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    Aluzky (Me) French Kissing With My Boyfriend 2


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    Here is another video of my beautiful boyfriend french kissing me in the backyard, with a couple of extra shots of him giving me licks down there. :P We love to kiss daily, that is what we do the most.

    Uploaded by Yesilovedogs · Rating: 4.7 (371 votes) · 37607 views


    cute! lovely :)

    Ravin82, posted

    Awww so cute, love how you both enjoy yourselves :) Look at his tail go! :D

    Huskiesarecute, posted

    c'est une belle aventure d'amour que vit ce garçon avec son chien !!

    valentin840, posted

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    WANT_HORSE_CUM, posted

    chaud chaud chaud

    badboy680, posted

    hum..super a regarder..moi g au quebec..écrivez moi xxx

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    mmm rubbing my clit like crazy to this video!

    haleybaaybee, posted

    wowow super hot! love to watch over and over again!

    Maikol, posted

    This is such an amazing relationship! Such hot boyfriends! Aluzky is an amazing bottom, we all know, but it is nice to see how his top stud really is in charge of the sexual pace. That is true intimacy and love between them; I know because I've experienced it with a few amazing dogs in my own life. They are our equals, and only when you realize that can you love them; but it is when you subjugate, and let him control you as his bitch, that you can have a lasting, meaning flu relationship. Amazing. k9bottom@hushmail.com

    MuscleBottom4K9, posted

    Insanely hot!! I did this with a big muscular pitbull before I sucked him off. Brings back memories. Thanx.

    cumho, posted

    •Aluzky• Good to hear ^^

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    I just recently did this with my friends dog while she was away on vacation. It was truly amazing. Unfortunately I wasnt able to capture any video. :-( Aluzky, you are an inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing more videos. Maybe I will be able to post some of my own sometime.

    FreakyGuy727, posted

    such a hot vid,

    k9essex, posted

    Nice to see how nature in reality can be

    blootindenatuur, posted

    Wow, it is awesome to see someone truly loves their dog, not just for sex, you can tell you both really love each other, no doubt about it. Thank you for being a true lover, not one that just wants sex, you and you're boyfriend are awesome.

    jacklyn1115, posted

    very sexy

    FurryDomYiffer, posted

    •Aluzky• Taste like doggy. ^^

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    hi again, you convert it into a love-making. beautiful. how does he taste? cheers john

    johnmall, posted

    alguin de san luis argentina que quiera compartir estas experiencias...??? primitivus@hotmail.com

    raul_eduardo, posted

    yum love kissing with a dog! great vid

    jayceez, posted

    mmmm gewoon geil man

    kangeroe, posted

    damm I know the fealing, had one awhile ago, miss him alote

    scatman54, posted

    Really lovely - I get so horny from it

    Aquitania, posted

    hum..trop hot..je veux connaitre un gars avec un chien au saguenay /lac dt-jean..écrivez moi nickstfelicien@hotmail.com

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    wow..super video...je voudrais connaitre un gars au saguenay /lac st-jean avec unchien..écrivez moi nickstfelicien@hotmail.com

    Nickstfelicien, posted


    Nickstfelicien, posted

    Aluzky, you are too hot handle. You and your boyfriend made me cum.

    boxsniffer, posted

    Kompliment für den liebevollen umgang mit den hunden und für die videoqualität!!!

    capricornus, posted

    Great kissing dude. Loving the action there.

    peinrinnegan007, posted

    damn so hot

    nitrambln, posted

    I Like very much the beginning of this video!

    angelguys, posted

    SO FUCKING HOT !!!! Im Rubbing My Yummy Clit Right Now (:

    luckystargirl19, posted

    geil das video ..

    bodygames2, posted

    Thats so fuckin beautiful! I envy you so much! Thats what I want to do too! For hiurs! bangslut@web.de

    saliva, posted

    hi ya - where do ya live - love ur vids - u live in uk how about u

    jayrush, posted

    absolutlly the best zoo video i ve ever seen. perfect art directour and you actually understand the zoo feeling. congratulations from spain.

    zocurioso, posted

    this is real Love....I love it...and would love to join you guys

    Alleswoller, posted

    Love the way your sexy legs wrap around him as he takes control of your face with his tongue. That's REAL love making at it's finest.

    elliesman, posted

    Great Vid... London guy here up for playing...

    fitwelshsub, posted

    estoy enamorado de ti

    isanxhez, posted

    hot damn

    Minoru, posted


    vergajo, posted

    Wow, nice

    timberwolfgreay, posted

    I agree with the posters below me, you don't see this kind of passion too much. ;) I loved it! True love between two souls is such a beautiful thing indeed. I'm glad you both are happy with one another. :)

    anonlb, posted

    so beautiful and hot both of you!

    spicycum, posted

    Das ist wahre liebe!

