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    Fucking A Mini Mare


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    This is not my video,Its just a video i found and its very enjoyable but only 20 seconds long. Hes just slowly and lovingly pounding away at the mare and its truly amazing, But sadly there is no cumshot! :(

    Uploaded by Ruskii · Rating: 4.0 (265 votes) · 147967 views


    The full version of this is 7.5 minutes. It from a beastforum member called baelthuz.

    Geniemaroo, posted

    Anyone got some mini Mares in Northwest Wshington State? Near the San Juan islands that can be fucked? Msg me if so.

    kazeoni, posted

    que lixo KKK

    Jeffter04, posted

    markusbernsteiner@hotmail.com If you can offer me a mare in Autria or Bavaria. Thanks.

    Puitt, posted

    And he's a mini stallion!

    usenetemailaddr, posted

    HI man I have made a suggestion that your mares name is Ljoska .

    BStallion, posted

    She is very spesial fore me .I vonder, who is fucking this mare ? Send me a post.

    BStallion, posted

    i get a bonner i want to feel that

    iwantcum, posted

    im 13 year old and i want to rape a mare answer- nmfsp22@gmail.com

    nmfsp, posted


    Gui_sdop, posted

    oh god..i love the wet sounds...

    FurryDomYiffer, posted

    Anyone in Mid-Missouri wanna get together? I'd love to make a movie or two like this...if you have the mare,that is. I REALLY wanna fuck!

    horsepussy65109, posted


    Ingba, posted

    All of these free videos are cheating. all movies stuck after 2/3 seconds view.

    mohsinbd, posted

    i soo wanna fuck this mini

    horselvr96, posted

    Nice young cock! Next time share your cum please

    Allenhigala, posted

    dammit why wont the movies load? ive updated flsh to its latest version and tried all the different movie preference things D: very sad faec cos this makes me so fkin hot

    Maresaresexy, posted

    love this babe shes my fav so far

    Oz0n3p1g, posted

    would love to feel her fur (is it horse fur?) on my thighs with ma dick going in and out so smoothly

    Oz0n3p1g, posted

    if u cant post a film tell a story about sex u had with a dog horse pig i never fucked a pig but i want to i went over to my friend house they had pigs he was going to show me how.it was sat morn so when we got the chance he slid his dick in a pigs pussy and started fucking her and his brother pulled up in his car so i didnt get any pig pussy we were 13

    getdownonit, posted

    sexy...would love to play with a mare...anyone know a good place?

    this1, posted

    det var en skön kuk som gick i den vackra märr fittan

    CHOOSE, posted

    hottt buttt

    afro-men, posted

    need more

    LATugger, posted

    The tail is braided. Isn't that just precious!? Love the liquid sounds too.

    tinku090, posted

    nice thick cock!

    furlust, posted

    Beautiful .. made ​​me rock hard. It looked so good, wish I could try it sometime. Is there anyone who have a mare or a heifer to let me try this with?

    Mike-61, posted

    mad billy is mad

    lolwutnow, posted


    billy89, posted

    if i had that pussy id never fuck my old lady,,lol

    crambone, posted

    The tail is braided. Isn't that just precious!? Love the liquid sounds too.

    minnie, posted

    j orais aimer te repondre sur la video mais sa fais 25 minute que je voie le dairiere du cheval 2segonde je dois voudire que je sui sur la basse vitesse.

    lucien54328790, posted

    I love the smell pf horse pussy,while she is getting fucked

    nthnreed, posted

    wow I just love the angle there on her beautiful pussy. The sounds are amazing too! I'm a dog zoo and I love having sex with my wonderful girl, but damn what I wouldn't give to be with a mare someday.

    nativestallion, posted

    very nice

    handyman2510, posted

    damtray i think he only likes horses. which means he's probably ugly. which means you don't want him. use your brain!

