannot be recognized. By the look on the dogs face you can really see that this has been done before and that the dog does not mind. The dog actually likes it. At least, that is the way it looks to me. Unlike people, animals cannot lie. Judging by the way the dog is stroked and touched by the guy and that it does not turn away, you can see that some real TLC is going on here. During the movie, after about 15 seconds, the dog sits down, to me that is a sign that he is really relaxed. Due to some (not disturbing) background sounds, you are almost a 100% sure this is not a fake movie. Like I said before, the guys face is not shown bur by the way he holds his head (his bodylanguage) you can really see that you can speak of love here. I was so touched by seeing this movie that it brought tears to my eyes. This is a perfect example of the unique kind of love someone can share with their beloved animal(s).

    loversecret, posted

    This is one of the now numerous clips Aluzky Irezumi, a self-styled "zoophile zoosexual, not interested in humans" has sent Gaybeast for our pleasure. This particular clip is unuusal among the Aluzky videos because he does not have his customary hood on. Aluzky does not want people to see his face. But in this short clip he makes the big concession of showing us a rear side view that not only shows how deeply he and his unnamed (he has never mentioned the name) Lab boyfriend are locking mouths together, it also shows the intense pleasure a man is receiving by MAKING LOVE with his dog. That is what distinguishes Aluzky's clips from almost all other dogsex clips you will see: they are all lovemaking from the gitgo. Now, Aluzky is an incredibly, virally horny young man. His beautiful uncut penis clings tightly to his belly in his excitement, and he shoots cum several feet. But he is obviously, completely in love with his dog. I know. I was watching this clip, and I had to go make love. I just came off the back porch half an hour ago after the second bout of lovemaking of the night with my own doggy lover. What did we do? Kissing (we sometimes lick buttholes together). I am not my dog's bitch yet, but he is the greatest kisser of my life, human or animal. I feel what Aluzky Irezumi is feeling, because I am in love with my dog in the same way he is in love with his. His mouth and mine completely entwined, both of us panting, brings me to orgasm every time-- and he always drinks it from the tap, unless I sneak it on him by not making the usual climax noises, and then he licks it off my chest and belly. He's such a considerate lover, just like Aluzky's boyfriend appears to be. I love sex with humans, especially guys. But if I never make love with another one in my life, I am sure that being zoophile zoosexual will suit me just fine. I'm not sure what experiences Aluzky had to make him so completely zoophile-- maybe isolation. If one doesn't grow up around people, one might easily learn one's birds and bees by going to the dogs! Whatever the reason, Aluzky has given us sweet doggy lovemaking on film, and even at Gaybeast there's not really a great deal of that real thing. It may be that I shall ask Mr. Irezumi to give us an interview about zoophilia and zoosexuality. That would be a first at Gaybeast, I think. He claims to be some sort of "zoophile activist." Well, I sure like his activities with dogs. But I think he is referring to some other sort of activism. Perhaps we will find out about it. I will not rate any of Aluzky Irezumi's films. The sound is insufficient on most of them, or nonexistent. But what is portrayed there transcends rating. Just think 5-plus on my scale of ratings (and I do a lot of reviews). You'll cum a lot.

    boyoboyo, posted

    Wow that was hot,i used to have a black lab and she was very sexy and a great kisser as well watching you and your man brought me back to the good old days! i remember she used to sit in the car with me and just wait for a good moment when i could lean in thank god i had tinted windows that would be weird, but to us when i would hit a good stretch of road her tongue would be half way down my throat. My sexy bitch new just what she was doing because as soon as i would get hard i would pull over and we really got into it which eventually led to us making puppies if you get me

    oddball, posted

    In spite of being rather short, this movie contains enough erotic material to satisfy anyone’s desires. The man in the video is going at that stallion’s hole like it’s a piece of sweet apple pie. His face is literally buried between the muscular stud’s butt cheeks. The sound and picture quality is good, you can even hear the dude moan as he works the horse’s pucker with his tongue. My only concern is that the video is recorded sideways, which doesn’t do the perspective any good. Still, this is something that can be dealt with in exchange for watching a nice hot video of a guy eating a stallion’s ass hole. Mmmmm-mmmm good

    dogo.sex, posted
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