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    Men Fucking .....


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    men fucking .....

    Uploaded by animalsloved · Rating: 3.1 (76 votes) · 55147 views


    needs to be longer, sweet

    Harddick2, posted

    bet that hot cock feels good to that cold blooded critter hope he shot a hot load in it it might follow him home

    shorttom, posted


    a6w399, posted

    ;-; i want a longer vid, crocs and gators are my favorite

    ppjsy, posted

    i want to try

    mylittlepony1, posted

    short and fucking SEXY!

    animalwut90, posted

    Gators tend to be calm when they are on their backs (some kind of instinct). So it might have been awake...

    Jones111, posted

    looks like a male gator to me i love gator cloaca :) they feel really good inside cool, smooth and tight and when they squeeze & hump back...wow.

    Gatorvent, posted


    fatmon35, posted

    Short, but hot......

    stonedfrog, posted

    Whether its a croc or a gator, the big question is how do you do it and still walk away, just don't try for a blowjob

    Yodasears, posted

    It is crocodile?Or what?

    Axendor, posted

    where's the full version? moar!

    Icarus1990xx, posted

    it is crocodile???

    yf1969, posted

    still gets my dick hard, don't think i've ever seen a guy fuck a croc before

    tythedogger, posted

    Oh...it Shot

    Dragongolf, posted

    ^0^~ why i can't see .

    nakata, posted

    Five seconds of nothing.

    l1ck3r, posted

    Why bother to post something that is 5 seconds long?

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    Yeah it's a crocodile. This vid is a repost of the one that was lost when this site was plagued with server issues.

    trevorlanch, posted

    i think runeourlight, is right it does look like some type of reptile, lol

    boxguy001, posted

    Looks like a croc @.@

    RunePurelight, posted

    what is that animal? looks hot

    tythedogger, posted

    Short but seems to slide in and out of the reptilian quite well.. Seems something very lucky to do and walk away unlike most would beable to do. Sexy and exotic all in one with a veiw to kill for. Who know what cames next.. Good though... Wonder what it would have been like to be there but thats hind sight.. All in all good but alas to short to enjoy all the way from start to finish.. So my question qould be a curious if it was sleeping or not during this. You would think it would have to be but then you never know.

    drm8043, posted
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