    PETAagent, posted

    Just awesome! Thx for sharing.

    jopo66, posted

    nice vid bro

    bro_k, posted

    that was hot he can do me to lol

    damtrav, posted

    Mini mare,great pussy....!!!!!!!!

    slider59, posted

    I love your mare. She's so sexy

    furryB, posted

    thats a big cock

    rosebud98, posted

    thats a bug cock

    rosebud98, posted

    oooooo pussy

    tuta, posted


    SGTBLU, posted

    i would love to be inside a mare!!!

    bbdog999, posted

    вот это у парниши член огромный, что б так кобылку ублажать!!!!!!! супер видео!!

    horsesk, posted

    wow i just like ur video and u have nice big cock in side of ur horse more vidoes please thanks dude???

    thisoneshyboy, posted

    What a fantastic cock mmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    i love dick, is very nice dick

    samir20, posted

    would so love to sink my hard throbbin' cock deep into that hot, sexy, warm, wet mare pussy. oh fuck yeah.

    guy4horses, posted

    i really love watching this video all of your videos were so nice,i wish you can extend as more free videos in such a way i could be able to watch those nice movies.Thanks.

    joseph1234, posted

    wondeful ;)

    stolen11, posted

    she is lovely she is so suft and fullof joy and juis I can feel how honey she is and how she is full of joy man try mares they are the best yae

    kolbeinnp, posted

    yae it is just like I am fucking this mare, please listen she is very jusie. try a mare like her,man ask your girl can she be so jusie?

    kolbeinnp, posted

    I like her tail, it's like a girl...;)

    midnightflower, posted

    Need my ass filled who wants to do it ;)

    boobsforlife, posted

    its a FREE MOVIE but i cant watch it

    ano89, posted

    Very nice video,bit short but nice,nice pussy and a very nice dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tauruslov, posted

    Hi any owners in London want to see their pets play with me? :)

    blunderguff, posted

    I love it..... wanna see him creampie that beautiful mare pussy.

    ihorselover69, posted

    mmmmh so hot !

    zoophilialover, posted

    what the fuck

    kuryano, posted

    I love this vid it is so hot pleas send me pictures

    David169, posted

    message me if you can send pics

    mares19, posted

    u sick mither fuckerss

    sarahmorgan563, posted

    whats the key to not gettin kicked

    vybez, posted


    Kingmemorys, posted


    placebo9, posted

    So fricking hot. Love the sounds and the action, wish it was longer. what a beautiful thick cock fucking that juicy pussy, mmmm mmmm mmmmmm.

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    anyone willing to send me pics of there mare message me

    mares19, posted

    I,I miss my mares.... soft wet pussys . This clip is great, sound is 100%

    IOUhand, posted


    agheel, posted

    lucky mare

    Cartli, posted

    about the best movie i have seen on here

    animalfun2, posted


    kandalf, posted


    nekhh, posted

    ne one where i can do this in DK,NY

    melvin087, posted

    Anyone no where i can do this in VA email barrybrry@yahoo.com

    jeffboy35, posted

    fucking horny

    cooldragon240, posted

    i agree with loghog 100% !!!!

    jayshaw, posted

    hot thick cock....lucky mare

    horseoscar, posted

    New vids being as seldom here as they are, why do we then get mutilated reposts of old clips? Isn't there any content control by the admins? Quote: "The gay bestiality tube is updated every day for you with new and exciting home made gay bestiality movies." In reality we get like 2 clips in 5 weeks, which of one is a repost. At the same time some of my fav older clips just get deleted. I wouldn't be complaining had I not paid a membership.

    loghog, posted

    Nice vid. Reminds me of my first piece of ass. Only mine was a nice young cow pussy.

