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    Stallion Cum In Man's Ass


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    Although on my knees, you can see the stallion horse thrusting in deep. The horse's huge dick is shown towards the end, while you see his cum squirting out of the asshole. Sound is great! Squirming, and screaming, seemingly painful but very pleasurable. I would do this again, and again!

    Uploaded by naughtynyqt · Rating: 3.5 (271 votes) · 50611 views


    Wish the lighting was better, but otherwise a very hot video. Thanks for posting it for us.

    sarasota17, posted

    ich will auch ein pony penis im po haben

    Pferdeliebhaber, posted

    Think we could get you on a mounting post with a Shire? Look real good like that.

    NightTheif, posted

    Wow,nice work!!!

    eddepet, posted

    yet another dirty slut white man who loves horse cock up there ass.....god i love these vids...make me so hot

    skeeter121, posted

    que rica verga sueño con una de esas en mi culo alguien cerca de los angeles. ca que me preste una asi?

    albertoalcala, posted

    Any one in San Antonio TX with a large bred dog, boar or even a small size horse that would be willing to share it with me and let them breed me....email me at sanferdude@gmail.com

    sanferdude, posted

    wonderful fuck!!!!!! i like the way the cock dog is inside the pussyass and the cum come out, i wish one cock like that in my ass tooo!

    albertoalcala, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    Hot vid man... hope 'll find a bottom youn guy into that stuff

    darkzoone, posted

    enjoyed that one thanks for sharing ; ) I guess i should now go on and practice with my huge horse dildo ;) ggggggrrrrr

    belho_349, posted

    I often suck off my stallion's cock and now he starts getting hard when he sees me going dow to the barn and I know he knows what is about to happen. After seeing this video I am going to get himt omouth me and fuck my ass. I have had a 14" horse dildo up my ass so I know that I amd ready and can teke his and I want to feel all the hot cum of his shooing in me. I love sucking his cock and think I will love being fucked by his also.

    sidatit, posted

    I like your horse

    K9men, posted

    MAN, did I want to SEE that, and not just hear it. it must be great!

    succumballs1, posted

    Un peu sombre mais belle pénétration !!

    martial27, posted

    too dark, couldn't see, what was happening. Saw a man kneeling on the ground. Saw the stallion thrust forward. Saw the floor. But that was about all I could see. The guy shouldn't have stood next to pony on all 4s, but under the pony. What was he afraid of? That the pony could impale him? Not gonna happen. animalpsychologist

    cleclego, posted

    Other than the light, great clip :)

    jezola, posted

    Nice shot in the end with both cocks lined up and both dripping.

    philip, posted

    Still a good clip,even if it is dim.If you have done it you know what is happening.

    philip, posted

    I agree get some f---- lights man

    Johboy, posted

    i fuckin love it

    fckme_hrd, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yes

    lillyfrench, posted

    buy some lights or go uotside ? looks like it might have ben a good fuck if i could of seen it

    hogwild73pont, posted

    je revoie cette vidéo dommage que c'est noir je voit pas la bitte du cheval rentrer dans son cu

    a_lodie, posted

    that was so hot lucky guy great horse cock

    damtrav, posted

    certains hommes on un cu ki accepte les bittes de cheval

    a_lodie, posted

    looking for beast friends in the abilene texas area,im into it all,anything from taking a knott to mares to stallions

    abilene3006hh, posted

    c'est dans le noir c'est domage on voit pas quand il le penètre

    a_lodie, posted

    you think the mini horse minds that it is sort of fucking sideways..? since the guy isn't really under him..lol

    LilGuppy2, posted

    The other comments say the same thing. Next time you do it, have a couple lights set up,, PLEASE???

    18horsluv2, posted

    More light would have been perfect. Loved the man's moans and comments; probably sounded just like he felt. Loved the cum dripping off the man's cock at the end. Jim

    genealguy, posted

    Sounds wonderful, but could use better lighting.

    maletom, posted


    Humboldt, posted

    i loved it post more also im a young horny guy looking for some fun

    imashleyduh, posted

    loved it!

    horsesucker88, posted


    sone5000, posted

    mmmm love it

    johndoggie, posted

    Lighting needed work, and the horse mounting you so it would go deeper would have been orgasmic. But the noises were great and what I could see was good. <3

    HornyDragon1408, posted

    All for a lousy buck for a light bulb.Could have been great,huge cock,great angle,plenty of cum.If only a little light to see that cock slam home.Too dark to see.

    philip, posted

    Too dark to see! Roboroberto

    RoboRoberto, posted

    pointless on so many levels, if this guy likes pain in his ass so much, then why not go to a mental institute and let fifty men fuck you, they do things like that i hear

    horseryder, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmm id luv to take this and luv seeing the guy in boots, helps to make it perfect!!

    bootedskinhead, posted

    Kinda dark video, but can see the big horse cock pull out and the cum drip out of his ass...from the sounds of it the guy is having a good time...

    foothillsguy, posted

    fantastic would love to meet both of them and join in

    bobby1947, posted

    would love to feel a load of hot horse cum up my ass, than suck the rest out of his cock

    strokn8, posted

    puh... geil...!;)

    AnimalBoyBLN, posted

    couldn't see what was going on too dark

    fredpotts, posted

    great movie just a little dark

    edirish333, posted

    yeah nice soo nice

    DURACELL8, posted

    Hot! That is one lucky Ass of yours!

    diggerdoesme, posted

    too bad it is a litle dark,but ,is horny specialy cum shooting

    spuiter57, posted

    i want a horse in me imdespret

    bobby1947, posted

    I don't what you all saw, this is nothing but dark shadows with sound.

    dingus, posted

    fuck that was great seeing the cum dripping from the guys arse was so hot love to have that in my arse

    dogfucked1, posted


    lovehorses, posted

    love it !!! The pain was well worth it i am sure.

    mrmikemoe, posted

    this video is good but a little dark sadly

    ilovedogs24, posted

    I love the sounds especially when the horse is pumping his cum into this guy's butthole! With a cock that big, you have to expect a little pain!! The next horsecock should slide in even easier!!!

    rgrijalva, posted

    that would have been a great movie but it was to dark i could not see very much i would have loved to watch him take that cock up his ass and see the horse fill his ass with all of his hot cum that horse cock sure made me hot i would love to have that up my ass but i would have the room lit up so every one could see how hot it is and see him cum in my ass and watch it flow i have never had a horse but watching films like this makes me want it bad

    tlb1414, posted

    This was a pretty cool video, kinda dark, but knew just what the pony was doing. Would watch again. Would like to see more of the same from that dude, only with more light and a different angle to see to pony's cock going into the guy’s ass. One would wonder if that pony realized he was poking a human and if he was trained to do so. Was the guy alright after he got that big cock up his ass?? Even though these vids are interesting that kind of sex can be dangerous. With that being said I Bet it felt great.

    gogetit48, posted

    Wow this is some really great and amazing stuff. Wish there was more light to see all the action going on and all the great fun they were really having and all of that cum dripping out down the guys big heavy ball sack making it all wet. This guy must really enjoy it and taking it so deep and thick in to him especially as he tries to thrust deep inside this guy to empty the nuts and enjoy complete satisfaction. Its really hot to see this kind of stuff and be able to enjoy what they are enjoying through online fun. They both must have been very very very happy at the end and fulfilled with all that juice.

    skoot4, posted
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