    Peterpul, posted


    ketanthacker72, posted

    Pure love! Beautiful!

    kokassluver, posted

    beautiful vid ^^ and your both extremely hot!! :D love the outdoor vid :)

    ryan91fox, posted

    beautiful kiss in love

    leonsote, posted

    I have been waiting for so long for someone to have the courage and the balls to put on a beautiful video like this. I LOVE this. So sensual, passionate an f'n HOT. Thank you thank you thank you. I could make out with dogs for hours...and I have! WOOF! Please write me, I would love to chat with you....

    Bostondog, posted

    Are you really in love with him to consider him your boyfried? Don´t get me wrong I think its cute.

    Tony1991, posted

    awwwh true love :)

    proxnotp, posted

    mon dieu!

    articguy, posted

    aww i can see that you two are really in love x

    scthor, posted

    this whole series of videos are incredlbly hot would sure like to see more of this beautiful young man and his beautiful lover lovely couple!

    gov645, posted

    fuckin' beautiful, man. oh yeah.

    guy4horses, posted

    That is so fucking hot.

    BenJens, posted

    This is beautiful. The love between this dog and Aluzky is amazing and makes me want to have a relationship like this. This dog is beautiful and knows exactly what it wants, when it wants it and how. Aluzky is also gorgeous and I wouldn't mind spending some time with him as well. The way these two show their affection by frenching gets me so horny and Aluzky's other videos shows his talent with dogs. But this is one of my favorites, because of the passion that they both show. I just wish we could have seen a little closer and some more of the dog. But Aluzky never disappoints.

    ochoa408, posted

    This is absolutely beautiful. Boyfriends should all be like this, so loving and caring. Everyone deserves love like this and it is just amazing. The movie itself was of very high quality and was very clear. I cannot believe there is so much love between the two. Both parties were so cute and the total and absolute abandon of social norms is the greatest thing. I am so glad that some people do not care and will be happy with whomever they so choose. As I said before, everyone deserves this kind of happiness and it is very amazing that someone got to find it.

    donnyboy12, posted

    Aluzkyy has to be my absolute best set of videos on here. The video is great quality and you see everything in the video. It is great to see love between these two and the fun that they have as well as finding it extremely hot :P. The black labrador is beautiful and it is great to actually see and view all aspects not just plain sex with animals. I think more videos should be posted of these two because i am a great fan :D Please keep more videos coming and make sure you look after that dog you are a very lucky guys :)

    misteranimal, posted

    This is really hot I love the fact that you show affection and love and its really sexy ;). The atmosphere is gorgeous too and the shot is hott! totally love it :D! I would like to see more action from both of you. It made me so hot to see the affection between them both more pleasee ;). I think we can all learn some loving from these two mmmmm yummy! In all reality this site I truly love the videos are great and this one is gonna be my favorite one pleaseee make more. I would rate this video 5 stars.

    danizzy06, posted

    I really enjoy this video. This is a try simple video with just kissing involved with his a dog. But the passion that both put in to it is amazing. The kiss and tongue that they show is great and hot. It's also a little sexy to have the man in a hooded shirt, it adds mystery into the video. The backdrop of the nature and in public is also very enjoyable. The video is great for its simplicity. It shows that all it takes is a hot, simple kiss and it will be as hot as it can be.

    kcu20, posted

    Simply saying that this video was hot as hell would be a major understatement. Aluzky and his dog are definitely among the sexiest dog/man pairs out there. In this short clip, Aluzky and his big black boyfriend passionately kiss with LOTS of tongue. His K9 lover even got a taste of that big o'l dick, too. Those two just can't get enough of each other, and it's more than visible in this video. However, it isn't just only the content of this clip makes it great. The quality is just as perfect as those two lovers. You can easily see that both of them are very into it, making this video very erotic.

    gvdf, posted

    This is a very good video. In the beginning he starts French kissing with his dog and a few seconds in the dog licks his dick, but only for a second. The video made me hard in an instant. Later on in the video he changes up the position. This dude is brave for being naked in a back yard. Definitely would love to be him. And finally his dog doesn’t lick his dick for more than 5 seconds, but oh well the French kissing was better!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a aaa a a aa a a a a a a thats what i did afterward

    rettubtunaep, posted

    A very passionate clip of a zoo-sexual young man and his boyfriend black lab. A lot of direct french kissing licking, as well as some oral. You can see how close they really are with one another, it's more than just friendship, it is love. Apart from the kissing and the licking, they also hug and just enjoy each other's company. With a very very good camera quality (digital), and no distractions, as well as sound, this couple gets us all in a good mood. The boy's upper face is covered in a hoody, but his lips, mouth and tongue are on full display. He is also not wearing anything below the hoody, and his smooth legs and uncut cock are nicely displayed. Over all, the clip is fantastic, both on a sexual and an emotional level. Quality and quantity are guaranteed.

    felix88, posted

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    jrl88, posted
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