    9705426784, posted

    oh wow, would love to be in her place.

    bredmare, posted

    Nice vid. Reminds me of my first piece of ass. Only mine was a nice young cow pussy.

    licker52, posted

    If it was longer it would be great

    Bun122, posted

    nuthin better then a little colt wish it was longer

    albertin, posted

    id take the guy as well as poke the horse

    bootedskinhead, posted

    She has such a great ass. Id be fucking her 3 times daily

    jay995, posted

    I loved this video. It had okay quality, and was only 20+ seconds, bt it was really good otherwise!! The mare was a nice color too....the tail was braided for easier access.....Nice! .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Honestly, I cant express how much I love this video! Don't know why, others may think me wierd, but who cares? I like it! Yep! YEP YEP! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! WOO!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LVOE Crap. I type too much....and only for a comment! Sorry, needed to vent. To hyper. Damn energy drinks.....curse.

    Wolfluver45, posted

    Danes are wonderful sexual creatures. I've seen better video from Brittain. Young handsome, naked gay man started with licking bitch's pussy. She was enjoying all that quiately. Then he gently mounted her and fucked her with passion. They both looked like true lovers. Guy was a beatiful gay pervert. As usual I wished I was there and could lick his pussy while he was fucking a bitch. I still hope that some day I wll meet a lover like that guy.Together we would be making videos or performing with our danes live before the audience of bunch of gay perverts like us.

    bobbadog, posted

    This is a beautiful, short clip of a guy pounding away at his mare. With a clear shot of her behind, the owner slowly thrusts in and out of his mare's pussy. The view in the beginning of the hot mare's pussy being pounded by the guy's horse-like cock was an immediate attention-catcher. He gives a very close-up image of his dick sliding in and out of the mare's pussy in high quality. Then he later shows the tempting pussy up close and with the incredible sounds of him pumping his cock in and out of her, it drives it's viewers wild, as much as this site is intended to. I'd rate this video a 4/5.

    LenaK, posted

    Big mare butt gett fucked by a man,wett pussy horny mare ready to fuck,big ass bigcock,nicIt goes with out saying that porn has been around for a looong time. As far as the porn time line goes POV type porn is relatively new and has really made it's mark in the porn world. It's not surprising that this kind of porn has become very popular as the viewer has the pleasure of being fully immersed in to the steamy fuck flick making them feel as though they're the ones banging on that hot chick on screen. So basically all you see is the cock of the dude behind the camera and the sexy chick working her magic most of the time talking dirty to the camera as though she were talking to you personally. Now that my porn loving friends is damn hot!

    afro-men, posted

    This movie with some excellent camera shots is very exciting and makes me want to join in with him, maybe even follow up after him. I've always heard that miniponies stay in heat continuously and are always ready for some hard cock. This man supplied the equipment and she looked like she was ready for it and enjoyed it. I rate the movie--the short story, the camera work, and the excellent appeal--near perfect. Do some more just like it. Can anybody do a comparison of the pussy of the little pony and a larger, standard mare? Would like to know.

    LarryDewayne, posted

    I loved this short yet great clip. You can say that i have a fetish for mare fucking and this clip and the one of the best ones! The way the guy fucks the mare makes me so horny and then gets me hard :D. Hope to see more videos here at petsex.com. Also, I would say that this videos is one of the most clearest and great quality videos i have ever seen. These videos are way better than dogtied.com. The videos provided here are awesome and up to date unlike dogtied.com. Dogtied.com have not been posting to many videos after a while. So i am happy to say that i am glad to have switched to petsex.com. You guys rule!

    karatekidperez, posted

    I really liked the movie but would have liked to see the cum at the end. When I had a pony it was a really good fuck, as with me being tall it was just the right height. I used to tie it up and stick my cock up its fanny. If it was a bit dry I would piss in it to moisten it up. This used to get me very horny and it wasn't many minutes before I would shoot a lot of cum inside it. Sometimes if I was really excited it used to lick the cum and then, because it made my cock hard again, I would give it another really fierce shagging.

    randyfarmer22, posted

    The video is a very nice video, sound is very nice, video quality is decent enough. you can see the mare is haveing a nice time, seeing how wet she is and the sound of her wet pussy is pleasing, the video is short and ends when it looks like its gettin good, though the video is short it is one of the nicer videos i've seen here, hope to see more of this mare! all above rating for me i'de say 6 / 10. short, good, nice quality, nice sound, for a 25 secound long video anyways, i love the sound of him pounding her, but sadly no cumshort. :/ very amazing though! for a 35 second long video. . . .

    Fukushima2, posted

    WOW, i must say, this is a very nice clear movie, the camera angle is perfect, clear and steady, If you listen clostly, you can hear the sounds of the inner juise as he slides his cock deap inside the mares pussy, what i would do to be next in line. just the thought of it makes me hard, sliding in and out of that warm pussy drives me crazy even thinking about it. warm, juicy, soft hole to slide into, being sneaky makes it even more fun. I would like to thank the person who made this movie, the time and efrort that went into it, it makes me so horny, I wish I was there to share with him and please the mare.

    luv2beast, posted

    The movie was all round perfection, the camera angle and quality gives us the perfect visual aspects of the movie. I can clearly say it was enjoyable and no doubt everyone else found it as great as I did, not to mention the lucky guy and his mare. In my opinion the only downside to this video was the amount of time it showed for. 20 seconds is merely enough to sit back and enjoy the video and the lack of cumshot was too a disappointment. Overall I'd rate this video 7/10; I'm now desperate to find the full video or the creator as I speak for many other viewers saying we MUST see more. This is a definite must see to get you in the mood to watch more throughout the site ;)

    LordZaon, posted

    GREAT MOVIE I LOVED IT IF ONLY IT WAS LONGER I WOULD ATCH IT MORE. Please pos more videos everyone enjoys watching mares get nailed. So this movie is great and makes me want a mare for this reason. every mare fan should watch it though it would be nice to have more time and more view of the horse. Also the camera is too close. It would Be nice if the camera was brought up a little but im mot bothered but overall its great. So watch it download it watch it again buy it donate everything its great.

    SGTBLU, posted

    The beginning is the best, i love seeing his cock slide in and out of her pussy. I only wish this video was longer. His thick cock sliding in and out is the most erotic thing i've seen in years, i only wish i were there to worship his balls as they slapped her wet pussy. This man is a God and i am his plebian, please post more videos of this guy i will love you forever, his cock and her pussy are just built for each other it is so amazing god i only i want to be there so bad ;)!

    kafkabutt, posted

    I'd just like to say "wow!" because overall the position of camera and how the mare is not kicking him is just amazing. I wouldn't even have the balls to get near the back of a horse to do such bestiality stuff. The only downside was the length of the video 0:25 but still gave me enough time for personal business if you catch my drift ;) The smooth motion of his cock thrusting into the mare was also very excitable! Makes me want to come back to the site just to watch this one vid =D Of course I'll watch more. Overall 100/100

    EternityPK, posted

    This was a great video with wonderful "players" in it to boot. The camera work was well done and of a quality that was very good and gave me some good enjoyment and great fun. I do have one wish and that wish is that I want there to be more to the video on both ends. I want to see more from the beginning of the fun from right at the start and foreplay and such and I want to see more of the end with orgasms for you and orgasms for her and clean up after that and all that good stuff! Overall a great clip and thank you very much for sharing with us!

    AIVAS, posted

    Even though this video is short, it doesn't make it any less hot! It starts off with a guy pumping his fat cock in and out of a mini mare as he holds her tail off to the side. The sound is absolutely amazing, you can hear every sloppy thrust that he makes. His long, slow strokes make it obvious that this guy is a master at giving mares the deep fucking they need. It's too bad there wasn't a cumshot in this, nothing turns a beast lover on more than a creampie in a willing mare, especially when they spread the goods to let you see some of it spill out. Hopefully we can see more from this guy!

    blahrandomname, posted

    this was great loved how dark and pretty the mare pussy was and how his cocked looked entering it a bit short but short and sweet he really knows how to handle mare, gave it great hard strokes from behind and fucked that mare into submission was a really great flick wishing there was a part 2. the mare was no match for him and his big hard long cock going in and out of that mare.it was like his cock was born for what he did it made me wet and helped me cum so fast my pussy was spining

    bajanlez, posted

    this was great loved how dark and pretty the mare pussy was and how his cocked looked entering it a bit short but short and sweet he really knows how to handle mare, gave it great hard strokes from behind and fucked that mare into submission was a really great flick wishing there was a part 2. the mare was no match for him and his big hard long cock going in and out of that mare.it was like his cock was born for what he did it made me wet and helped me cum so fast my pussy was spining

    bajanlez, posted

    This is a wonderful video, albeit way too short! If you are a fan of man/horse sex, these 25 seconds are well worth the time. It is a very clear video of a man fucking his mini-mare. The camera work is pretty steady and give you a clear and up-close view of the man's very nice cock sliding in and out of the mare's vagina. The part of the video that is the most exciting is the sound! You can clearly hear the sound the man's cock makes as it slides in and out of the horse. Oh if only it were longer

    febfantasia, posted

    although very short a hot video fortunatly if you have credits there is the full length version in the pages :) so dont give up all those who want the full action because it is somwere amungst the pages :) but this video is a petty good video or peview non the less. the full version is approximatly six minutes long and even hotter this movie is possibly one of the hottest seen and would recomend for all users. love it lots. favorite cant wait to find full version but like most dont you wonder who that lucky guy is or that lucky mare 4.9/5

    kimcut, posted

    this was an awesome video and turned me on a lot. I cant believe that this is so hot. who would not want to get into a sweet piece like that. I challenge anyone to not get turned on by this video. There has to be more videos like this posted as they seem to be the most favorite and a lot of people like them. The best part about it is it is all about you and what you want from the whole situation. That is what the big turn on is for most people. Please let me know when there are more of these videos posted so I can see the whole selection

    aloha8491, posted

    This is a beautiful video of a man just pounding his thick and juicy looking cock into a mini mares tight and warm cunt,You can see the way he just keep pushing into her and pressing their hot bodies against each others. It's a obvious giveaway that shes very tight and probally a virgin,Because of the way he forces his dick into her and on certain angles you can slightly see her wink around his fat cock too,I especially like this video due to the good camera work and the sound quality. :) A nice find 4/5 but could be longer!

    Ruskii, posted

    the specific detail of the video was very well done. i do think that the time was well played out. the quality of the video was amazing compared to most sex videos that i have seen, th size of the penis was great for the video, and also the mare's vagina also was a very sexual and very nice vagina, the simplicity of the film was indeed very nice. now i do think that the time could have been i little longer say at least 3 minutes, but thats my opinion. as for the entire film was very good on of the best that i have seen in quite some time.

    asteryx10100, posted

    This video is great i loved it. the guy is fucking the horse and still maintains great camera focus. the picture is clear and you can nicely see him entering her. that is still not the most redeeming quality i think. the sound in this is fantastic its almost like your there. it videos like this that make me sad i don't have a nice horse of my own to try out so i could have fun. i would defiantly approve this video for all. so take a peak and enjoy everyone. I know i will be coming back to watch it again.

    iloveanimalsex9, posted

    This video, to me, is really awesome. It gets me really hard just the way he slowy pounds that pussy and especially the sound it makes when he does. It sounds so juicy and warm. I would love to be in his position. I do wish there was a cumshot though, as it would complete this video. Its also kind of short, but for the shortness, it is very good. I also think its very hot how tight of a fit his big cock is in that little mare pussy. Its not all loose and not snug. The camera quality and angle is also very good. I can jack to this all day.

    yooyooyooyooyoo, posted

    It's incredible! The first time I have found on this site and insanely happy! This video is incredibly exciting, and I really want to do well with horse)) Was looking for something similar - but unfortunately did not find one. Thanks to the author site and video. I love horses) and I advise all those gathered to watch these videos more often - they are really great! I hope to be something like that) Sometimes animals are better than people - in all plans) Now I shall advise your site to friends and acquaintances =) And finally the result - if the video is short, it does not mean that it is bad;)

    ZENCITI, posted
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